Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Infinity Dreams Blog Award

Hello again, questers! It's been a long week work-wise (which is great for the paycheck and good exercise for my stamina) . . . so I honestly don't have the brainpower to do justice to any of the in-depth posts I have planned. Maybe next week?

But today is a good day for a tag. Specifically the Infinity Dreams Blog Award, given to me by Victoria @ Stori Tori's Blog. If you haven't yet checked out her corner of the internet, wander over to find her assortment of tea reviews, soundtracks, vocabulary expansions, and general geekiness.

(By the way, I haven't a clue what inspired this tag/award's name. Maybe it started out having some relation to dreams or infinite somethings?)

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
2. Tell us eleven facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

Eleven Facts About Myself
1. I love dark chocolate. The darker the better. (Up to a point. Those 90% cocoa bars taste like straight up cocoa powder.) If you wish to buy me chocolate, Lindt is very welcome. *smiles innocently*

2. I have jumped off a fifty-foot structure. Since it was the only way down at the end of a high-ropes course, and I was harnessed in, it's not as impressive as it first sounds . . . But it was scary.

3. Because my hair can't decide if it's blonde or brown, and is instead a 'dirty blonde,' and because I dislike that description, I have taken to describing it as honey brown.

4. Stacks of paper are the bane of whatever sense of tidiness I have. One of the many stacks on my desks currently consists of: a voter info card, my incomplete submission form for Rooglewood Press's contest, old envelopes that haven't made their way to the recycling bin, a devotional sheet from church, a Legend of Zelda coloring page, scrap paper, a wedding invitation, a college booklet, a humorous note from my aunt, a list of what I packed for holidays this summer, more scrap, training material from work, a graph of my Sleeping Beauty word count progress, a Tangled coloring picture, an old blog post of Mirriam's that I printed (with the intention of hanging it on my wall), and yet more scrap. It's way past time I clean my desk!

5. Some facts about myself are apparently very long-winded . . .

6. I spent an afternoon this week getting tomato juice all over myself and the kitchen counter. It's canning season!

7. I like to put cucumbers or pickles in my tuna sandwiches.

8. I have a little scar above my left eyebrow. I pretend I got it in some epic battle, but in truth, I had a birthmark surgically removed as a young child. (Not nearly as interesting.)

9. August Booth is one of my favorite Once Upon a Time characters. SO FAR. I retain the right to amend that statement should he ever turn bad, something which happens a whole awful lot to characters in this show! But he's a writer. Enough said. And though he's not been a very good boy lately (as of Season 1's conclusion), something about him is special.

10. I love keys . . . old-fashioned skeleton keys with twining strands of metal. So beautiful and mysterious.

11. As a child, I combed my house in search of secret passageways, knocking on walls and floors, poking in corners. Alas, there were none to be found. If I get a chance to design my own house one day, I am definitely adding some secret tunnels.

Questions from Tori (as if I haven't rambled on long enough already!):

1.) Shorts, jeans, or skirts? Shorts or jeans. I do like skirts, but they're not practical for everyday wear, and I don't own very many to begin with.

2.) Hot weather or cold weather? In between weather! Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.

3.) What's your favorite flavor? Depends what sort of food group we're talking about here. To start off, I love berry flavors, chocolate, Italian food (so . . . garlic? in not-too-overpowering amounts?), mint, etc.

4.) Coffee, cocoa, or tea? Depends on the day. I'd say coffee or tea sooner than cocoa, simply because hot chocolate is so sweet and filling. Though I do enjoy it on a cold, wintry afternoon.

5.) What's the first book you remember reading? A Little Bear book that I thought I could read, but had actually only memorized.

6.) Favorite song artist? I have a number of those, but one is Anthem Lights. They're a four-guy Christian group, producing both their own original music and covers of secular songs. Their harmony is AMAZING, their sense of humor is hilarious, and their heart for God shines through (especially in their original music). Some of my favorite originals are . . .
And one of my favorite covers . . .

7.) Do you play an instrument? Sadly, no, but I'd love to learn piano or violin or cello. If it didn't require so much time and effort, that is. Just download the skills into my brain, please!

