Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Bibliophile Sweater Tag

GUYS. I haven't done a tag in an eon or three, and while I'm pretty sure I've got a few stockpiled somewhere, the lovely Mary Horton @ Sunshine and Scribblings just created a tag of her own . . . and tagged me with it! It's all about books and sweaters, which are two of my favorite things. So I had to jump in on it now, while it's still sweater weather!*
*Yes, Canada is preparing for another six months of sweater weather. Don't laugh.


  • Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them - either works) [Mary, your lifetime supply of gingersnaps is in the mail!]
  • Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic for this tag somewhere in your post
  • Pass along the tag to at least five other people [Read on till the end, my curious questers.]
  • Wear a sweater (okay, this is optional...but why wouldn't you want to??) [I would love to wear a sweater, but today was unseasonably warm--it's a t-shirt for me!]
Before we get going, two teensy tiny announcements:
  1. I'm on Instagram! I'm painfully new at it, but I've been participating in #drachtober over there, which is super fun, and I'd love for you to pop by and say hello. Also my social media icons are now conveniently on the blog's sidebar for your clicking convenience.
  2. I've got an email address! Okay, yes, I've always had an email address (I don't live under that big of a rock), but now I have one I'm sharing publicly. So if you have thoughts about the existence of ladybugs or questions about how to tame the fiery rage of the nearest bookdragon, you can shoot me an email at traceydyckauthor[at]
All right, now let's hop right to it, shall we?

lovely graphic by the lovely Mary Horton

Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort)

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis // Yes, this counts, because my copy is the whole series in one volume! I reread it for the first time in forever about a year and a half ago, and I can't tell you how many times I've missed Narnia since then. The familiar adventures, the delightful prose, the deep-yet-simple themes, all the nostalgia . . . I seriously need more time so I can reread more often.

Striped sweater (book which you devoured every line of)

Reaper Reborn by Bryan Davis // I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE? I feel like I'm betraying so many other riveting reads. Why do you do this to me? But okay. Fine. I'll play along and go with what I'm currently reading. It is intense. Bad stuff is happening, people, and I'm not sure how Phoenix and his mates are going to fix everything in the last 50% of the book. I am definitely devouring every line!

Ugly Christmas sweater (book with a weird cover)

The Dark City by Catherine Fisher // I had to search through my Goodreads list for a while to find this. (Apparently I read a lot of attractive books.) That face/mask thingy is just . . . creepy. And I honestly remember next to nothing about this book. Either it was rather bland, or so terrible I blocked it out of my memory.

Cashmere sweater (most expensive book you've bought)

The Royal Ranger by John Flanagan // I don't actually know which is the most expensive book I've bought. #bookdragonfail But this is one of those monstrously priced hardcovers--well, fine, it was $20. So not awful. But not cheap either. BUT PRICE ASIDE, I'm picking this one because I don't talk about the Ranger's Apprentice series enough around here, considering how much I love it! I know some people complain that this 12th book ruined the series ending, but I actually enjoyed seeing Will all grown up and training a new Ranger. Bittersweet.

Hoodie (favorite classic book)

sadly, I don't own it. but I would love
this version!

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie // Since I already picked Chronicles of Narnia for the Fuzzy Sweater, I'll pick one of the next best classics: Peter Pan. I was supremely late to that party, seeing as I read it for the first time last year. But I'm hooked! (Ha. Terrible pun intended.) It's so whimsical and arbitrary in a childlike way, and I adore it.

Cardigan (book that you bought on impulse)

Siren's Song by Mary Weber // I promise you I was shopping for someone else at the bookstore. Yet somehow I walked out with a book for myself? How did that happen? I'm not sure if this was a true impulse buy, because I've been meaning to buy it ever since finishing Storm Siren earlier this year. But obviously I bought this book so fast, I didn't realize this is BOOK 3. AND I DON'T YET OWN BOOK 2. OOPS.

