Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Brightest Thread Playlist

I sent The Brightest Thread off to the contest this week! Is it just me, or do you feel that little twinge of apprehension when your cursor hovers over the send button? And then clickyou hit it, and suddenly the story is out of your hands. Strangely enough, I feel the most confident about this contest. Or perhaps there's a little . . . I don't want to say indifference, because I am excited . . . maybe peacefulness? Because I'd honestly be happy with whatever results. Winning = being published. Losing = not really losing at all, because I'm left with a story I love, a story that I would then be free to re-expand. (Yes, after all that cutting!)


To celebrate, I'm posting a playlist I put together for TBT. Some pieces are instrumental, others lyrical. They all fit an element of the story. Because some of those pieces overlap, putting the songs in chronological order wasn't a straightforward ordeal, but here they are. (Links to follow.)

Flight of the Silverbird - Two Steps from Hell - The whole story's theme.

The Sun is Rising - Britt Nicole

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri - The most perfect theme for the story's romance. Change thousand to hundred, and it's like the song was written for this tale.

Lucy - Hanne Hukkelberg

Star Sky - Two Steps from Hell - When you listen, scroll down to one of the first YouTube comments. It contains the lyrics, which I would post here if I wasn't concerned about copyright issues.

Calypso - At World's End soundtrack

A Thousand Years - The Piano Guys (cover)

I would add more notes about each song and why they matter to the story, but . . .

Heard any of these pieces before? Do you ever make playlists for your writing? What's your method of selecting songs? Feel free one or two (or ten)!


  1. A Thousand years is such a beautiful song, and very fitting for your wonderful story, I sincerely hope you win. :D

    1. I smile every time I hear it. I've even gotten a co-worker excited when it comes on the radio, simply because she knows I associate it with my story. XD

      Aww, thank you so much!! You're so sweet. I hope you win too!

  2. That's a nice playlist.
    I get the sense that there is a theme of overcoming, of courage and trust, in the Brightest Thread?

    I rarely make specific playlists when I write, but I do play music. It's often bagpipes, the piano guys, or movie soundtracks.

    1. Thanks, Blue! I'd say you're right on. Come to think of it, those themes kind of crop up in a lot of my stories...

      I've only done specific playlists twice, actually--both for Rooglewood entries. Ahh, bagpipes! And the Piano Guys! And soundtracks! Yes to all three. (*le gasp* Speaking of which, have you listened to the Piano Guys' cover of "Fight Song?" Set in Scotland... there are bagpipes... <3)

    2. Those are good themes to have. I think I would enjoy reading your stories- and I hope I can, someday soon!

      I sure have! It was the best!
      (Here my eyes shine and grow very large)

    3. That means SO much. Thank you. <3

      That's one of my favorites of theirs! It nearly brings me to tears, it's so beautiful.

  3. So very much yes to that fear of hitting send! Sending Burning Thorns for last year's contest was the first time I EVER did anything like that with my writing. My heart was literally POUNDING. I enlisted my family to make 100% sure I was doing everything right, so they were all around me while I nervously hovered my mouse over the send button. Oh my, so nerve wracking. But I am just thrilled you're feeling peaceful this year! You're so, so right. Whatever the outcome, you've already gained so much. But still, your gorgeous story is totally a winner. *huggles it*

    I know I've already gushed, but I just have to say one more time: I LOVE this playlist. Also the pic you put together for it is just beautimous. <3

    1. I'm just grinning to myself, imagining your whole family hovering around while you hit send. XD I'm pretty sure I've done something like that before.
      Thank you for saying so! Stories appreciate huggles. ^__^

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it (both the music and the picture)! I snapped that while in B.C. a number of years ago, and Picmonkey helped with the rest of the magic.

  4. *quickly bookmarks this post to salivate over later* Ooh, more TBT goodness!! Your story has me majorly pumped. I'M HONESTLY SO EXCITED YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! And you sent it in! Goodness, I bet that was a terrifying moment.

