Saturday, March 31, 2018

Subplots and Storylines - March 2018

March was a head-down, nose-to-the-grindstone kind of month--at least in terms of schoolwork. As soon as one project wrapped up, another one (or two) would be added to the list. I'm sure most of you students can relate! But I'm chugging along, counting down the weeks until freedom summer break!

We had an honest-to-goodness SNOW DAY at the beginning of the month--which is impressive, given that Manitobans are stubbornly snow-resistant--so it's kind of amazing that four weeks later, I can practically watch the snow melt. Spring is on its way! That always fills me with hope.

A couple of random highlights before we jump into the juicy stuff . . .

I took my sisters to our church's youth group, which doesn't happen all that often due to the distance. But during leadership college last year, I spent many, many Friday nights volunteering there. So it was refreshing to go back and spontaneously throw on my volunteer name tag, roll up my sleeves, and dive in again. I had missed that place.

Second-hand book fairs are a Very Wonderful Thing. I went to one with my fam jam and came away with an arm-aching load of ten books, six of which were hardcovers: all for $14! I am still ecstatic, despite the realization that at this rate, my floor will disappear in approximately 2.3 months.*

*This is what happens when your bookshelves are so full they throw up on the floor. You're welcome for that mental image.

Juicy News Item #1: I registered for Realm Makers! Yes! It's official! This will be my second time attending (actually my second writing conference altogether), and I couldn't be more thrilled. The lineup of speakers looks amazing, and I'm not at all ashamed to admit that at least half of my classes will be held by Nadine Brandes and Mary Weber, both of whom are Queen Authoresses in my humble opinion. I've got roomies set up, the hotel is soon to be booked, and I'm working on my flights right now. Deciding to attend this year is, once again, a step in faith financially speaking (thank you, college tuition), but God provided for me last year and I'm confident He will again!

Juicy News Item #2: Today marks the third anniversary of Adventure Awaits! Say what?! I know, it snuck up on me this year too. I'd love to do some kind of celebration to thank all of you incredible souls who have either recently joined me, or have been around since the beginning, or something in between . . . But. College life. See first paragraph. That being said, what do you all think about a belated blogoversary party sometime, oh I don't know--end of April? Beginning of May? I want to do something this year, since last year I didn't have time to do anything either! (And I'd be open to party suggestions!)

Juicy News Item #3: Many of you probably know this already, but the winners (and honorable mentions, and Special Unicorns, etc.) of Five Poisoned Apples are being announced on the special Facebook page TONIGHT at 8pm EST! I . . may have created a temporary account just so I wouldn't miss the festivities.* I am about to burst with excitement. There has been such creativity and skill this year that no matter who wins, I can't wait to get my hands on the complete, polished Five Poisoned Apples book when it releases!

*But at this point, I wouldn't bother friending me, if I were you. My plan is to keep Facebook very much in the background after the announcement until I can figure out a productive, disciplined social media schedule. I'm spending too much time on such things as it is!

Screen Subplots

Avatar: The Last Airbender
I watched only two episodes of this with my sisters, but it's still an amusing show, and Aang is still cute.

Finished Once Upon a Time Season 3 and started Season 4
Yep! My siblings and I finally finished the third season, which may be one of my favorites, and dipped our toes into the fourth--as in, we watched only one episode. It's a rewatch for me and my sisters, but it's all new to our brother, Josiah, whom we've successfully roped in.

Once Upon a Time Season 6
My sisters and I saw a little bit more of the second-newest season. It hasn't wowed me yet, but it's starting to improve. Here's hoping it continues that upward trend! (I'm still in this for Hook, no matter what.)

Finished The Flash Season 3
*sobs for hours*



My heart is a mangled mess of feels and the only way I'll recover is if Season 4 FIXES ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE BROKEN AND MAKES EVERYTHING HAPPY AGAIN. I refuse to give spoilers, but let's just say that was the most bittersweet ending of a Flash season yet. Yet it's currently my favorite show! Because I like pain, apparently.