8.) Favorite fandom? Though I'm a fan of many things, I'm not sure how many I can actually call a fandom of mine. To me that implies a thorough knowledge to go along with one's deep, abiding love; and I hesitate to claim I know all the ins and outs of these things. But I'm proud to be an Imp of Goldstone Wood, a fan of Marvel, a fan of Dragons in Our Midst (and the following series), and a casual Ring nut. (I say casual because I've yet to watch the movies or read the books more than once. *hangs head in shame*)

9.) Favorite actor? Let's just follow my trend of slacking off and answering these questions with multiple answers, shall we? I loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo, Will Poulter as Eustace, Shailene Woodley as Tris, Chris Evans as Captain America, Sebastian Stan as Bucky . . . The list goes on, despite the fact that I don't actually follow celebrities.

10.) Do you have a favorite scent? Cinnamon. Rain-soaked air. Fresh bread. Coffee. Cucumber melon lotion.

11.) Are you introverted or extroverted? Introverted. Somewhat extroverted around people nearest me.

I nominate these 11 illustrious questers:
Annie Hawthorne @ Curious Wren
Emily @ Emily Etc.
Skye @ Ink Castles
Wynonah @ Life is an Adventure
Rebekah Hendrian @ Wordsmithing and Worldbuilding
 Katie Grace @ A Writer's Faith
wisdomcreates @ The Pen of a Ready Writer
Andrea Adams @ Andrea's Scribbles

Eleven Questions for Said Nominees:
Let's put some dreams and infiniteness into this . . .

1. Describe the most recent dream you can remember having.
2. "To infinity and beyond!" Who's your favorite Toy Story character?
3. If Iron Man and Captain America were pitted against each other (not that hard to imagine), who would you root for?
4. What are your top three favorite things about autumn?
5. When's your prime time: morning, midday, or late at night?
6. You've been handed the leash of an emperor's pet tiger--quick, what do you do with it?
7. Do you have any pre-writing 'rituals' or habits? (If you're not a writer, feel free to describe any other preparatory habits of yours, whether it's your morning routine, or what you do to get ready for studying, or anything else.)
8. Favorite song artist?
9. Name a real-life hero of yours.
10. What's your goal(s) in blogging?
11. Name a literary/film couple you shipped that ended up sinking.

Have fun! As always, it's up to you whether or not you accept this tag.

And if you've made it this far . . . congratulations! You are either very patient, very bored, or actually interested in my silly ramblings. Have some pie.


  1. Actually I'm not bored at all. These question/answer tags are always creative and fun to read. I like the description of the pile of papers on your desk. It has everything under the sun- almost, all that's missing is the shopping list and ancient map!

    Thanks for the pie!

    1. Well, it's good to know that it's somewhat entertaining, at least. XD Thanks!
      Haha, I would love to dig through those piles and find an ancient map! That'd be as good as a secret passageway, if not better. ;D

  2. Very bored? Girl, I LOVE reading your posts! This was so much fun.

    Honey brown for dirty blonde hair, that's perfect! Sooo much better, and, really, more accurate sounding I think. I've never liked the term dirty blonde either.

    Wait, wait! You like keys? TRACEY. *I* like keys. I looove them! I have a couple little key decorations and a jewelry holder in the shape of a key on my wall. Twined-looking keys are the BEST!

    Also in between weather FTW! Spring and Fall are definitely my favorite seasons.

    Your list of favorites scents is perfect. Fresh bread, rain, coffee...ah, perfection.

    We are so alike it's scary! Okay, really it's just AWESOME. :D

    1. Aww, thanks! ^_^ As I said to Blue, I'm glad these *are* actually interesting.

      YES. It sounds far more beautiful and romantic, doesn't it? XD

      I am mildly shocked you didn't know that already...but I guess I've never mentioned it, have I? A key-shaped jewelry holder sounds gorgeous! Where can I find one? I have several key necklaces, and that's about it. Something must be done to expand my collection.

      We are definitely in a good spot weather-wise right now. It's still sunny and warm, but there's an autumn crispness in the air... Ah. Wonderful.

      Now we just need it to rain fresh bread and coffee, and we'll be in heaven. Or not.