Turtleneck sweater (book from your childhood)

The Black and White Rainbow by John Trent // I'm going waaaay back to my early childhood here. This was one of my absolute favorite picture books, a story about MooseBerry Mouse and his friends trying to restore color to their black and white world. (I specifically remember my parents giving Monty the Mole a funny voice when he talked with his mouth full.) And the illustrations--my word, they are gorgeous.

Homemade knitted sweater (book that is Indie-published)

Prodigy Prince by Natasha Sapienza // My reading diet is a little sparse in this category, unfortunately! But I've got one very intriguing indie book waiting for me right now. It's high fantasy and involves a banished villain, six gifted youths, and a second-in-line prince. Sounds like my cup of tea!

V-neck sweater (book that did not meet your expectations)

The Realms Thereunder by Ross Lawhead // I thought I would love this one--goodness, I wanted to love it--but unfortunately, the great cover and the fact that Ross Lawhead is Stephen R. Lawhead's son didn't translate to a five star book for me. The concept was pretty cool, though, and I will eventually read the sequel. It's just not . . . on the top of my TBR pile right now.

Argyle sweater (book with a unique format)

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke // It contains copious footnotes. Does that count? It's also a faint-inducing one thousand pages or so--that definitely counts, right?! But despite its density, I loved it to pieces. Like I mentioned, I don't do enough rereading, but this is absolutely going to be something I return to one day. I keep eyeing it on my shelf, promising, "One day . . . one day."

Polka dot sweater (a book with well-rounded characters)

The Raven Boys by Maggie Steifvater // Again, there are so many books I could highlight here! But this was one of the first to come to mind. Despite my quibbles with the Raven Cycle, the deft characterization is my favorite part. Every gesture, every description, is artfully nuanced and painfully real. I'm kind of in love with Steifvater's prose, especially as it relates to characters.

Well, that was super cozy and fun, and now I want to go read allll the things! Thanks again, Mary! You are a tag genius. And now I get to pass that genius along to five other bloggers.

(because all my siblings are bibliophiles and bloggers too!)
Emily @ Stranger Worlds (formerly known as Ink, Inc.)
+ anyone who's wearing a sweater and wants to grab this tag!


  1. Sweet! I need to do this one! It looks like it'll be so much fun :) Mary is so creative.

    1. Go for it! Anything bookish is pretty much an automatic win for me. ;) Yes, Mary is wonderful! (And so is her tag!)

  2. What a fun tag, books and sweaters just seem to go hand in hand. I haven't read some of these, *jots down titles*
    Happy to see Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norwell, loved it! Having a hard time reviewing it.

    1. They do, don't they? Aw, now I want to snuggle up with a sweater and a cozy blanket and a good book... ^_^

      JS & MN! Such a fantastic book! Oh goodness, yes, reviewing that wouldn't be easy. I can't remember whether or not I reviewed it...I did mention it on the blog, but it's a hard book to sum up!

  3. You did the tagggg! :D Mary is definitely a genius. This tag is so cozy and fun. I can't wait to do it myself!

    Aside from Narnia and Peter Pan, I haven't read any of these you listed. D: I AM ALL THE SHAME. But I toootally agree that Narnia is such a cozy read. It makes me feel happy and HOME every time I read it.

    EEP. You're reading Reaper Reborn? SO EXCITING. And here I haven't even read the 2nd book... #Pathetic

    I have never heard of that Prodigy Prince book, but it sounds really good! And the other day I bought a copy of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (it was in perfect condition for $2 so, like, OF COURSE I WAS GETTING IT) because I knew you and Celti both really liked it. Knowing me I'll wait aaages to read it though, and then wonder why I waited so long once I DO read it. Story of my life. >.> But yeah! I've got to read it one day!

    Anyways! I loved reading your answers! ALL THE HAPPY BOOKISH THINGS. <333

    1. I couldn't let it sit too long; it looked like too much fun! :D I agree, she is GENIUS and this tag is exactly how you described it. (And I can't wait to see your answers!)

      ACK. OH NO. But I've definitely been there before myself. xD Ah, yes, that is the BEST way to describe Narnia--it's like coming home. *hugs it forever and ever and ever* It's purely magical.

