Saturday, March 11, 2017

TAG #2 - Dual Character Inquisition

Welcome to the second instalment of the tag fest! In case you missed it, I'm catching up on all the tags that have piled up over the past few months.


Today's tag is somewhat ironic, considering it's a Dual Character Inquisition, and I was tagged twice: first by Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate and then by Lucy @ Tangle Webs and Fairy Rings.

The way this works is I use two characters to answer a list of questions, include pictures of them, and at the end tag three bloggers. Because The Brightest Thread is now my primary work-in-progress (when I actually have writing time, that is), what better time to brush the dust off my two main protagonists and reintroduce them to you lovely questers?

Princess Luci

Prince Hadrian

Who inspired this character?

Luci, or Princess Alucinora of Iror, was obviously inspired by the titular character of Sleeping Beauty. The original didn't have much personality, so I had lots of room for invention.

Prince Hadrian of Bauglind, by the same token, was inspired by the prince in the same fairytale. But . . . the original tale's prince is not at all like Hadrian. (If you've never read the original, maybe don't. It's twisted.) To be more accurate, I guess Hadrian was inspired by the montage of noble heroes I've read and watched over the years, heroes burdened by other people's plights and mistakes.

What is their weapon of choice?

Luci has never wielded a weapon, though she wishes her mother would have taught her swordplay.

Hadrian is undergoing rigorous battle training. He's most adept with a sword.

Have they ever been physically violent with someone else? What instigated it?

Luci has wished she could instigate violence a few times, but some of her magical gifts from the fairies prevent it, such as her grace and diplomacy. (Oh, how she hates the diplomacy.) Honestly, the most violent she ever gets is slamming doors.

In his father's court, Hadrian drills with Chief Rook, but has never exercised violence with the intent to hurt or kill until the events of The Brightest Thread. Ogres become a bit of a problem, you see.

Are they more of a rule-follower or a rebel?

Ha! Luci is a rebel at heart, through and through. Being squeezed into a predesigned box by her magical giftings is something she deeply resents. She's too perfect because of them. But inside, where no one can hear her, she's a passionate young woman with a fiery temper.

Hadrian, in comparison to the corruption running rampant in Bauglind, is a rule-follower. He has a strong moral code that he didn't learn from his weak-willed father or his greedy ogress stepmother. (I think it was his birth mother that influenced his goodness.) But if there are rules put in place that go against his convictions, he'll break them without a second thought.

What kind of child were they? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Luci was all of the above, actually. Curious about the world she was forbidden to explore, wild at heart, forcibly quieted by her magical gifts, and slightly devious (though she had precious few chances to let that out). She had a fascination with any activity she was terrible at, such as art. The model dragon hanging above her bed is the misshapen product of her enthusiasm as a youngster.

Hadrian was a rough and tumble outdoorsy kid, a boy who dug in the dirt and lost himself in the jungle whenever he could. He was obedient and uncommonly kind, though these traits led to frustration and sometimes even anger against others who acted the opposite way. When his stepmother came into his life, he became noticeably quieter, and retreated to green, growing places more often.

Where would they go to relax and think?

If permitted, and even sometimes if not, Luci would escape to the woods outside the castle. Iror's fairy steward, Aleida, always accompanies her. Being out in the fresh air, where the only barriers are trees and mountainous slopes, helps Luci breathe.

Hadrian gravitates toward the outdoors too. When palace politics or street depravity becomes too much to bear, he disappears into his personal garden to tend his plants and clear his mind.

Do they have a temper?

Luci certainly does, especially when stifled or forced into things. Hadrian is much more laidback. It takes injustice toward someone else to really rile him up.

Would they be more likely to face their fears or run from them?

Luci will face some of her fears dead on, but her deepest fear--that there's no love strong enough to break her curse, or that she will draw that love to its death before it has a chance to save her--is something she hides from for a long, long time.

Hadrian will think it over quickly, make a decision, and simply muster up the courage to face his fears, even if they haunt him deeply.

When they are upset, do they turn to other people or isolate themselves?

Luci shuts everyone out and hides in the castle's library, back hallways, or her chambers. Only Aleida has a chance to get through to her when she's upset.

Hadrian would turn to other people if he had them, but true friends are few and far between in his life.

Say 3 things about where your character lives (as broad or specific as you like).

Luci: She lives in the upper Branch, a steep mountain range in the kingdom of Iror. Her castle is old and majestic, a blend of her father's unshakeable personality and her mother's worn beauty. Her country is struggling financially due to the outlawing of spindles.

Hadrian: He resides in the heart of Bauglind, a kingdom of rainstorms and humidity. His palace has been decadently renovated by his ogress stepmother, at the expense of the people. His country's wealth is severely unbalanced, due in part to the rich/poor divide, and to the support Bauglind lent to Iror in recent times.

