Saturday, September 3, 2016

Subplots and Storylines - August 2016

August passed along much like the rest of this summer: ebbing and flowing with garden work/housework/real work and periods of rest . . . of ice cream and thunderstorms and hanging out doing nothing. I had almost a week off at the beginning of the month, which was great for catching up on things that had piled up (like my inbox. which is piling up again. such is life.) and enjoying a more relaxed pace of life.

My sisters and I had a "sleepover" together like we used to do, squeezing an extra mattress onto the floor, spending exclusive time together, giggling, and watching YouTube videos.

I went swimming twice (summer goals!) and came home the first time with a brilliant red sunburn. It took a week for the sting to fade, after which time I peeled like a banana. Ick. But worth it!

I filmed my first vlog and had a blast doing it. Once the technical difficulties were dealt with, I mean. You got to hear my Canadian accent (apparently I say 'tag' differently?), and we all got to feel like we were having a lovely conversation.

My cousin got married at an outdoor wedding with the most perfect weather.

I've been missing my car half this month, because it's in the shop getting a rusty fender replaced. So it's been back to the old vehicle shuffle lately, in order to get four people to work with one less car.

My sisters went to camp for a week and had a blast, thank you for asking, though the house was so quiet in their absence. To fill the time, we powered through a ton of gardening tasks. Apples. Salsa sauce. Beans. Corn.

There was also some spontaneous friend things--long walks and tea and playing Carcassone for the first time (which I lost). I discovered the yumminess that is Spice Dragon Red Chai. It has a cinnamon-y flavor and an awesome name, so it's a win-win.


I watched more of The Flash (season 1) and Once Upon a Time (season 4). Both are excellent, and both have had very exciting developments lately.

Mockingjay Part 2 - I watched it twice, first with my dad and later with my brother. So good! It's not a happy movie at all, but it provided a satisfying conclusion to the series, and it ripped my heart out once or twice along the way. If you've watched it, you'll know exactly which scenes I'm talking about! Also, I'm continually impressed with how Jennifer Lawrence brings Katniss to the screen. She manages to convey so much depth and inner conflict and pain. The first time I watched this final movie, the pacing of the ending felt a bit off to me. But the second go-round, it was perfect.

Kung Fu Panda 3 - Probably the best of the three so far. I was tired when I watched it, so in a way it was still kind of "meh," but the music was great and I do have to admit the movie improved over its predecessors. There were some funny moments too. (But seriously, how epic is THIS theme?)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Okay, confession: this was my very first Star Wars film. Ever. My brother had to pause it several times to explain things to me. I do know some Star Wars background--it's kind of hard not to pick up on a few things--but stuff about the different sides and who was fighting for whom took a little brain work. All that aside, I quite enjoyed it! Han Solo and Chewie are hilarious together, and I loved Rey and Finn. Rey in particular manages to pull off that overly-hyped "strong female protagonist" thing while still retaining a feminine side.


34 beta chapters - I finished Christine Smith's Burning Thorns (ahhhh, so gorgeous and heartrending!) and reached the halfway point of Emily's The City and the Trees (poetic writing and a main character who shares part of a brain with me!).

The Realms Thereunder // Ross Lawhead
I was excited to read this because a) I own the sequel and it looks good, and b) the author is Stephen R. Lawhead's son. Unfortunately, the book didn't deliver quite what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, the concept was awesome--two young adults who discovered an underground kingdom as children, and are now dealing with life, either fighting monsters or trying to forget that ever happened. I just struggled to connect to the story on an emotional level, which kind of detracted from the plot.

There are two main storylines going on: Daniel and Freya as children in the underground city called Nidergeard, and Daniel and Freya as adults. A subplot deals with a mysterious guy tracking monsters and such in rural Scotland. I liked the grown up side (some elements reminded me of my own WIP), but then Freya's parts grew dry and confusing. It was for a good reason, I found out later on, but while it was happening I skimmed a bit. Daniel's parts were cool as he fell into Elfland and learned the peculiar rules of a magical forest . . . but then he randomly spends days and days with this coal-maker and not much happens until Daniel makes another move toward his goal of getting back home.

