Saturday, November 28, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

Emily, thou art a blog-saver. I slept in till midmorning today (hallelujah; after this week, I sorely needed it) and realized, "Um, I don't have a post for today." Between my previous entry raising support for the Children of the Bard audiobooks and today, my brain has had about zero space for blogging. And then I sit down to scrounge something up for you faithful questers, and lo and behold, Emily has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! Many thanks.

So. Seems simple enough. Seven facts about me. Nominate fifteen bloggers (. . . which may shrivel down to a smaller number). Here we go.

1. I live with siblings who love to quote things, mainly movies. My brother especially has a filing cabinet for a brain. He must have hundreds of quotes stored in there, complete with voice impersonations. Alas, I do not have this ability. So it gave me great joy recently to be able to say, in the accent of Scarlet Witch (from Avengers: Age of Ultron):

"Ve vait for two days for Stark to kill us."

When my brother admitted that was pretty good, I enthusiastically repeated myself throughout the day, much to his growing annoyance.

2. Speaking of Marvel, this trailer makes me flail like a hungry octopus. Deb's fangirl post preeeeetty much sums it all up.

3. As a wee child, I loved pineapple. Until another little girl, a guest in our home, loudly declared her distaste for pineapple on her pizza. From that point on, I hated it. It took me all the way to my teenage years to rediscover my love for pineapple, both on its own and on pizza.

4. This:

5. One of the best things about my job is the casual dress code. I get to wear jeans to work!

6. My absolute favorite band from about age eleven to fifteen or sixteen was pureNRG.

I bought all their albums and basically didn't listen to anything else; three of their posters graced my wall; and I went to one of their concerts. I've since outgrown them, but every now and then I listen to some of their music just for nostalgia's sake.
7. While we're on the topic of my childhood . . . I had this big stuffed dog named Casey. During my early elementary years, before I started being homeschooled, I would put her on the living room couch and instruct my mom to leave her there all day. Otherwise she'd be too lonely! She had to be with people! Toys have feelings, you know. (Toy Story convinced me of this.)
I nominate . . .
Jenelle Leanne @ (Not sure if you do tags, but here it is if you want it.)
So not exactly fifteen, but if anyone else out there wants to snag it, consider yourself nominated! Thanks again, Emily!
I'll be back on Monday with the November edition of Subplots and Storylines.


  1. PINEAPPLE. I loveth that tropical fruit in and on everything. (It's especially good on pizza, although the rest of my family vehemently disagrees.) The only problem with pineapple is that when it's fresh it tends to sting my tongue. But it's worth it to taste that delightful fruit :)

    SO MUCH YES TO NUMBER 4! I firmly believe that I will one day discover the entrance to Narnia. *nod, nod*

    Awww, you were so cute when you were little ^_^ I did the same kinds of things with my stuffed animals, too. I would put the seatbelt on my stuffed animals in the car so they would be safe. XD (As a side-note, I still have almost all of my stuffed animals. It's probably really weird, but I don't care lol.)

    1. Ahaha, girl, you make me laugh. XD I LOVE fresh pineapple. (Not too much all at once, like you said.)

      If you find it, take me with you! I remember watching "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" in the theater, and afterwards my friends and I were walking the mall (a sharp contrast to the setting of the movie) and wishing we could turn a corner and just, aha, find Narnia. ^_^

      Aww, a seatbelt for your stuffed toys? That's so cute. XD
      No, that's not weird at all! Or if it is, I'm very much weird that way too. I don't think I've ever gotten rid of a single stuffed animal. Ever. I have too many, but I can't stand to purge my babies.


    Oh, I loooove pineapple. Fresh pineapple is just the absolute best. BUT, sadly, I detest it on pizza. Like DETEST. My sister loves it but I can't even stomach it. It's so weird, because pizza is basically my favorite food and I adore pineapple. But together? Noooo.

