Saturday, July 14, 2018

Q&A Vlog Part 1

At last, the vlog has arrived!

Thanks again for all the great questions, everyone! I had so much fun answering them, the vlog turned into . . . ahem . . . an hour-long video. So because no one wants to sit and watch sixty minutes of dorky chit-chat, and because I'm running short on time on my end, we're splitting this thing into two parts! If I can, I hope to get the second half ready for next Saturday, when I'll be at Realm Makers.

Little disclaimer: I filmed this on my phone, which was running so short of storage that I had to film it one piece at a time, upload to my computer, delete from my phone, and then continue. So there are awkward pauses in between that my miniscule video editing skills couldn't avoid. Just pretend we're facetiming or sharing Instagram stories or some other such casual thing, and let's not pretend that I'm some polished YouTuber. That would take a great deal of imagination.

So without further ado, here's the first segment!

EDIT: The background music is Lost in Las Vegas by Two Steps from Hell. Full credit goes to them!


  1. I love your vlogs. You're very natural around the camera. I get all awkward and shy.
    Great answers! I'm with you about homeschooling, I had a really positive experience with it too.

    1. Thanks, Skye! I FEEL all awkward and shy and just put on a good face. XD Homeschooling is amazing.

  2. Ah, this vlog’s not dorky! Am I allowed to call it “cute,” haha? (I don’t mean that in a condescending or forward sort of way.) You’re very expressive as you give your answers. I really enjoyed how well-composed your responses were, even if they may have been, to some degree or another, spoken off-the-cuff. I can sympathize with your ideal day scenario, though I’m better at getting writing done later in the day, and most of the writing I do now is nonfiction. I liked your reference to common-sense here. My favored candidate for U.S. Prez back in 2016 was Dr. Carson, and that was his mottoish thing. I think that critical thinking is important, and, honestly, I have some lapses where everyday “common-sense” comes into play (perhaps because I’m often thinking about more complicated things than what’s actually right in front of me), but I think the general idea of promoting common-sense is a good one. Application of this idea is much easier said than done for a certain set of reasons, but that would require a far longer response than I ought to make in a comment box. Anyways, cheers!

    1. Thank you! I did jot down a few notes for each answer to avoid the long ummmms and ahhhs and staring off into the distance. XD

      I'm actually not 100% sure the morning is my best time--it depends on the day, and I've just gotten used to making whatever free time I have work for me.

      Dr. Carson... I think I read one of his books a while back. Critical thinking needs to have a comeback! Easier said than done, of course. :)

  3. YAAAAAY!!!! IT'S HERE! :D I sympathize with you on your phone running out of space! Mine literally did the same thing when I filmed my vlog, and I kept having to stop and restart. So annoying. Haha. (Also I love Hook's smolder lurking in the background. Hehehe.)

    Literally just a couple of days ago I was talking to my mom about how when creating I feel my closest to God. Like you said, He is the creator, and He made us in His image. I firmly believe He made ALL of us to create, whether that's writing, drawing, even things like architecture, or sheesh, even coming up with a new way to do math! He wants us to be creators, and I definitely feel close to Him when I'm doing it. Love all you said about that!

    Narnia makes me happy too! Every single time. <3

    You're such an INFJ, I love it. Your thing about getting fired up and angry over a lack of common sense or injustice, when normally you're very quiet and soft-spoken, 1000% proves your INFJness. My mom is an INFJ and she's the exact same way. At normal times, she's the nicest person in the world. But when she gets that righteous out. XD But I love that! It's a good balance. And you INFJ's usually only get really angry over PROPER things that you SHOULD get angry over, while so many of the rest of us just get mad over dumb stuff. Haha.

    Asking you hard questions is what I'm here for. Bwahahaha!
    Being Aleida for a day would be SO FUN!!! That's a wonderful choice. Magic, Luci, Hadrian, DRAGONS. Yes, yes, yes. Aleida is amazing. (Also, I realize I've been pronouncing her name Uh-LEE-da this whole time. Oooops!)

    Oooh, being Lucy. That is a brilliant answer. I'm with ya! Being Lucy is the dream!

    100% with you on Five Magic Spindles's cover. It's my favorite cover of the anthologies so far!

    I love how you don't quit. I'm the wooorst about giving up. *sheepish grin* You inspire me to keep on all the time. <3

    Oh my goodness, that's so terrifying you almost got hit by a bus. O___O I can only imagine how scary it was for you. And for your mom watching! Oh man. God took care of you that day!