Image result for thor ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok
I've been waiting forever for this to come out on DVD, and it finally arrived. I felt like I knew a bit too much going in, after seeing so. many. pictures. all over Pinterest, but it was a really fun, really enjoyable movie. I laughed out loud. Like a lot. Seeing Thor's funny side take over, rather than his moody god side, was just the refreshing twist a lot of fans were looking for, I think. Although, like Christine said, there were a couple of places I would've liked to see the emotion drawn out a bit more. Still--Loki was there! I will never get tired of seeing those two banter back and forth (albeit in a "I'll kill you if you so much as hint at betrayal" kind of way).

Image result for ferdinand movie

Eh. It was cute, and it had a few laughable jokes, but . . . I don't know, guys, I feel like I've seen this plot about twenty-five times before. And Pixar does it better. Still, apart from the eccentric goat nicknaming the titular character "F-Bomb" once, I think kids would enjoy it. On a more positive note, this movie is set in Spain, which is unusual! And Ferdinand himself stuck to his convictions without wavering, so that's another plus.

Black Panther

Not perfect, but really, really, really good. I wasn't sure what to expect, since we don't get to know all that much about T'Challa in Civil War, and since half the internet seems to be making this movie a race thing when--I'm sorry, but can't we just focus on making good art? (Which is a whole 'nother post for a whole 'nother day, if I decide to put on my controversial hat.)

Anyway! Where were we? Right, it was a great movie, beautifully shot, and full of well-drawn characters. I loved T'Challa's sister, Shuri! She's the real deal, guys. And there were so many other great ones: Nakia, General Okoye, Klaue, and Agent Ross being among my favorites. If you didn't get the hint yet, I'm always in it for the characters! But truly, the action and plot and setting (Wakanda forever!) were fabulous too. The main downside for me was the ancestor worship, but even that didn't detract too much from my enjoyment.

Related image

Jumanji (2017)
I remember watching the 1995 version a long time ago. It was one of my first scary movies, and I loved every thrilling minute of it. So when I saw the hilarious trailer for the remake, I was super excited!

And . . . well. It wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped. I was fine with the plot being the shallow action flick kind--and it made fun of videogame tropes, which even I enjoyed as a nongamer--but I really could have done without the crude humor. If you haven't seen the movie yet, the basic idea is that four teens get sucked into a videogame, where they appear as the avatars they chose. One girl unwittingly chose a male avatar, and as you can guess, this becomes the source of way too many inappropriate jokes.

Other than that, it was pretty funny! I still liked the old one better, though.

Page Storylines

Image result for last star burning caitlin sangster

Last Star Burning // Caitlin Sangster

Hmmm, very mixed feelings on this one.

I liked the world--a dystopian/futuristic China! I liked the hints of Sleeping Beauty scattered throughout. The Sleeping Sickness, based off a real disease called encephalitis lethargica, was cool too. I liked that Sev, the protagonist, was actually loyal to her City's (abusive) government, which is uncommon for dystopian heroes. And because this book came in a PageHabit box, there were sticky note annotations by the author, which I also liked.

But I wasn't a big fan of the info-dumping used to explain how everything worked, especially at the beginning. I didn't like having to reread action scenes to understand what was going on, since the writing style got a bit jerky at those parts. By the end of the book, there were very few characters left that I actually liked. Most people turned out to be backstabby. And a lot of the conflict could have been avoided if Sev had just asked more questions and used her common sense. You'd think that an orphan who was branded and bullied by the City would naturally be a little more suspicious!

Oh, and Howl's name made me think of Howl's Moving Castle, which this book was definitely nothing like. Not a bad thing, per se, just a thing.

So overall, I was decently entertained and will probably pick up the second book when it comes out. But my disappointment in a certain character has colored my opinion of the whole story, sadly. Three stars.

Image result for circles of seven bryan davis

Circles of Seven // Bryan Davis

THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRAGONS IN OUR MIDST BOOK AND I LOVE IT SO. I'm such a sucker for symbolism and metaphor, and this one is packed with it, so of course it's my favorite!

