Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello! I'm currently off in some secret location on a vacation with my family, so this is me speaking to you from the past. I needed a quick post to schedule for today, since I hate to leave this place lonesome and deserted, and a tag seemed like just the thing.

I've done the Sunshine Blogger Award before (a Q&A is about as easy as it gets, thank goodness). This one comes from the lovely lass who goes by the name Blue, over at To Be a Sennachie. Thanks, Blue!

1. How are you today?

As of the day I'm writing this, very well, thank you! My brain is racing a hundred different directions because I'm on the verge of flying away to Realm Makers. (But as of today, I'm probably sitting in the sunshine with a book in hand and feeling much more relaxed.)

2. What’s one thing you love about your job/school?

I enjoy the mindless organizational aspect of restocking the store (I work in clothing retail), but I love the endless stories of customer interactions more. Character fodder, you know! Takes all kinds to make the world go round, and I've seen some rather interesting kinds during my two years at this job.

3. Know any other languages?

Besides English . . . no. Does a handful of words I've made up for fantasy novels count?

4. What’s one thing you adore- but think you will be able to give up for the rest of your life?

Oi, this is a hard one! If I adore something, naturally I'll want to keep it around for the rest of my life, or at least for a good long while! But . . . I suppose if forced, I could give up movies. Though I'd hate not getting the chance to see the rest of the Marvel movies. And the eventual new Narnia movie. And all the rewatches of LOTR and the Hobbit that I want to partake of. And every single Disney reboot they come up with. And all the funny, tragic, moving, suspenseful films I want to see. GAH, I CHANGE MY MIND. I couldn't give up movies! How about chocolate? I'd miss it terribly, but I'd rather feed my mind and heart than my stomach.

5. What’s one thing you despise- but think you will be able to endure for the rest of your life?

Bureaucracy! Red tape! Political correctness! I hates, it precious! (I'm really a harsh little rebel somewhere deep inside, but I tend to keep that shady corner of myself hidden from the public eye.) But being as this is the world we live in, and this sort of nonsensical lack of common sense and justice is entrenched so deeply, I suppose I may have to endure my fair share of it. Though I would like to affect some changes during my lifetime. How, you ask? By burning it all down and starting a benevolent dictatorship on my own little island--ah, I kid. Mostly.

6. The doorbell rings. You answer it, and find the future you at the doorstep.  What do you do?

Invite her in for chai lattes and gingersnaps, knowing she simply can't resist those, and ply her with questions. Most importantly, how did she get where she is today, is she happy there, and what's one piece of advice she'd give her younger self (aka me).

7. Have you ever gotten lost, but enjoyed the experience?

I've probably gotten turned about in the woods someplace, but there's always been trails around. Any other times I've gotten lost, it's been driving around in the city, and I do not enjoy that.

8. Do you have any culinary quirks?

I am a messier baker than my mother. *wink* I can't help but leave flour dust in my wake! And I don't particularly enjoy handling raw meat, though I'll do it.

9. Imagine that a theme song from a film or show played every time you entered a room. Which theme song would you want it to be?

Ohhhh, THIS is what you were referring to, Blue, when you mentioned this question was familiar! (On my brother's blog, I believe?) Anyway, I'd probably pick something light and airy and vaguely epic, with Celtic undertones. Like THIS, perhaps? But if I'm being more accurate, it would probably be something quirky and strange, like Radagast's theme music.

10. Where would you rather live? A houseboat, a mountain cabin, a farmhouse, or an apartment overlooking the whole city?

The mountain cabin, if you please! Although the farmhouse would be my second choice. I'm not fond enough of the rocking sensation of boats to live on one, and a city--though fun at times--makes my tree-loving soul feel cramped.

11. Where’s Waldo?

Good question. If you find him, you'll make a killing, because I'm sure there are a good many people who are wondering the same thing.


Aaaand I would come up with a set of new questions and tag more people, but I've run out of time! Feel free to pick some of these questions to answer in the comments, though! I'll see you in a short while, and I'll probably come dump an overly long post full of Realm Makers stories. Until then, fare thee well!