      LOL, scarily awesome and awesomely scary! :D *high five*

  3. Love this! I hate having to come up with facts about me, but I love reading facts about people I know. XD

    Dirty-blond... like Adrian? ;)
    I need to clean my desk too... >.>
    Like all of my siblings have a scar over their eyebrow except me. XD Instead, I got mine up in my hair somewhere from falling off a car... :P
    ...Okay, you officially have good taste in food. *nods seriously* Berry, chocolate, Italian, garlic-that's-not-overpowering, MINT. SO MUCH GOODNESS. ...I am now hungry. XD
    Your answer to the music one is me EXACTLY. Cello! I wish I could download skills too...
    Hey, I know people who are serious Lord of the Rings fans and yet haven't even read the books, so you're a step ahead of some people!! ^_^

    So as you may be able to tell from my babbling on about your awesome answers, I really enjoyed reading this. ^_^

    (Oh, and if it was Iron Man vs. Captain America... I'd want some badguy to show up so they'd team up and be friends again! D: Don't want mah Avengers fighting each other! *huggles them both* ...But okay, I'd root for HAWKEYE! XD)

    PIE. I GET PIE. I knew there was a reason you were awesome... ;) *gobbles pie and shares with Skata*

    1. Reading other people's random facts is so much fun! Coming up with your own can be hard, though... >.<

      (I'll assume you mean Hadrian...) Heh, I guess so, yes! I didn't do that intentionally. He just happened to have blond-ish hair. Honest.
      We got this. We'll just play fast and loud housecleaning music and get 'er done! XD
      You fell off a car?! Moving or stationary?
      LOL, now I'm hungry too. It's what I get for talking about food right before lunch. Burgers, here I come!
      Good point! I feel better now--thanks. ;)

      Thank you, Celti dearest! Your comment made me laugh.

      (Yes, we can't have infighting between them again! They're supposed to be on the same siiiiide. But have you seen the poster for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie? If the position of characters is any indication, Cap and Iron Man won't be friends.... o.o LOL, of COURSE you'd vote Hawkeye!)

      *joins you and Skata at pie party*


    I too love keys.

    I always thought "dirty blonde" was such a gross way of describing hair XD and then there's "dishwater blonde" which is really no better! "Honey brown" sounds pretty good :L

    Thanks for the nomination! I'll definitely be doing this, at some point. I am already enjoying that Toy Story question ;)

    1. PS just realised I don't follow you?! Or rather, I didn't. I rectified that one!

      (Just goes to show, I'm a terrible blogger who barely knows who she follows because she's terrible at keeping up with reading blogs ... !)

    2. THERE MUST BE A CONSPIRACY. The papers are making plans to take over the world. o.o

      Yay for keys!

      Ew, no, dishwater blonde is equally terrible. I can't imagine anyone appreciates having their hair described as sudsy water with bits of food floating in it...

      LOL, I'm glad! Looking forward to seeing your post, whenever you have time for it.

      P.S. Oh! Thank you so much! :D (I wish that whatever I put on my dashboard would automatically make me an official follower of the content... Every now and then I realize that I'm not technically following a blog I've been getting in my feed forever. :P Aaaand I just officially fixed that situation with your blog too!)

    3. So, I return! I have mostly finished my post, am going to get it up in the next few days!

    4. Six months and a day later, can you believe it?

    5. Awesome! I look forward to seeing it!

      Ha, six months isn't too shabby, really. *glances guiltily at little pile of ancient tags waiting for me* *cough* Ahem.

  5. Thanks for the tag!
    August Booth is cool, Rumpelstiltskin is my favorite but I do like August. Anthem Lights, I remember listening to them, they are very talented.

    1. You are welcome! :)
      Rumplestiltskin is definitely on my favorite list too...but there are so many conflicting feelings! Some episodes I loath him, and others I love him. XD
      Aren't they? Love their music. Thanks for commenting, Skye!

  6. Awwww you're so sweet! I'm glad you like the tag! I'm also a dark chocolate fan. I like my chocolate not too sweet. And yay another neat freak. XD My room is rarely messy haha.