Billy has grown so much since the beginning of the series. It's refreshing to see a hero actually learn from his mistakes, instead of constantly backsliding to square one. And as all the friendships deepen, these characters just keep growing. Bonnie is one of my heroes; her faith is so beautiful to see. I loved seeing Ashley and Walter argue and banter more--there's so much snark, but also a really healthy conflict resolution! Professor Hamilton continues to be a lovable, sprightly old gent who yells about driving on the wrong side of the road, physically attacks baddies, trips a rude cameraman, and holds fast to godly wisdom through it all. I love him. The only character I hate is Morgan, and she's, well . . . supposed to be hated.

I loved the setting too. Most of it takes place in England and in the seven circles, which carry so much of that spiritual symbolism I was just raving about! And there's one scene near the end that I'd nearly forgotten, a scene heavily inspired by Ezekial 37 . . . chill-inducing, in a really good way.

I feel like I uncover more of this book every time I read it. This was my third time, I think, and I'm sure I'll still find more next time. Five stars!

Written Subplots

I'm not quite sure how I managed to get any of this done, but . . . apparently I did!

I compiled more beta feedback on The Brightest Thread, this time covering chapters 7 through 15. I was hoping to get to chapter 18, but didn't quite make it. I'm seeing patterns in what's working and what's not working in the story, and the more I prepare, the more excited I get to tackle revisions this summer! Just this week, I received some golden advice for how to fix one of my main trouble spots.

I also wrote another little flash fiction piece this month, and I quite like it. It needs a bit of buffing up, but then I plan to submit it to Splickety for one of their summer editions!

Farewell, March

So it was a good but busy month! It looks like I watched more movies and read fewer books than usual (oops), but still got some writing progress done. Now I'm looking forward to April!

Happy Easter, everyone! Tell me, how was your month? Are you going to be at the Five Poisoned Apples reveal? Any ideas for a belated blogoversary party? And--as if our TBRs need any help--what's a book that gets richer every time you read it?


  1. I will be there tonight! *shrieks* *flails* I'm so stressed out--but also SO HECKIN' EXCITED. So. We'll see how that goes.

    For me, that would probably be the Mitford series. I'm reading the earliest books as an "adult" (haha, just go with it...), and it's been at least five years since I used to devour them...and now suddenly I'm catching all these deep things I'd missed as a little wee tyke. And it's beautiful. <3

    Happy Easter! He is Risen :)

    1. I'm so glad you were there at the party! It was such a thrill seeing the flood of comments and congratulations passed around throughout the evening. ^_^

      I've never read the Mitford books, but I know some people who love 'em! That's so special when you go back to a book and uncover all kinds of details that once flew over your head.

      Happy Easter to you, too! :)

  2. Wow, it sounds like your month was AWESOME! I can't wait to find out who won because I know a lot of people who entered and I jut HAVE TO KNOW!! XD

    Have an awesome April and a Happy Easter! He is RISEN.

    (Also, you have March 2016 in your title instead of 2018. I figured I better let you know.)

    God bless!


    1. It was definitely packed--mostly with awesome things! ;) Ahhhh, I was so proud of so many friends! <3

      Happy Easter! Hope you have an awesome month as well!

      (Oh goodness, thank you for catching that! I managed to fix it right after getting your comment, thankfully.)

  3. WRITE A SHORT BLURB OF A POST TOMORROW PLEASE!!!!!!!!! OR tonight for that matter!!!!!
    Sounds like your March was crazy, same down here!
    Hope you have a great April!!!
    I need to read those Bryan Davies books, I'be just been procrastinating!!!

    1. Erica, I'm so sorry I didn't have time to write up an announcement!!! Easter weekend got quite busy over here. D: But if you haven't seen the winners yet, they're posted here: And I'll try to get a short blurb up soon as well!