    THE PIANO GUYS. Can I even begin to describe my love for their music?? I'm not really into pop, but they do a lot of other cool music. *cough, cough* Lord of the Rings *cough, cough* Also, "Fight Song"! And have you heard "Arwen's Vigil"? (It's positively amazing, by the by.) BASICALLY GIVE ME ALL THE PIANO GUYS. *flails over all the awesomeness*

    I also saw that one of your playlist tracks was from the At World's End soundtrack. That soundtrack is amazing <333 I seriously loveth it to pieces. (Consequently, I was just listening to it in the car a couple hours ago.)

    Anyhoozens (stealing it because it's fabulous), I'm super excited for you!!! I was actually going to enter the contest, but alas, Life got in the way. (Seriously, Life, what is your deal?) BUT I SO WANT YOU TO WIN BECAUSE YOUR STORY IS FANTABULOUS AND SO ARE YOU.

    1. Thank you so much!! Your enthusiasm is contagious. (And I really hope I've not been blathering TOO much about TBT lately...) Heh, they shouldn't evoke much emotion anymore, those sending-off moments. I've done it several times. But maybe that feeling doesn't ever completely go away?

      Their LotR piece is amazing! So is Fight Song! I've heard pretty much everything the Piano Guys has ever made. We have all three of their albums in the house. *flails with you*

      I have my brother to thank for the At World's End track! Seriously, if not for his collection of movie soundtracks, I'd have a lot less music to listen to while writing.

      Aww, you didn't get a chance to enter? :( Sadness. Life is not always agreeable with such things, it seems. Hopefully next year! There's still two more fairy-tale retellings to go! AWWGSH, THANK YOU, SWEET PERSON. <3

  5. alskdjfhaslkdjfh this post was so wonderful! I loved all the music, especially the Piano Guys cover. They're the best. Wish you the best of luck in the contest! :D

    1. askfjaskflj Yay! I know, their covers are AMAZING. Have you heard their Vivaldi/Let it Go mashup?

      Thanks so much, Sarah! :D :D :D

  6. AAH, YOU SENT IN YOUR STORY! *applauds Tracey loudly* HOORAY FOR YOU!
    By the way, your playlist is awesome! I have a feeling that your story is very much beautiful :).
    Ooo, you like to listen to Piano Guys? I adore their music! And also, it's cool that there's a Britt Nicole song on your playlist, her songs are amazing :).
    I've made story playlists before, though I'm not sure how to pinpoint exactly HOW I choose the songs I choose :). Mostly, it's if they simply feel like the story, or if they remind me of a certain scene.
    ~Savannah Perran

    1. *blushes* Thank you, Savannah! ^___^

      The Piano Guys are simply incredible. And yeah, Britt Nicole doesn't seem to be as well-known as she should be. :) I wish she'd make another album soon...

      That's pretty much what I do. XD Some songs suddenly strike me as being 'right,' and others I actively search for. I found some positively golden songs for my entry in last year's Rooglewood contest.

      Thanks again for your sweet comment!

  7. Hey Tracey, congratulations on sending in your story! I can't wait to read it some day! ;) And this music!! AHHH!! It's incredible!! Oh my gosh, you have gotten me hooked on Two Steps From Hell. They are insanely good. This whole post has left me totally and completely inspired, not to mention goosebumpy. The power of music is something else. Thanks for this Tracey!

    1. Thank you, girl!! <3 Oh goodness, have I really gotten you hooked on TSFH? *cheers* I could just dump a truckload of recommendations, but for now I'll say: go listen to "El Dorado." :D

      I'm thrilled that it left you with such a feeling! Music is awe-inspiring, I agree. Thanks for listening!

  8. I have to just say I'm pleasantly surprised to have received the responses to this post. Listening to a whole playlist (this was what? half an hour long? longer?) takes a significant amount of time, at least in the blog-reading world where one can read a post in five minutes. To see that so many of you actually cared enough to check out these songs and share your thoughts is amazing. I'm grateful to be questing alongside you all!