    All the yes to #4! You never know, it could be anywhere. Gotta keep a look out. I also like to keep a close eye on holes in the yard and mirrors for Wonderland. *nods*

    #7! That is so the best! :D We would have been the best of friends if we had known each other when we were little. I did things just like that with my stuffed animals. Because they totally had feelings. Absolutely.

    These facts were so much fun to read. I look forward to your Subplots and Storylines post! :D


      Haha, really? That's amusing. I still prefer it fresh vs. on pizza, but come now--it's not that bad. xD (Just kidding. You're entitled to your own tastes!)

      Exactly! Things never happen the same way twice, so perhaps it won't be the closet/wardrobe when I find it. LOL, holes and mirrors leading to Wonderland would be almost as awesome to find.

      Eeeep, we would've been! <3 I can just imagine. Oh goodness. It would've been CRAZY.

      Thank you, dearie!

  3. Ooh, fun stuff! I do tags, just generally over on my blog. I'm currently on vacation, but I will see if I can't get to this next week!

    1. Awesome! I edited the post to link to that blog instead. Enjoy your vacation! :D

  4. Ah, siblings and their voice impressions. I remember, back in the day, my brother had the chipmunk voice from Alvin and the chipmunks perfected. It was fun at first. But then he started calling everyone Dave...
    I think it took about a little over a year for him to stop.

    1. Ha! That would be . . . either awesome or annoying, I'm not sure which. XD Poor you, though.

  5. I love quoting movies, my Dad and me both do it an insane amount. It's like a game to weave them into normal conversations, so nobody knows but us. Always look for Narnia!

    1. LOL, that's fantastic. I wish I had a whole repertoire of quotes with which to have entire conversations like that. XD

  6. Oh my goodness!! That movie trailer was SO good!! I'll be sitting on pins and needles waiting for that one.

    1. Wasn't it???? Ack, the long periods of waiting must be the hardest part of being a fangirl.

  7. Thanks a billion for the tag! Tags are wonderful when you have a lot on your plate (*cough cough finals*), so this was very well-timed!
    So. Pumped. For. Civil. War! :D I saw the trailer and then was like "I have to wait HOW long until the movie comes out??? I need it now!"
    I, too look for Narnia in the backs of closets. You just never know...
    I didn't know you used to love and then hate pineapple. :P I'm glad you enjoy it again, pineapple is great. :)

    1. I figured you'd appreciate it. ;) And you are most welcome.

      AHHH, ME TOO. That's the worst part about trailers coming so far in advance--you have to wait for the movie to release.

      It could be around the next corner...

      LOL, yes, I'm glad I rediscovered my taste for it. :P

  8. I still catch myself checking closets for Narnia sometimes. XD Childhood instinct. YES! Civil Wars! That's a feels fest waiting to happen. And I absolutely love quoting movies. ^ ^

    1. I know, right? :D For some reason, I don't feel an inclination to check for green and yellow rings, though. Perhaps I'm missing out on a viable option for Narnia travel.

      No kidding! It's going to be a feels fest for sure. The TRAILER already was. (Bucky. Just Bucky.)

      'Tis a fun pastime! Thanks for commenting. :)

  9. DON'T LISTEN TO THE PINEAPPLE HATERS! (Incidentally, I myself only started liking pineapple in the summer. Strange but true.)

    I love the story about Casey! I really had very deep relationships with my toy dogs too (still do, to be honest).

    I've never heard of the band in #6, but that picture ... wow. I feel like I've been transported to 2006.

    Thanks for doing the tag! :)

    1. SHUN THE PINEAPPLE HATERS. XD (Really? Just this summer? Welcome to the deliciousness of pineapple.)

      Aw, thanks! One just can't grow out of loving their stuffed animals.

      PureNRG was kind of like another version of Jump5... Though I doubt you'll have heard of them either. :P "Transported to 2006," LOL. Pretty accurate! That picture was taken in 2007, I believe.

      Well, thanks so much for nominating me! ^_^