      Hope you do too! ^_^

      Yessss, READ THEM ALL. Haha, I'm a long-time fan of his books, so I sneakily slip them onto everyone's TBRs if I can. ;)

  4. Can't wait to find out who the winners are! I am planning on not using my Facebook either! Season three of Flash was so good and very emotional. Glad you got to see Thor: Ragnarok, I really liked it too!

    1. VERY emotional. I'm still recovering. Yeah, Ragnarok was a lot of fun! I laughed sooo many times. XD

      *hugs you and twirls around because of Saturday's announcement* EEEEEP, SKYE! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOOOOUUUU!!!

  5. What bothers me about the Black Panther hype, honestly, is that people are still excited about it. Like, WHY are there still so few black or Asian characters in fantasy that this is so noticeable?? As a fantasy writer, I think having non-Caucasian characters is really important. Granted, I didn't care about racial representation at all until we adopted from China. But it's something that's very important to me now.
    Anyway, rant over, sorry. That's been on my mind a lot. =) I'm super excited for the Five Poisoned Apples reveal! Even though I didn't enter, I know a lot of people who did.

    1. That's so cool your family adopted from China!

      I feel pretty similarly. Why are these things Big Issues? Shouldn't we just make good art? Good art that includes as many races as are logical and natural to the story? Good art that's fresh and original and much more concerned with telling a story than furthering an agenda? I know I'm "guilty" of writing almost 100% white casts, but that's an issue I want to approach thoughtfully from a storyteller standpoint. Not from a "here, let me check off as many boxes as I can just to please everyone" standpoint. (Apparently we both have rants on this topic! ;))

      Did you see the announcement yet?? I'm so thrilled for all the winners! And I'll be posting about that ASAP, if homework lets me get out alive this week. XD

    2. Adoption is one of my biggest passions! My Asian sister is a sweet, gorgeous little person and it really bothers me when she says all the princesses look like me, not her. I know that you can't sit down to write a story with the purpose of including every possible minority out there--it'd be a disaster if I tried that. But I have also realized I write almost 100% white casts, and not only that, but my old stories are also guilty of many black and Asian villains. After noticing it, I've started paying more attention to my casts. When they're all white, I try to see if it works to make one or more of them a different nationality. I think speculative fiction writers have a special responsibility to represent different races, because we're the only ones that are completely free to portray them how we want, without paying attention to what's "realistic" for any certain country or time period. So it makes me sad that I've found as many (if not more??) racial stereotypes in fantasy/sci-fi.
      (I really just need to write a blog post about this, and ask people to read it when this comes up. =) )

      I have seen the announcement, but I don't know any of the winners. I've never read any of the books, but I've been wondering if I should try one. Have you read the other Rooglewood contest books?

    3. Your little sister sounds amazing! <3 And you make a really good point. It's easy to default to writing a whole cast of characters just like us--in skin color, personality, belief system, whatever--but our stories do benefit from a wider variety! You're right, fantasy offers a lot of freedom in that regard! (I'd love a blog post on this!!!) Hmmm... you've given me some food for thought for my own WIPs. Thanks! ^_^

      I've read all three of the published ones, and I loved them! So much variety in genre and style! Of course, there are some stories I enjoyed more than others in each anthology, but if they were individually published stories, I would have rated all of them at least 4 stars. Definitely give them a try if you get the chance!

  6. Great post! :)) Yea, Black Panther *cough*. I have some strong opinions about that movie--my main issue was the extensive gun violence (often, senseless) and the portrayal of Killmonger (so many people are saying that he's so cool and that he's their favorite character and I'm like "he's a villain?? he killed so many people--how is he cool??") so anyway, sorry, I won't go into a rant. :))
    I can't wait to see Thor: Ragnarok! :)) My month's been really busy, with SAT and stuff. I've been rereading the Raven Cycle, and I've forgotten how amazing the characters are, even though there are some *cough* #issues. Also, I read "The Blood Race" by K.A. Emmons--AMAZING!! Definitely would recommend :).