I expected to love the childhood half of the story because, come on, discovering another world beneath our own? Monsters? A quest? Unfortunately, I felt somewhat distanced from the characters, so it fell a little flat and seemed to wander.

The Scotland subplot was great, and I think it'll feature more in book 2. The appearance of a dragon made me happy!

Overall, I'm just not sure what to think of this book. I really like the concept, but it was executed in a way that didn't click with me. It could very well be a "it's not me, it's you" kind of thing. 3 1/2 stars? I'll definitely still read the sequel.

The Runaway King // Jennifer A. Nielsen
It's been a year since I read the first book, so it took me several chapters to remember things and get re-immersed in the events of the story, but once I did, this was a really fun book. Not quite as unpredictable as the first book (which was one of The False Prince's greatest strengths), but still twisty and cool. I really can't say much about the plot because that would spoil the first novel, but there are pirates involved. And moral dilemmas. And cleverness. By the end, I was very much rooting for the main character! Five stars.

Peter Pan // J.M. Barrie
Such a delightful little book! I wish I had read it during my childhood, so that I would have lots of fond memories attached to it. Just as whimsical and funny and heartfelt as I expected, this book told a great story on the surface, but also had some profound observations on childhood to share.

When my sisters asked who my favorite character was, and if it changed at all during the course of the book, my answer was "Peter Pan" the whole time. He's so charming and fickle and full of himself! He makes things up, he forgets everything, he's vicious, he's clever, and deep down he really does love Wendy and the Lost Boys (of which Tootles is my favorite).

And the writing style was such fun to read. It reminded me so much of my own childhood make-believe. Five stars!

Started reading Five Enchanted Roses
I've read the first four novellas so far, and have just started the fifth. I'm tempted to talk about all the stories now, but I'll wait for the next S&S post. Actually, I just may post a book review sometime this month . . . For now, I'll say that this is a beautiful collection!


I did session 10 of The Creative Way. This one was on device, which covered setting, storyworld, and genre all at once, describing it as the candy of the story. Very entertaining and informative. I also re-listened to session 1 with my mom and brother whilst cutting up peppers for salsa. It was cool to hear the intro again now that I'm partway through the course.

As for actual writing, my word count was down a bit this month: 8,025 words added to The Prophet's Key. The end of the 100 for 100 challenge looms near, and I'm feeling a tad burnt out, to be honest. The last full week of August was my lowest weekly word count yet for this summer. I'm not too worried about that. Once the challenge is over and I'm in college, I'll be writing less, which may mean that when I do write, I'll be more inspired. Hopefully. Whatever the case, a break will be good. And sometimes you just have to keep marching on even when the words are bland. (Which is crazy because I'm currently writing an epic chase scene.)

Random writing observation . . . I think I've fooled myself about my writing style. In The Brightest Thread, I let myself be lyrical and imaginative--very fairytale-esque. But when I returned to my Journeys books, I felt that the style of that series was less pretty, more functional. And so as I've been drafting TPK, I haven't done much in the way of imaginative description, and I think that may be one reason I've been having a harder time with this draft. I've been restricting myself.

Looking back on book 1, The Prophet's Quest, I recently realized that I actually did write it with color and verve. Not in the same way as TBT, and not to the same extent, but it was still there. So perhaps I need to unlock that side of myself next time I sit down to work on TPK.

*random rabbit trail is over*

Oh yes, and I did some serious thinking over the last month or so in regards to publishing plans!

Farewell to August, bring on September!

It's funny to think of August as the calm before the storm of college, because it certainly was busy in its own right. But September promises to be a whole new flavor of busy. I'm looking forward to the change of pace, to the beginning of a year of personal growth and new opportunities. Next time you hear from me, I'll have three college days under my belt! I may re-evaluate my blogging schedule this month, depending on how it goes, but I do hope to keep posting here every week.

