Saturday, July 21, 2018

Q&A Vlog Part 2

I'm waving hello from St. Louis, Missouri, where Realm Makers is currently underway! (If you couldn't make it this year, please read THIS POST on Musings of an Elf. It's everything I'd say to you right now.)

As promised, the second half of the vlog is here! Just a couple of notes this time:

  1. The timeline is a bit off, because I mentioned, "by this time next week, I'll be at Realm Makers," not knowing that I'd split the vlog over two weeks.
  2. The guest post I referenced is this one over at The Author's Chair.
  3. All credit for the music (a song called Movement) belongs to Chasing Noise.
  4. The dragon makes an appearance at last!

I hope you enjoy the rest of these ramblings. Do feel free to shout out suggestions for that question I ask a bit closer to the end. And if I haven't caught up on comments by the time this post goes live, I do apologize. I'll reply to everyone once I return home, and also share a giant Realm Makers recap like I did last year! Then it'll be back to regular content here on Adventure Awaits.

Once again, thanks for watching! You all are the best!


  1. Canada's money is so much cooler then the USA's *cries*
    I get all 4 seasons too yayyy XDD
    People buy milk in bags?.. Whaaa XDD

    Ooh bookshelf tour, YAY XD

    Petricore? Huh, never heard that before.. XDD (I love the smell of rain too)

    Name him *tries to think of dragon names from books* GABBY!
    Your dragon is so cute XDD

    I love Bonnie Silver toooo, honestly just a great inspiration!

    Awesome vlog! :D (You should do more sometime!)

    1. You should travel to Canada sometime, just for an excuse to use our currency. XD
      Apparently... o.O


      Petrichor is SO. COOL.

      LOL, thanks for all the dragon name suggestions! Do I detect some influence from Bryan Davis's books? ;D

      Bonnie Silver is such an uplifting character!

      Aww, thanks for watching! I might do another one day, but it could be a while--they're a lot of work. XDDD

  2. "Perfect" lol But I love the smell of rain, too!!! I find myself saying "you know" a lot.

    You live in the basement. YES I love it!!

    *hands box of gingersnap cookies for the dragon*

    Name suggestions?? Um...I stink at names, honestly. Smaug? Larp? Ash? Peter?

    1. Everything's perfect, apparently. xD And "you know" is a super easy phrase to repeat too. There's something about the smell of freshly washed earth, isn't there?

      Haha, the only downside to being in the basement is that I never hear the thunderstorms! XD

      Oooh, gingersnaps. My dragon is much obliged. *bows*

      Thanks for the name suggestions! ^_^

  3. I have a basement dragon too! But mine is ceramic and small and purchased from the China pavilion at EPCOT.

    1. Oh neat! :D Mine is one of those Schleich toy models.

  4. IT'S MY SWEET TRACEY. I was so glad this was up, because I'm already desperately missing your face and your sweet presence and your calming voice and just YOU. Being with you in person was the besssst! I so loved watching this and getting a few more minutes to "hang out with you", more or less. I JUST MISS YOU A LOT. D': But I loved this video!

    You're so, so right that WE get in the way of our own writing. I'm constantly hesitating and second guessing myself. But just think if we put all that aside and just WROTE, with no fear, no doubt, and simply...wrote, like we did when we were small and didn't care about the "writing rules". I miss those days!

    Oh man, your question for Anne Elisabeth Stengl is brilliant. Because YES. Hoooowwww does she do it? I NEED HER MAGIC.

    The Canadian money. XDDD You gotta love how fascinated we all were. Hehe. But wow, you're right. Yours does seem like it fans out way better than ours. I also hear a lot of people complain that we should get rid of pennies like you guys have. We Americans need to get on top of things!

    I love your basement dragon!!! I laughed so hard that you feed him the tears of your readers. XDDD But the poor thing needs a name! Lol.

    HADRIANNNN. We all totally have a crush on that precious boy. <3

    Bonnie and Steve are such fantastic pics for favorite characters. I 100% agree that they are SO inspiring. Bonnie helped me a lot through my teen years as well. Her and Sapphira were huge influences in my life. Really ALL the Bryan Davis characters!