    1. Thank you, Allison! :D I see Killmonger as a total villain as well. That's a whole big topic of its own--how villains are romanticized and even admired these days. (I mean, I like characters like Loki quite a lot. But I like him for his mannerisms, his depth and complexity of character, and that tiny little spark of good still lurking inside. Not for his willingness to kill hundreds of people.)

      Sounds like a full month for you as well! Oh, my heart, I love the Raven Cycle characters too. Those, ahem, #issues bugged me too, though. Oooh, I've seen The Blood Race floating around Goodreads lately! I'll have to check it out. :)

      Hope you have an awesome April!

  7. REALM MAKERSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! My excitement has no bounds. I'm basically screaming about it every 12 seconds. XD BUT I'M SO EXCITED AND CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU AND EEEEEE!!! I got my hotel room all booked today, so with that done and having registered, I'm all locked in and IT'S SO EXCITING! And oh my goodness, half of my classes are with Nadine Brandes and Mary Weber as well! :D :D :D They were just too tempting. But it looks like we'll be in a lot of classes together. YAAAY!!!

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAAAAIIITTT! Today is your blogoversary??? AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, MY DEAR TRACEY. *throws cake and confetti and glitter and shoots fireworks* Yours is one of my favoritest blogs of all, with its thought-provoking posts, gorgeous writing, constant encouragement, AND fun and witty posts to boot. You are brilliant and wonderful. EEP. I'm thrilled about this! 3 whole years of delightful Tracey posts! *HUGGLES YOU AND ADVENTURE AWAITS* I LOVE THIS BLOG AND BEING BLOGGING BUDDIES! *shoots more fireworks* And I think a late party would be a lot of fun! As far as ideas...I have no clue. :-/ Being as how I've only actually celebrated my blogoversary ONCE out of my 7 years of blogging, I'm clearly useless when it comes to blog parties. Eheh.

    I'm so nervous/excited for all of you with the Five Poisoned Apples announcement. o___o But I'm totally rooting for you and thinking about you through all of this! *HUGS*

    OH OH. Have I told you I'm FIIIINALLY making my way through Once Upon a Time? I almost to the end of season 5! I had stopped halfway through season 4 for...years. o.o But I'm FINALLY continuing them! I did hear the last two seasons were a bit of a flop though, so I'm pretty nervous. But yes, HOOK! Just give me Hook and I'm happy.

    RAGNAROK!!!! I'm dying to snag it on bluray. That movie kills me. XD AND BLACK PANTHER. LOVED THAT ONE SO MUCH TOO. Shuri was EVERYTHING. She's like my new favorite Disney princess. LOL!

    Eeeehhhh. The new Jumanji movie. I haven't seen it, but I really don't want to. It just seems to be yet another of the 293849328094 crude-humor, slapstick comedy movies out there with no depth or purpose and I'm TIRED of those. It particularly makes me mad, because the original Jumanji was more or less a kids' horror movie. Which I LOVED. It was so dark and emotional and intriguing, but still okay for young people. We don't really get that anymore. Just crude-humored, mind-numbing nonsense and uggghhhhh STAHP. I didn't want a comedy Jumanji sequel, I wanted something along the same vein as the original movie. But I guess that's too much to ask. >.> (And wow, didn't mean to fly off into a full rant. WHOOOPS. SOWWY!)

    Circles of Seven is my favorite of the books too!!!!!! UGH. I love that book so much! You rereading these is making me DESPERATELY want to do the same. MEEP. I need more tiiime. *flails*

    I'm soooo in awe of you finding time to work on some writing even amidst all the schoolwork. And that is so exciting you're going to be submitting something for Splickety! EEEEEEEEE!!! I hope that goes well!

    HAPPY EASTER! I hope the Five Poisoned Apples announcement goes well, you have a wonderful Easter, AND your April is absolutely lovely! <33333

    1. I am soooo stoked for RM too! It's a spot of bright sunshine at the end of this tunnel of school. XD (Well, that *and* this mystical object called Free Time.) I'm excited to meet you and learn from all these amazing people and party with other writers! I booked my flights this week, so things are looking mighty official!