  1. *waves* I found your blog! :D (This is Khylie, from Realm Makers ;)

    Giving up movies would be hard, but I'd probably be able to do that as well. I think books are a bit more exciting anyways. Buuut giving up chocolate would probably be a better idea xD

    Eeep, I'll have to check back for that Realm Makers post! I hope you enjoy your break!

    audrey caylin

    1. KHYLIE! *hugs* Welcome here!

      I could never ever give up books, either. Perish the thought. LOL, sacrificing chocolate might be healthier anyways, right? :P

      I hope to have it up on Saturday! And I loved your recap, by the way. Thanks--the break was lovely and relaxing. ^_^

  2. These questions were really fun, and I LOVED your answers!

    I'm absolutely with you on loving to meet people and hear stories at work. I get a lot of very interesting characters come in the bookshop, too. XD Such great writing fodder!

    Question #4. o.o My goodness. I don't know WHAT I'd give up. I definitely don't think I could give up movies! Never being able to watch LotR again? Nooooo!

    Can I come live with you on your little island???? Because...yeah, this world is driving me to the deep end. >.> I try to avoid political talk like the plague, but just...ugh. Yes. A private island sounds like a wonderful plan!

    I hope you're having an absolutely amazing vacation! I know it was much needed!

    Can't wait for your Realm Makers post! :D

    1. Blue had such creative questions, didn't she??

      Haha, I'm sure you get quite the assortment at the bookshop, yes! Well, probably anybody working in customer service of some kind meets allll sorts of people. I know it's not really related to what either of us blog about, but one of us should totally write up a collection of funny/interesting customer stories! XD

      That was a tricky one! I don't think I could really give up movies, either. D:

      Please do! I need some loyal subjects--er, companions! LOL, I'll jump right into political talk IF it's with someone I can have a good conversation with (*cough* somebody who agrees with me?), but if it's from the far left nether regions of politics, I'm out. XD But anyway! The island life would be fantastic.

      Thank you! It was both--needed and amazing!

      I can't wait to share it with you! Hope to have it ready to post on Saturday. :D

  3. Ha, I really like the authorial voice to your answers. I secretly wonder if #5 will actually be the eventual death of me (probably not because someone kills me directly). I guess I could give up Peanuts strips, as much as I adore them. (I'm only in 1964 right now, having started at the beginning.)

    1. Haha, that voice must be what happens when I'm tired, rushed, and trying to write a blog post. XD

      Peanuts strips are fun. I don't read a lot of comics, so I had no idea there were so many of them!

  4. *skips into your blog* Hey, look at that. I think it's only been a couple weeks since I've been here! *applause and confetti*

    These questions were fun! (And it's funny, because I always *think* tags will be quick and easy and then I spend like 10042 years overthinking the questions. XD)

    "Does a handful of words I've made up for fantasy novels count?" <-- Such a writer. XD (But yeah, it does count. Totally. *authoritative nod*)

    UM WHAT IS THIS QUESTION?? Me, give up something I adore? *fans self to keep from fainting* Ummmmm. If I had to pick something, I would probably go with chewing gum? I'm a bit obsessed with it (seriously), but I've gone without it for over a year before. So I think I could survive. Maybe. ;)

    Oh my goodness, the theme music! I'm fairly certain everyone has made up their own theme song and epically strode into a room before. (Or is this just me? *awkward silence* All right then. XD)

    I loved this post, as always, my dear!! I hope you're having a wonderful time on your vacation with family, and I can't WAIT to read your Realm Makers post! (I already miss you. <3)

    1. MARY! *tackle hugs* I missed you already too! Both the online AND the face-to-face Mary. <3

      I know, right?! Tags are supposed to be a timesaver when you're in a crunch, but then you have to give halfway decent answers, and find some good pictures or gifs (which I obviously skipped this time)... XD

      Can't deny it! XD Glad to hear it counts for something, though!

      I actually love gum too. It's a good way to keep my throat from getting dry at work on those busy days when I don't have time to chug water. Plus, I hate bad breath. XD Not sure I'd want to give up gum! How did you manage it for a whole year??

      Hahahaha, SO MUCH YES! What would your theme music be, then, if I may ask?

      Awww, thank you, darling! I miss you too! <3

  5. Awesome answers, Tracey!
    That's so funny how you talked yourself out of #4; and I'm with you on #5.
    Flight of the Silverbird would be such an epic entrance song! If it were mine I would spent too much time going in and out of a room, just to hear it play.

    1. Thanks again for the tag, Blue!

      But for real--HOW could I give up movies? And hooray, another resident for my island! ;)

      Okay, I cracked up right there. Picturing you, or anyone, running in and out of a room just to hear their theme music is hilarious! XD

  6. I'm joining you on your island, okay? I won't even try to overthrow you. Unless you neglected the part of your dictatorial contract in which you were to provide WiFi, in which case I can't promise not to start a revolution.