How was your August? Isn't it sad that summer is coming to a close? Are you headed back to school of some sort? Any 100-for-100 writers out there--how goes the war? Pull up a log and sit 'round the fire, folks. Pass around the hot dogs and roasting sticks. (Having a bonfire seems like an end-of-summer thing to do, right? Now I'm making myself hungry . . .)


  1. My sisters were so excited for Kung Fu Panda 3 to come out - so I watched it when they did, and I agree, it was pretty good!

    The Realms Thereunder sounds great actually, I might have to try it! *adds to TBR* And also (this is random), I read my first Ted Dekker novel this month and LOVED it. Just sayin' :D.

    Ooo, Five Enchanted Roses! Which story has been your favorite so far?

    The war goes well, fellow soldier! How's the word count? My is a smidge over 60k, so I feel like I'm doing really well *nods*.

    1. Haha, yeah, it was pretty good!

      You might end up loving The Realms Thereunder, actually. I'm hoping to click more with the second book--it's a series I *want* to love, if that makes sense.
      BUT SAVANNAH. YOU READ YOUR FIRST DEKKER NOVEL. Which one??? I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

      I shall save the answer to that question for my book review, which I hope to write later this month. *wriggles eyebrows* Did you have a favorite (if you've read it, I mean)?

      Awesome! That's a fabulous wordcount--way to go, girl! I can't boast one quite so high... Just over 30k. XD

    2. YES I DID I READ ONE, I READ ONE! *leaps happily around* It was 'Chosen', and I really loved it - now I'm waiting to get 'Infidel' from the library :D. Totally addicted to Dekker novels now *nods*.

      I think it was either Esprit De La Rose or Stone Curse - maybe XD. They were all super good!

      Thank you! And 30k is AWESOME - I was going to aim for something around that, but I think I got a TAD carried away XD.

    3. Good choice! Such a great series. (And it's his only YA... *sniffle*) Once you've finished, you might want to read the Circle series (Black, Red, White, and Green), which is the adult series connected to that one. I'm so very glad you enjoyed Chosen!

      It's so hard to pick, isn't it? Those two were wonderful. I mean, they ALL were, so... XD

      You are superhuman, that's all there is to it! XD

  2. Wow you did so much last August! Mine was also quite busy, what with going to camp for most of it and then basically straight off to help run orientation week at university. I've had a vicious cold and haven't written a word on any of my WIPs since July, but sometimes life is too busy for everything I want to do and that's ok. Hope your first few days of school go swimmingly! :D

    1. Yours sounds full too! Camp and orientation and everything--go you. :D But aww, I hope you've gotten over that cold! Feeling yuck is a good excuse for not writing. :P It's hard to accept the fact that life can be too busy for everything we want to do--and that it's okay. Definitely something I'm having to learn.

      Thanks, and I hope your first bit at university goes well too, Sarah!

  3. HURRAH FOR SUBPLOTS AND STORYLINES! I haven't commented on one of your lovely wrap-up posts in ages. o.o (In fact, I realllly need to work on mine...)

    D'awww, your sleepover with your sisters sounds like so much fuuun! I always love doing things like that. My mom, sister, and I once "camped out" in the family room when my dad was on a business trip. ^_^

    Ack, sunburns are just awful. D: I hardly ever get them, but when I do, I know I can always listen to Owl City and feel better. XD (Also, I'm still obsessed with your Canadian accent. IT'S ADORBS. I don't think I have much of an accent so I'm very boring. XD)


    EEEEP!!!! :O :O :O

    MY TRACEY HAS SEEN A STAR WARS MOVIE! *flails* Those movies are my fave! TFA miiiight be my favorite? But I also love all of the originals to bits. (Not the prequels, though. :P) Ahhh, Han and Finn and Poe and Rey! AND BB-8! I WUV ALL THE CHARACTERS. <3

    Asldkdjsj you read Peter Pan!!! I know I already flailed about that on Goodreads, but I'm still SO excited that you read it! It's one of my favorite books. <3

    It sounds like you've been really busy in August! I've had a crazy month myself, and it only looks like it will be getting crazier. (Because college classes. *diiiies* WE SHALL SURVIVE THIS TOGETHER.) In fact, I got words written. Yeahhhh, I didn't write anything in August. *hides* But I'm going to try to fit in 15k this month if it kills me. (It most likely will. XD)

    Have a fantabulous September, Tracey! You must let me know how college goes!!! *sends you all the chocolate and books to help*

    1. HURRAH FOR S&S, AND HURRAH FOR LOVELY COMMENTS! I haven't commented on a Frabjous Finalities post in a long while either...