      THANK YOOOOUUUU! *picks confetti off of cake* But WHAT AM I TO DO WITH YOUR SWEETNESS? Hmm??? I guess I'll just say thank you for the millionth time and send hugs and throw many grateful hearts into this comment. <3333333333333333333 Because you and all my commenters make blogging a whole lot more fun than it would be if I were just throwing words into a void! This blog EXISTS for you dear people! (And speaking of YOUR lovely blogoversary, I am all the regret that I haven't fully watched your vlogs yet. *sobs*)

      Thank you for the sweet wishes! I was so pleased with the results! (And plan to blog about it...soon!)

      YOU'RE WATCHING OUAT AGAINNNNN!!!! *flails* I was wondering if you had gotten farther! How exciting, even if season 6 is so-so thus far. Season 5 was mostly good, IMO! (Hooooooooook....)

      LOL, my brother was just telling me that someone at work who doesn't usually watch superhero movies really liked Ragnarok. It's cool how a fresh approach can attract a new audience! SHURI. WAS. THE BEST. PERIOD. I loved her character. XD

      Okay, you pinpointed why the new Jumanji didn't work for me! (I hadn't 100% figured it out, so thanks!) It's because the original one WAS a kids' horror flick. That's what held ME at the edge of my seat as a 12-year-old--the creepiness. And the new one is not creepy at all. It's definitely a comedy, with a few too many crude jokes. *long sigh* (DON'T BE SORRY. RANTS ABOUT STORY-RELATED THINGS ARE GREAT.)

      Mwahaha! I'm doing cruel things to your TBR, am I? ;) I know, I put off rereading them for a long while because there's so many books... but I'm glad I finally decided this was the year to do it!

      It helps me stay sane, honestly! And thanks, darling! ^_^

      Happy belated Easter to you too! I hope it was a great one. <333

  8. Ah, we'll see you at Realm Makers! Excellent!
    I hope all goes well with the Splickety submission! It's also exciting to hear how well The Brightest Thread is coming along. Speaking of writing...when do we get to hear from our friend the Fantasy Character?
    As for books that seem to grow richer with each reading, I would name 'The Silver Chair'...the Bible too, but I suppose that's a given.
    He is risen!

    1. Wait, are you going too??? EEEEP! I'M SO EXCITED!

      Thank you! I'm planning to send it off tomorrow--squeaking in on the day before deadline. Whoops. o.o

      GREAT question! Fantasy Character hasn't been around for a while, has he? I should haul him back into the spotlight sometime in the next couple of weeks. :D

      The Silver Chair--love it! (And I'm waiting not-so-patiently for more news on the movie adaptation...) The Bible is THE definition of growing richer on each reading. ^_^

      Happy Easter!

  9. It'll take a whole 2.3 months to lose your floor? I'm pretty sure I got you beat =P I was trying to reorganize things and stopped partway, at least books still look tidier on the floor than general stuff.

    I keep meaning to actually connect to a tv show again. There's something quite fun about having those characters along with you through the week, but time. Urgh.

    Happy April!

    1. You probably do, lol! Book stacks do have a better aesthetic than most messes, this is true. Reorganizing my room is DEFINITELY going on my List of Things to Do When the Semester Ends.

      It is fun to get invested in a long-term story like that! But yeah...time... :P

      Hope your month is off to a good start, Meaghan! <3

  10. Used book sales are THE BEST!!! I just love the treasures I bring home. So awesome.

    It's so awesome that you get to go to Realm Makers! I hope you have an amazing time. I'd love to go, but I think that's something I need to put on the backburner for next year.

    All the hugs for Flash season 3 feels. I decided to not continue watching CW shows, but man I couldn't have picked a worse time! All of the cliffhangers are killing me! *runs into a corner to bawl*

    I hope you have an amazing April!

    1. They are! And I was so pleased to find this many good books this time around. One of them is The Scorpio Races--hardcover! almost brand new!