    1. I do like it--lots of fun randomness! ^_^ Yes, that's so true about dark chocolate not being overly sweet. Maybe that's why I like it? (I'm not the sort of person who can gorge themselves on chocolate, much as I love it. It's just so rich...)

      Neat freak? Haha, maybe. A messy one, if that's possible. *is jealous of your rarely messy room* XD

      Anyway, I'd been planning to drop by your blog, catch up on your posts, and let you know that I did this tag... but it looks like that last item on the list is unnecessary now.

  7. Thanks for the award! (This looks like fun and I like your questions, lol, so I'll definitely tell you when I have it up). I really love reading answers to these.

    Lindt chocolate is really good (even the white chocolate, which is saying something). I like 90% bars (and baking bars, but I'm a little, odd)
    My sister and I have come up with a few creative color terms for our (very boring) hair. I like to call mine Deep Auburn, lol.
    I love keys too, and my siblings and I searched EVERY house for secret passages. When we finally found one with a laundry chute, we were ecstatic. If I ever have my own house, I plan on building a hidden room (I have loads of helpful pins on Pinterest that will tell me how).
    Anthem Lights= awesome band. Love them.

    And "sort of" spoilers here: Cap and Iron Man do fight, among other people, in Civil War. People pick sides. Things get sad but awesome. (I read that whole comic book arc two years ago, and I don't know how similar the movie will be)

    I'll have cherry pie, thank you. ;)

    1. You're most welcome! (Haha, glad you're going to enjoy it. Can't wait to see your answers!)

      Yep, even I like Lindt's white chocolate, and I don't usually care for it. About the 90% bars--someone's got to like 'em! XD
      Ooh, auburn is such a pretty color.
      Now if only you could slide down a laundry chute... :D THAT IS A GREAT IDEA. A hidden room AND secret tunnels AND fkasfjalsjj all the mystery!
      Do you have a favorite song of theirs?

      I've heard that, yes, which is part of the reason I asked the question. What little I know of the plot sounds horrifically heartrending (which *cough* really means awesome).

      Good choice. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I like all of Anthem Light's covers - they do a good job!
      Yes, you're right about Civil War being heartrending . . .

      And I finally did this! (Be warned - it's long!)

    3. I usually like their covers better than the original artists' versions. XD
      My poor heart...

      Ooh, hooray! Thanks for the link, Rebekah--I just read it, and I shall go back to comment soon. :)

  8. Waaaaaah. It won't let me "follow." I guess I'll have to come back and try again later as the little pop up says...

    1. Shoot. I've been having some issues with that Google Friend Connect, but haven't the foggiest idea how to fix it, other than agreeing that trying again might help. :/ There's also the Bloglovin' option...
      Thanks for *wanting* to follow, though! ^_^

    2. I'll keep trying. :D
      I have my answers up on my blog now. Thanks again for tagging me! I loved your questions.

    3. Okay, thanks for that!
      I just went over and read the post last night. :) Thanks for letting me know!

  9. I love dark chocolate! I actually find that it tastes quite a lot like hot chocolate and I am obsessed with hot chocolate. Ugh, stacks of paper annoy me so much. It's harder to concentrate when my workspace isn't neat and orderly, and yet I still have stacks of paper all over my desk that are mostly things that have to do with school because, well, you know how school goes...Sometimes when I'm trying to work on something I just shove all the papers off on my desk and put them in a corner of the room behind them so my desk is temporarily clean. Then I throw them right back on. *sighs* I tried to find secret passages, too! It was mostly inspired by me reading Nancy Drew books, and it also resulted in me and my friend digging a relatively large tunnel in the ground that looked like a rabbit hole.

    Thanks for tagging me, Tracey! This was a really fun post to read.

    1. Mmm, hot chocolate... And mint hot chocolate. And mochas. ^.^

      Heh, I totally moved my paper stacks during school too--from my desk to my bed or the floor, and then back to the desk when school was done for the day. :P It'd be easier just to clean it up and be done with it, huh?

      I read a number of Nancy Drew books too. Haha, you actually went so far as to dig a hole? That's awesome. XD

      You're welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Ana!