      They are lots of fun! Your camping out in the living room sounds like a blast too. :D

      Yesh, Owl City makes sunburns better. Absolutely. (I'M SO FLATTERED! You probably would have an accent to *my* ears, anyway. Most Americans have a slight one to me.)

      I DID. I SAW MY FIRST STAR WARS MOVIE. LOL, I kind of forgot you love them so much! BB-8 was adorable. Now I need to see all the original movies, prequels included, however awful they may be. (Though I have to admit, I was laughing and poking fun at the old-fashioned side wipes and other scene transitions TFA used. XD)

      I can definitely see why Peter Pan would be a favorite of yours! I think it may become one of mine as well, given a reread or two (or twelve).

      September is certainly a busy time for most people--but you're right, we shall persevere! We will survive! Hope your college classes go splendidly. *cheers for writing goals* (Stay alive, though, m'kay?)

      YOU TOO, DEARIE. Chocolate and books are exactly what I need, thank you. Let us know how school/college classes go for you too!

    2. Heh, well, at least you respond to comments faster than I do. There are some comments from two months ago that I have yet to reply to. o.O

      I AM OBSESSED WITH STAR WARS. XD (In fact, I got an adorable R2-D2 backpack for my birthday. I'll have to take a picture of it for my *cough* very late FF post.) Yeah, the prequels aren't really the greatest. >.> I don't hate them, but I don't care for them all that well. Still, I would recommend watching them once just to see what you think. ^_^
      Oh, I think they did all the scene transitions that way to pay homage to the originals. That's kind of the standard for all the Star Wars movies so they probably just wanted to stay consistent. :)

      Ahhh, good luck tomorrowwwww! YOU CAN DO IT, TART. ;)

      P.S. Your lovely emails totally made my day yesterday! Thanks, dearie. *hugs*

    3. Ah, don't worry about it! Blogging is time-consuming, that's for sure. o.o

      D'awww, that sounds cute! Please do post a picture! Yeah, I'll watch the prequels just so I can say I saw them. ^_^ I was thinking that about the scene transitions--that they were a tribute to the originals. It just made me laugh, because you don't see much of that in modern movies. XD


      P.S. I'm so glad! *hugs you back*

  4. I'm a little envious, reading about your garden. Mine went berserk, and I couldn't tame it.
    Will you be watching Star Wars in reverse, then? Has anyone warned you about the prequels?
    That's an interesting note on your writing style. I'm not entirely sure if I've identified my own writing voice yet.

    As for me- September is such a lovely month, and I'm thrilled to see it again. But at the same time, I am sad to see Summer 2016 fade. During the last half of August I took a internet hiatus while I visited family in Wales and Switzerland. It was nice, but I'm happy to get back to the familiar- like reading your S&S!

    1. Aw, berserk gardens are a disappointment. Here's to next year?

      I guess I will watch them in reverse...or not in proper order, anyway. XD I have been warned about the prequels, but I'll probably watch them even so. XD

      I'm not sure if I've fully identified my writing voice either. It's such an ambiguous term, isn't it--"writing voice." Keep experimenting and writing and paying attention to your tendencies, I guess. You'll get a glimpse of it yet. :)

      Yes, you said it perfectly about fading summer and about September being such a lovely month. BUT BLUE. YOU WENT TO WALES AND SWITZERLAND? I AM SO JEALOUS. That sounds sooo fun! Will you blog about it at all?

    2. That's a good question, actually. I never planned to talk about the whole thing on the blog, but I did have a few thoughts and pictures that I figured I would put up now and then.