* * *

Well, that was enjoyable! It made me even more excited to dig deeper into The Brightest Thread. Now comes the time to tag three people . . .

Christine Smith @ Musings of an Elf
parchmentpathwalker @ The Parchment Path
Blue @ To be a Shennachie

Looking forward to meeting some of your characters! To all who read this whole thing: who do you think you're most like: Luci or Hadrian?


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggles this post forever and ever and EVER* I HAVE MISSED THESE TWO. I knew I was missing them, but when I read this I realized how MUCH. GAH. I LOVE THEM SO VERY MUUUUCH. AND THIS STORY. Reading this just brought back all the delightful fairytale-ness and gorgeous Tracey writing of this book. IT'S SO THE BEST.

    And Luci and Hadrian are such deep, lively, REAL characters. It's honestly hard for me to imagine these people AREN'T real. They're so perfectly put together and dynamic.

    I also love how different they are. This post really showed their opposite personalities. But opposite in that they compliment each other. They have enough in common to understand one another, but opposite enough to form two halves of a whole. If...that makes sense. THEY'RE JUST PRECIOUS.

    "Luci has wished she could instigate violence a few times..." Hahaha! Luci. I love her so much. XD The poor dear. And Hadrian is so heroic and sweet but strong and loyal and and and...JUST EVERYTHING. <3333333333333

    I think I'm sliiightly more like Hadrian...? I relate more to his laid back personality than Luci's rebellious one. But, really, I relate to them both!

    THANK YOU FOR TAGGING ME. I was kinda secretly hoping you would. *grins* These character-type posts are my faaaavorite! I will definitely have to do this one!

    1. OHMYGOODNESSCHRISTINE... YOU MAKE ME SPEECHLESS. <3333 Just the fact that you've missed them is a huge compliment! Alskfjslkj!

      It's also so affirming that they came across as real people. Like, this writer's day is MADE.

      You are just the best character analyzer, Christine. You bring up and clarify things I hadn't thought of, at least not in those words--like the way they complement each other. ^___^

      She's a fiery girl, that one. XD I am secretly in love with Hadrian, tbh. Though I'm not sure if I need to give him a more prominent flaw... I don't want him to be TOO perfect, either.

      You're sweet and loyal just like Hadrian, I can see that! ;)

      YOU ARE WELCOME. I was pretty sure you'd like this one, knowing how much you love delving deeply into your characters! Can't wait to see which ones you pick for it! :D

  2. I love your characters, even though I haven't read your book. I want to SO MUCH. Like, when you get published, Tracey, I will buy Brightest Thread, even if I am broke and in college. (Which I probably will be.)
    I wish I could write characters who are as great as yours....
    I'm definitely more of a Hadrian. Absolutely. :P

    1. Oh, Florid, that is the SWEETEST THING. You made me smile so wide! <333

      Pssh. I haven't met any of your characters (yet), but trust me, we *all* have areas in writing we can grow in. Besides that, you should see my earliest characters. *cringes* Spineless, cardboard cut-outs... But because I'm always on the lookout for post ideas, what do you struggle with when it comes to characters, if I may ask?

      Hadrian's a little more on the steady side. ;D

  3. Awesome characters, Tracey! I love Luci's take on her art, thinking 'Cool, that turned out terrible!' instead of 'oh the shame, that turned out terrible!'.
    I think I might have more in common with Hadrian- except when it comes to skills with a sword (pity).
    Thanks for the tag!

    1. Aww, thanks, Blue! "Cool, that turned out terrible!" <---so true... XD

      Ah, he'll have to come do a guest post on swordplay techniques, I think. (I wish!)

      Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Ooh, these characters sound delightful!! Hadrian sounds so sweet and Luci...well, she sounds like a spitfire, which is always fun. XD I totally want to read this story. Please tell me you're getting it published. :D

    1. Thank you, Madeline! You pretty much nailed them, yep. XD Aww, yet another comment that made my day! Yes, I do plan to publish this one! I'm planning for it to be my debut novel. :D Someday...

  5. I like hearing more about these characters. An ogress stepmother? That's scary. O_O

    1. Glad to hear it! Heheh, yes... she's a creep, that one! I'm glad I'm not in Hadrian's shoes. :P

  6. Hi there! I followed you after the Silmarillion Awards but just now re-found your blog... I had to comment and say that your characters sound fantastic! I love the idea of the princess from Sleeping Beauty being resentful of her gifts/being a different person inside, but having magical gifts make her someone else.

    1. Oh hey, Abbey! I remember you! Welcome back. ^_^

      Thanks so much! I had a lot of fun with those twists, and I'm looking forward to playing with them some more as I expand the story.