      Thank you, Sarah! I'm sorry it doesn't look like it'll work out for you this year... but don't give up! There will be a right place and time and you'll get to go! <3

      *sobs forever* Thanks--I need all the hugs after that ending! Oh, how come you're not watching CW shows anymore, if you don't mind me asking?

      Thanks! You too!!

    2. The shows starting having a tad too much 'content' for my taste. I just wasn't overly comfortable watching them, so I just decided to let them go. But I LOVE fangirling over the seasons that I've watched. I can't decide if I like Arrow or Flash better. I kind of liked Supergirl, but I can't stand Kara. She's so full of herself.

    3. Ah, makes sense. I haven't watched any Arrow episodes except for the ones that are crossovers with The Flash, but that show does look a bit darker. And I've heard of some, ahem, #issues with Supergirl, unfortunately! The main thing that's bugged me about Flash more recently is a main couple moving in together. But other than that I love the show!

  11. can i see some art you've drawn if you have any? :D

    1. Hi! Thanks for your interest. I haven't done much art lately, but if you check out my Highlights on my Instagram profile, I have my most recent piece up. (I'm honestly not sure if Highlights show up on the computer version of Insta, so you may have to check the app??)

  12. YES I loved Ragnarok!! I agree, seeing Thor's humorous side was the best thing about the whole movie. Well, and maybe the Thor-Loki banter. :D (AND THAT SCENE AT THE END?? WHEN HE'S ACTUALLY THERE? *clutches heart*)

    Yeah, I didn't enjoy Ferdinand very much either. It was a really over used plot and it just didn't quite grab me. :P

    I LOVED Black Panther too!! Shuri, Okoye, and Everett Ross were definitely my favorites. (I'm in it for the characters too! ;)) And BEAUTIFULLY shot too! All of the fight scenes were amazing, and I just really loved the aesthetic. :)

    (Also, happy late blogiversary! Sorry you're too busy to have a celebration right now. :( *sends you cake, ice cream, balloons, confetti, and hugs* I would love to have a party later on!)

    1. I KNOOOOW! Thor and Loki together are <33333 I also loved when Loki jumps up and yells, "THAT'S WHAT IT FEELS LIKE!" XD

      Sigh. Same here.

      Yes yes yes to everything you said about Shuri and Ross and cinematography and aesthetic!!!

      (Eeep, thank you! *stores party supplies for later* I'll think up something!)

  13. hi im muslim i really love cats and books and friends!

  14. Ooh that does sound like a super busy month for you!! And I do relate to the "oh I finished something"! and the immediately 5 more things take its place.😂 Ah, life. So fun. OH and who needs a floor right?! We only need books. *swims in them*

    I also felt the same way about Last Burning Star! Like it had a TON of cool elements but the characters/writing just didn't really rock my world or anything haah. (I did love the Sleeping Beauty sort of thread in it?! So cool!) And I want to see Black Panther sooo bad ahhhh. Everyone raves about it! Although I haven't seen Civil War yet so probably should do that too?😂

    I hope you have a great April! And happy late-bloggy birthday!

    1. To-do lists are basically Hydra. Except maybe less bloody when it comes to beheadings--ahem, I mean GETTING THINGS DONE. XD

      Absolutely. We should just tile our floors in books. *nods*

      Yeah! I loved your review of it and totally agree! (Sev, why aren't you asking questions??? Shady people and secrets should raise all the red flags!) (But yes, love the Sleeping Beauty parts!)

      Oh goodness, Cait, Civil War is so gooooooood!!! You must watch it. ^_^

      Thank yooouuu! <3

  15. Yay for writing progress! And I really enjoyed Black Panther as well! It also frustrates me that it was made a race thing. It's a good movie no matter what color the characters are.

    1. LOL, I've done about zero writing this month so far, so I'm glad for March's progress! XD Black Panther was SO FUN. I agree, the ingredients for a good story aren't a race thing. I mean, yes it's great the characters were black, but I cared about T'challa because he was a fantastic character with depth, motivation, goals, strengths, and weaknesses--not simply because he was black!