    3. Then I look forward to those thoughts and pictures. :)

  5. Wow, sounds like you had a great (although tiring) August. :)

    Smooth travels to your life in September! I hope everything going on with TPK gets worked out, and I can't wait to read your lovely stories one day. <3

    1. Yep, though I suppose there were some nice little rests in between everything going on. (I'm always worried that these posts make my life look more interesting/glamorous/put together than it actually is...)

      Thanks so much, girl! You're such an encouragement! <3 I hope your September turns out wonderfully too.


    1. MA'AM, YES MA'AM. *salutes* I've heard about it before, but now it's definitely going on the TBR. Thanks for the recommendation, darling! <3

  7. Sounds like you had a busy month! WHERE DID AUGUST GO?!?!?! I'm not ready for September yet WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

    But then, September means Autumn. Cooler temperatures. Spiced cider and hot cocoa. Rain. Changing colors.

    Okay, I'm ready for Fall... but September is kind of a nutso month and filling up with big things rather quickly.

    I am waiting with bated breath to hear your thoughts on 5ER :)

    Hooray for seeing a Star Wars movie! Star Wars is my favorite. Not the new one, though... it was good... but... Han. Yeah. Grrrrrrrrrrr. all the tears. can't handle it. sigh. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. (Don't recommend watching it out of order or anything, though!)

    Ohhhhh, I LOVE PETER PAN!!!!! Definitely an all-time life-long favorite! :)

    Thanks for sharing about your month! Always a pleasure.

    By the by, I tagged you for the Small is Beautiful tag that is going on over at PoetreeandBooks. You don't actually have to do anything if you don't want to, of course, but thought I'd let you know about it:

    1. I DON'T KNOW. AUGUST WAS A SLIPPERY EEL, AND NOW WE'RE ONE-THIRD INTO SEPTEMBER. ACK. But you're right, autumn is a beautiful time, and I absolutely love it. It's just sad to see summer slip away so quickly. I hope your September doesn't get TOO nutso!

      Heehee, it's coming... Sometime this month, I hope! ;) Rest assured I really enjoyed your tale.

      Hahaha, I guess TFA was probably an emotional movie for the old fans! I found it sad too, of course, but it probably didn't suckerpunch me in the ribs like it would've for people who grew up on Star Wars. (So is "in order" the originals, and then the prequels? Or the prequels and then the originals? So confuzzling. XD)

      Yayyyyy for Peter Pan! It's such a delightful story. :D

      I'm so glad you enjoy these wrap ups! It's fun to look back on what one little month can hold. :)

      Oh goodness, Jenelle, thanks! I'll hope on over, because I have a flaily comment to leave you!

    2. "In Order" according to my "rules of becoming immersed in the Star Wars Universe" would be as follows:

      First, you watch Episodes 4, 5, 6.

      Then you watch them again a few dozen times. I also recommend the radio drama... adds a lot of detail to the stories - and super well done. (They got the main actors to play the voices of their characters, so that helps).

      Then read all the books. Specifically any that were written by Timothy Zahn (starting with "Heirs to the Empire" and continuing through that trilogy... and reading the others he's written as well).

      The Han Solo Trilogy is also a definite must. And The Courtship of Princess Leia... Truce at Bakura... I, Jedi... really, all of them, but those are my favorites.

      Then... if you want to, you can go watch Episodes 1, 2, and 3. They're... ok.

      Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series is quite good as well. (Episodes 1 - 3 make far more sense in the context of a cartoon).

      I have heard that Star Wars: Rebels is even better, and I want to watch it... but have not gotten a chance to yet as we would have to buy it (not on Netflix... boo)

      Then, if you must, you can watch episode 7 again. But really, I mean... once you've fallen in love with the characters, you might just want to block out the bit at the end... it will be far too painful after spending all the above-mentioned time with the "real" Star Wars characters.

      :) :) :)

      Clear as mud? ;)

      Star Wars is one of the few stories I truly love to pieces. That and LOTR, of course. So... yeah. I'm a bit nuts.