    Thank you so very much for doing all this for us. Love ya, girl! <3

    1. Awwww, Christine, that is just the sweetest! *hugs* I've been missing you too!!! D': Getting to meet in person was amazing, and I'm so thankful we had the opportunity at Realm Makers. <333

      YES. If we could tap into that freedom again, we'd be unstoppable! I mean, I'm thankful for all the things I've learned about the craft since then, but so often we let all the advice and techniques mix in with our insecurities and bog us down.

      I NEED HER MAGIC TOO. The first one of us to find it needs to share it with the other, okay? ;)

      Hahaha, it makes me laugh every time! And it was so weird to be getting pennies back in change while in America. When Canada got rid of pennies, I thought I'd miss them, but... not really. XD

      Thank you! He's kept pretty full and satisfied with all those tears, doncha know. XD I know, he DOES need a good name after all these years!

      *flails happily*

      Yes, oh my goodness, Bonnie and Sapphira and pretty much ALL of Bryan Davis's characters are huge inspirations to me too! They taught me a lot.

      Love you too, friend! <3

  5. I would TOTALLY love to have a nice long chat with Anne Elisabeth Stengl about how she makes her world so amazing. And I would bring a notebook and furiously take tons of notes. XD

    In Minnesota, we sometimes have 7 months of winter. XD This year, we had snow up into the middle of May. :P

    WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING. I should try it with chai tea... :D

    Infinity War wrecked my heart. I seriously don't know if I'm ready to see the conclusion of the Avengers. T_T

    1. Wouldn't that be the best thing ever?? I don't know if I could keep up with notes--I'd have to record everything and play it back later! XD

      You know what, that's probably pretty accurate for Manitoba too, depending on the year. XD Yowch, snow in May... that's just not fair!

      IT IS DELISH. Do try it with chai sometime! :D

      My feels are all mangled up too. :'( I'm not sure if I'm ready for Avengers 4 either, but I definitely don't want to be left hanging with the conclusion of Infinity War!

  6. Thank you for taking the time to do the vlog! It was super fun to watch.

    Yesss, hot chocolate is the best. :)

    I love your dragon! He looks wonderful, and I love that he likes Gingersnap cookies. :)

    I would love to talk to Anne Elisabeth Stengl someday too! She is one of my favorite authors ever.

    1. Well, thank you for watching! It's a time commitment on both sides, and I appreciate you watching and commenting! <3

      I'd be up for hot chocolate just about any day.

      Thank you! He sits on top of my jewelry box and guards my hoard. XD

      Oooh, another AES fan! <3 Do you have a favorite Goldstone Wood book? I can barely narrow it down, but if forced, I usually say Shadow Hand.

    2. Huuum. That is a hard question! Heartless probably. I loved all of the themes, and Una's character arc throughout the book made me close to tears. It was so beautiful!

    3. Oh yes! Heartless is beautiful! It brought me to tears too, but then, most of the Goldstone books have managed that. <3

  7. Happy anniversary, Tracey! I realy enjoyed your vlog posts.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad they were entertaining. =)

  8. It would be incredible to talk with Ann Elisabeth Stengl about how she builds her fantastic worlds!
    I don't buy bags of milk in my area, but I remember a story about Canadian cartoonist Lynn Johnston including bags of milk in her comic strip- but nobody understood what that was all about.
    That's a nice dragon! I suppose he'd deserve some epic name like Aethelfrith or Eormenric...but wouldn't it be amusing to have a dragon named Kevin?
    Good job on the two-part vlog, Tracey!

    1. Wouldn't it, though??

      Ha, that's too funny! Just another piece of evidence that Canadians are a bit weird. ;)

      Thank you! Wow, I quite like Aethelfrith. (Reminds me of Prince Aethelbald, for one thing.) A dragon named Kevin *would* be pretty funny. XD

      Thanks so much, Blue! <333