    Flight of the Silverbird is awesome! :D
    Jem Jones

    1. Come on down! WiFi is complimentary! Revolutions are allowed because I am benevolent, but *I* can't promise not to squash the silly ones (simply because I can). However, sensible revolutions with just cause shall be listened to. ;)

      Isn't it great? I love TSFH! :D

  7. I would have a hard time giving up movies too!
    I think the island idea is great! ;)

    1. Same! Buuuut, movies doesn't include TV shows, so I just might be able to get by on that. XD

      Come and join me! Be my minion! ;)

  8. Ack, giving up movies would be SO. HARD. Especially not being able to watch the Marvel movies! I think I would die. XD

    And YES. I LOVE TSFH's music!! I would definitely pick one of their songs as my theme song. Though...I don't know if I'm epic enough for that level of awesome. XD

    Ooh, can't wait for a post about Realm Makers!! :D

    1. Right?? I HAVE to see where the Marvel Cinematic Universe ends up. XD

      A fellow TSFH fan, hooray! But I'm with you in wondering if we're quite epic enough for such theme songs. What we WRITE about probably is, but our own lives...?

      It's coming soon! ^_^

  9. I totally agree with you - Farmhouse or mountain cabin all the way! But I don't think I can decide which one I'd want most. Both could be so enchanting.

    1. Then let's compromise--a farmhouse in the mountains! XD

  10. These are some really good questions and a lot of hard ones too! I couldn't give up movies either. XD

    1. I know, Blue did a great job coming up with the questions! Can you imagine how hard it would be to hear everyone else raving about their favorite movies if we couldn't watch? D: XD

  11. Can I join you on your island? I don't even mind being under your dictatorship. I just really want to live on an island away from the rest of the world (because the rest of the world isn't that nice *cough cough* I work in retail, too. You're right about interesting customer experiences being fodder for characters, though!).
    And ugh. Handling raw meat. No, thank you.

    1. Please do! I have this sneaking suspicion all the introverts will end up migrating to this island... XD

      Haha, people are so fascinating, aren't they? In good ways and bad ways and hilarious ways, of course.

      Not my favoritest thing to work on in the kitchen either. :P

  12. Hi, Tracey, I'm Hanna. I just found your last post through a Silmarillion Awards link-up. I NEEDED to tell you that your post about fantasy ("Fantasy in My Veins"), was absolutely gorgeous. And say thank you so, SOO much--it was SUCH a blessing! Fantasy doesn't mean to a lot of people what it means to me, and very few people seem to associate it with their faith like I do. Your confirmation that I'm not alone made me cry. Thanks again.

    1. Hanna, I'm SO glad you commented! You made my day! <3 It's hard when people don't get it, when people pass off these stories as fanciful, weird, or mere entertainment. But you're never, ever alone--and it makes ME delighted to know that you associate fantasy with your faith too! *hugs*

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. Your blog is very nice. This was a fun post to read. I always love reading tags. I was wondering where you got that word counter on your sidebar? I've been wanting one for my blog, but I don't know where to look.

    God bless you!

    1. Thanks Ivie! I've seen you around Go Teen Writers, haven't I? Great to have you pop by!

      I've yet to find a gadget-y word counter that lets me update it automatically, so what I use is this: I just type in my wordcount every now and then, save the picture of the meter, and add it to my blog's sidebar as an image. There's probably more efficient methods, but that's mine! XD

  14. Tracey, I miss you and your blog, and reading this was pretty delightful! Though I would DEFINITELY pick chocolate over films. Sorry, films, but books are better.

    I think I would also love to live on a houseboat! Might have to pick the mountain cabin of those four, though I do live in a farmhouse and I LOVE it so maybe I would just stick here ;) No place like home ... !

    Gonna read the RM post now! YASS.

    1. It's an Emily invasion! Seeing all your comments has brought a smile to my face. (For the record, I'm missing you and your blog as well! Currently keeping my head above water homework-wise and hoping for more time to read and comment on all the lovely posts...)

      Books are better, I agree! But how could I abstain from the wonderfully visual/audible medium of storytelling called film? D:

      You live on a farmhouse! I don't think I knew that. Very cool, and yet another reason for me to come visit. ;)


    2. SURPRISE ATTACK! But yes I do live on a farmhouse and anytime you are in Scotland/Britain/Europe (I'm not picky) legit come and stay!!!!

    3. *ducks* Yes, anytime I find my way across the pond, YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. <3