    3. Clear as mud! XD Actually, no, I think I got it... I love how excited you are about it all! I'll have to refer back to this at least for the movies... and maaaaaybe I'll get around to reading the books too. ;) But if it ranks up with LOTR for you, then it's gotta be good.

  8. You've been watching and reading so many awesome things! I feel like I fool myself sometimes in my writing too, like when I outline. I am a panster, but I still try to be a plotter.

    1. It's so fun when books and movies are all enjoyable! Hey, if you're a pantser, then keep pantsing like there's no tomorrow. Don't try to squish yourself into a mold that isn't YOU. <3 At least one of my top favorite authors (Bryan Davis) is a pantser, and his books turn out insanely awesome and complex.

  9. *stumbles in to comment a week late* HELLO. I have been out of town for over a week, so I am so behind. But wonderful Tracey summary post! *huggles it*

    It sounds like a lovely month. ^_^ Sleepovers and weddings and swimming and things. Oh, oh! We loooove Carcassone. It's been a while since we've played it, but it's a total blast! Once you've figured out all those rules anyway...heh.

    Oh man. I'm dying to see Mockingjay Part 2 again. I only saw it once, and that was back when it was in theaters! So it's been a while. And I agree, Jennifer Lawrence did an astounding job playing Katniss. BUT ALL THE FEELS. *sobs*

    You know what's sad? I haven't even seen the SECOND Kung Fu Panda yet!!! Much less the third. And I LOVE the first one. THIS IS A TRAGEDY. Annd I haven't seen the new Star Wars. But I didn't know you've never seen any of them! That makes me feel better because I'm just not a huge fan of them...

    MEEP. I was mentioned in your post. And let me just so I'm so HAPPY you were one of my readers. <333 Those other two books sound quite intriguing. I didn't even know Lawhead's son had written anything. How fun! That's a shame you didn't enjoy it too much though.
    BUT YOU READ PETER PAN!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!! Wasn't it so whimsical and delightful and just...EVERYTHING YOU SAID. And Peter, YES. He's so awful sometimes, but you can't help but love him no matter what.
    I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Five Enchanted Roses! :D :D :D

    GIRL. 8k in a month is IMPRESSIVE. o.o And you've just been so good to keep going with the 100-for-100 challenge. You've done AWESOME and should be super proud of your achievements. But yes, breaks are wonderful necessities and you should totally allow yourself some rest time if you need it.

    And just so you know, your lyrical style blows my mind every. single. time I read it. I think that will be your trademark. Gorgeous words that makes us reader sigh from the beauty of it and want to soak it in. I understand not EVERY scene can be full of prose, but you should never lock away that part of you because, GRACIOUS. All the talent! O_O

    TRACEY. YOU'RE ABOUT TO START COLLEGE.'ve already started? AGH. I forget what day you start. I'm so shameful! But whether you've started yet or not, I hope it goes amazingly for you, and you (and Josiah) are in my prayers! <333

    1. CHRISTINE! *glomples* Welcome back!

      You play Carcassone too? Sweet! Thankfully I had friends who'd played before to help me along and give me some tips. I still lost epically, but it was a fun game that I'd definitely play again. :)

      Watch it again! And be ripped apart by all the feels. D': The scene with Buttercup the cat gets me every time...

      It's been so long since I saw the first two Kung Fu Panda movies, so I don't remember if I liked the first or second better... But I do know I liked #3 the best. :) Haha, yep, this was my first real exposure to Star Wars! We'll see what the other movies are like. XD

      Of course you were mentioned! Finishing Burning Thorns was so exciting, it deserved to be mentioned alongside my published-book reads last month. ^_^ I'm so happy I was one of your readers too!!
      Yeah, I was hoping to enjoy that book more too. Hopefully the next two books are better?
      I READ PETER PAN, YES--JUST LET ME FROLIC IN THE DELIGHTFULNESS OF IT. Peter is completely awful and yet completely wonderful and, ack, I love it. <3
      I haven't had time to write up my review of FER yet...hopefully soon! D:

      Thank you, dearie! You never cease to encourage me. <3 I will definitely enjoy this rest period before getting back into writing.