      I AM, AND IT IS SO INTENSE! O.O Well, reading a whole trilogy within a month or two is very uncharacteristic of me, so don't feel bad. I'm usually in your position. XD

      Yes, I'm quite excited to get into Prodigy Prince in the near future! :) YOU BOUGHT JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL?! EEEEEK! It's soooo long, but I remember getting caught up in it and really enjoying all the depth. (And I know Skye likes it too, so that makes three of us cheering for you to read it!)

      I could talk about books for hours! You know me. :) The childhood book question brought about ten million books to mind, so I may have to do a post about those one day. Anyway, like I said, I can't wait to see your answers to this tag! <3

  4. Yikes. I've been tagged. Hmmm...This will be interesting.

    1. There's NO pressure whatsoever! I didn't even know whether you like doing tags or not. But if you do, I hope you have fun with this one! :)

    2. Actually it's more like wondering if I can answer all these questions, and if I can't, the world will know what a bad bookworm I am.

    3. No such thing as a bad bookworm! (I mean, aside from those who don' I guess? xD) I saw you did the tag, and as soon as I claw my way out from under this pile of homework, I'll hop over there to read it properly and leave a comment! :D

  5. RANGER'S APPRENTICE! *flails* And I have a copy of The Chronicles of Narnia just like that one! [sadly its pages are falling out... x( ]

    Prodigy Prince looks gorgeous [and not at all like an indie-published book... sad to say, I do judge books by their covers.] You'll have to tell us if it's good!
    - Jem Jones

    1. YOU LIKE RANGER'S APPRENTICE TOO? YAY! But aww, that's so sad your Narnia copy is wearing down. It means you loved it a lot though. ;)

      I'm right there with you in the cover-judging department. *sheepish grin* I agree, it looks amazing! I shall definitely let y'all know how it is once I read it. :D

      Happy reading, Jem!

  6. Oh my word! What a fun tag! I love it and your answers. *looks down at green sweater* ... *steals tag*

    1. Aw, thanks! Mary did a fantastic job creating this one. (Love green sweaters, btw.) Can't wait to see your answers! :D

  7. Awesome tag!
    I should really read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel sometime. I love footnotes! That's a funny story behind Siren's Song! I have too many similar stories.

    1. Isn't it?

      Yes, do! It's wonderfully long and complex without being rambly or overly difficult to get through. And the MAGIC. AND FOOTNOTES. <3 Haha, glad I'm not the only one making impulse book buys...or mixing up series. XD

  8. I loved seeing all your answers! Mary tagged me too, so I'm definitely going to have to do this one soon! :)

    Ooh, that Prodigy Prince looks quite intriguing! *scuttles over to Goodreads to add to tbr-shelf*

    1. Yay! Looking forward to seeing your post! :D

      I just started reading it--super creative so far. ^_^

  9. This is a fun tag. ^ ^ I like your choices!

  10. Thanks for tagging me, sis! I've already been getting a few ideas for my post as I read yours. XD

    I've only read a couple of these books you mentioned, actually. I need to read the Narnia books for myself now that I'm old enough to appreciate them. And while I had originally wanted to read the Raven Cycle, I'm a bit unsure now. (I did see one of Maggie's books at the library the other day, called "All the Crooked Saints." It looked super interesting.)

    I also need to read some more of Bryan Davis' books. AND YAS, RANGER'S APPRENTICE. Sorry, just needed to get that out of my system. :P

    1. You're most welcome! I loved your post--now I just need to get over there and comment. :)

      YESSSS READ NARNIAAAAAAA. Ahem. I haven't been telling you that for years. Nope, no siree.
      About the Raven Cycle: ehhhh, not sure if it's entirely worth it for the pretty writing and depth of character alone. But All the Crooked Saints looks like an interesting one! I hope there's less questionable content.


  11. Awesome post, sis! I enjoyed reading it! And I'm looking forward to doing this tag. :) Thanks for tagging me, Tracey! ;D

    1. Thanks, Chloe! <3 Can't wait to read your post. Hope you have fun with it! :DDD