    You literally named my top favorite movies too. We're such twins! :D

    I absolutely loved watching this and cannot wait TO SEE YOUR ACTUAL BEAUTIFUL FACE IN PERSON THURSDAY. *SHRIIIEKS*

    1. AWWW. <333 I'm glad it's not just me having phone memory space problems! I just have waaaaay too many pictures that I don't want to delete just yet. XD (Heh, I was wondering if anyone would get distracted by that pretty face behind me.)

      So very true! We're ALL made in the image of the most creative Being in the entire universe, and there are a myriad of ways to express that!


      *bursts out laughing* Okay, I had no idea your mom was an INFJ too! No wonder you get me so well. ;) You're completely right, though; we get fired up sometimes. But it's not *always* over the right reasons. I am 100% human and get ticked off over silly things at times too. XD

      You're a pro questioner!
      I would LOVE to be Aleida for a day! (I can totally see how it looks like it should be pronounced that way! It doesn't bother me, but perhaps I should include a pronunciation guide in TBT... oh dear, I wasn't going to resort to that. xD)

      Lucy Pevensie is basically my hero. <3

      Isn't it gorgeous??

      Awww, I'm happy to be an inspiration! What are you talking about? I just watched you spend the last half a year editing Burning Thorns LIKE A PRO. You've got dogged determination too, my friend.

      He was definitely looking out for me! ^_^

      Yayyy! Oh man, it would be amazing to have a movie night together and watch our favs!

      THANK YOU, CHRISTINE! Meeting you at Realm Makers was one of my biggest highlights! <333

  4. Yay! The vlog has arrived!!

    It was awesome, and I loved how you expanded on the answers.

    YOU HAVE NARNIA IN ONE VOLUME??????? That’s awesome!

    Can’t wait for part 2!

    1. Awww, thank you for watching! ^_^

      I do! Pretty sure it was from Costco, which is a totally non-romantic place to buy a book, but hey--I'm not complaining! XD

  5. Love the vlog!! ^.^ (I swear I have that horse figurine that you have on top of Dragons in Our Midst XDD)

    Ah, I love Narnia (same, it was my first experience into the fantasy world I believe)

    I like blue and yellow together the best (sunshine and the sky I guess??)

    Same with the commenting thing! I love getting and making comments

    Ah yes, I love Lucy too! (One of my favorite fantasy characters)

    (grandma cookiesssss-XDD)

    oh woww almost hit by a bus o,o (As Christine said, God was really taking care of you then!)

    I love Tangled too, and the live action Cinderella, I just got into Marvel, been watching a couple, they're awesome XD

    (yep I'm homeschooled XD) If I went to public school,(and when I go to college0 I'd be the one who'd read over lunch and doesn't talk to anybody XDD

    Yeah I love being able to do it at my own pace, homeschooling is amazing, I agree on the getting mad thing XDD

    Yeah, its kind of a half con? (Probably if I was public schooled I wouldn't be in the blogging community)

    YES OWL CITYY(I could just fangirl about him foreverr)

    I love the artwork for five magic spindlesss it looks so coooooooool
    33 minutes of pure awesomeness <3 Excited for part 2!!

    Psst, where's the dragon in your basement? Go get him next time! XDD

    1. Thanks, girl! That horse figurine is from Breyer, I'm pretty sure. I used to be obsessed with their catalogues. XD

      NARNIAAA! <3

      Blue and yellow is a super cute combo!

      All the comment love! ^_^

      Lucy Pevensie is such a beautiful, strong character. Wish she was real!

      (LOL, you're welcome for making you hungry. ;) )

      Yes, He definitely was!

      Yay for lots of the same fav. movies! :D Marvel is such a huge fandom, I can't imagine how overwhelming it must be to be joining the masses right now. So many movies to catch up on!

      Nothing wrong with that. ;) Even in my first few years of private school (kindergarten - grade 3), I was that quiet reader at recess too. Homeschooling is fantastic! I'm glad it's allowed you to be part of the blogging community!

      A fellow hootowl! <3

      Have you read Five Magic Spindles? If you like fairytale retellings at all, the Rooglewood anthologies are AMAZING.

      P.S. He's in part 2!!!

  6. If you ever need someone to go with you to Germany, I (kinda :P) know German! And I have a German cousin who has offered to help plan a trip.

    Have passport. Will adventure :D

    You already know how I feel about Narnia. And I can totally relate to the 'righteous anger/indignation'of an INFJ :P

    1. You know German? At least somewhat? That's cool! I recognize several words and phrases in Low German because of my relatives.

      "Have passport. Will adventure." <--I love this!

      Let me know if you find the wardrobe! ;) LOL, we can be righteously indignant together. :P

  7. Aww, this was so fun!! I loved hearing all your answers! Also, high-five, fellow homeschooler! ^_^

    1. Thanks, Maddie! <3 Fellow homeschoolers ALWAYS get a high-five. ;D