Novels: A big, epic project birthed seven years ago. Still in progress, and still under wraps. Book 1 nears completion, book 2 is drafted, and book 3 is my problem child. Book 4 only exists in my brain thus far. The series involves dragons, prophecies, and another world. All that fun stuff.

Novellas: Three fairy tale retellings, all complete. The Brightest Thread (Sleeping Beauty), Blood Rose (Beauty and the Beast), and The Glass Girl (Cinderella).

Short Stories: A handful of diverse tales, including Tired of Doing Good, The Fortress of Eternal Winter, and Redemptive Scars.

Poetry: Over 50 pieces, some horrid, others beloved.


  1. Hahahaha, I love your poetry description. 'Over 50 pieces, some horrid, others beloved.' That's exactly how I feel (to quote Cinderella 2015). ;) Perhaps you may consider posting some of it?

    1. LOL, thanks, Isi! XD (And I love Cinderella '15.) I actually have posted a few pieces! If you look at the list of labels in my sidebar, just click on "poetry" and you'll find what I've put on here. Thanks for your interest!