      ASLKDFJASKLDFJ. CHRISTINE, I CANNOT WORD. That means so much to me--thank you. *hugs* It's one of the aspects of writing that I absolutely love, so it's super encouraging to hear that those on the receiving end love it too. ^____^

      I STARTED COLLEGE! My first day was last Wednesday, so this is my first full week of it. (No problem at all for forgetting which day--I would've forgotten too. XD) Thanks muchly for the prayers and support, girl! It's been amazing so far, and the only kind-of-downside is adjusting to the busier schedule and not being home as much. Other than that, it's been incredible, and I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. :D

  10. I loved the theme of Kung Fu Panda 3! It's one that hasn't been done enough, imo. :)
    That's fun that The Force Awakens was your first Star Wars movie. It was my cousin's first Star Wars movie too, and she wasn't affected by the Han Solo final scene as much as me and others were.
    I really liked Rey; she was believable instead of super tough and invincible, which was nice.

    I hope you have a good September, Tracey! :)

    1. I know, the music is fantastic! I love the eastern style. :)

      Haha, nice! I guess the Star Wars newbies, like myself and your cousin, haven't had the time to get as emotionally invested in the characters. But maybe if I watch the other movies, then rewatch The Force Awakens...? ;) Yes, Rey's believability was probably my favorite aspect of her character!

      Thanks so much, Elise! I hope your September is going wonderfully as well. :D

  11. I'M FANGIRLING OVER MY MENTION IN THIS POST, WITH MY BOOK TITLE IN ITALICS AND EVERYTHING! I never ever ever think of it as The City and the Trees, it's always TCATT in my thoughts and conversation, recently one of my friends actually forgot the title because, as she says, "it's like someone who you have a nickname for and you only ever call them by their nickname so you momentarily forget their real name". (Fun side fact, my mum always wants to call it "The Castle In the Trees" or "The City At the Trees" or "The City Among the Trees". And I'm like no no no city AND trees and she argues that city AMONG trees would make much more sense. I remind her that she has not read it whereas I, in fact, have read it, once or twice ... !) So anyway yes it's very weird to see it like a Proper Book Title and gahhh I'm so happy you're reading it and just, yay!

    ~frolics away into the sunset~

    ~frolics back to comment on the rest of post~

    I properly loved Mockingjay, I LOVED it. Lawrence is sooo amazing! And I thought the pacing was perfect. For me the third book felt very rushed, so spreading it out over two films has worked so so well. Also the lighting in pt2 is so incredible. I saw it in the cinema, so on the massive screen, and the quality of the picture and the lighting was soo amazing, I remember just sitting there like "I WANT TO DRAW THIS ENTIRE FILM". It's so beautiful :3

    Your sleepover with your sister sounds so cute. How old is she? I'm going to visit mine at uni this weekend <333

    Can't wait to read The False Prince! And Peter Pan. Still not read Peter Pan. ~guiltily shuffles feet~

    LET THE POETRY FLOW FREEEE! (That's the other thing that made me squee into a puddle under the desk. "Poetic writing"??? Me?! My book?!! You're so nice!) But yes. Editing is the time when you say "Corrie (or Aileen or Josiah or whoever it is), that metaphor is APPALLING and I don't even know what it MEANS". But first drafting is the time of ALL THE WORDS AND IMAGES. Ahahaha--

    Anyway, I hope September and college (!) is going really well for you! I guess that as I read the two other most recent posts I've not read I'll get an update, but yeah, praying for you :*

    1. OH, YOU. XD I totally get the nickname thing! I always think of my books as TPQ, TPK, etc., rather than The Prophet's Quest and The Prophet's Key. I *could* call them Quest and Key for short, but I never have. LOL, I love all your mom's variations of the title! Speaking of TCATT, I have like six chapters left...! I'm sorry it's taking me so much longer than anticipated to read it.

      It's been a while since I read Mockingjay, so I don't remember exactly how I felt about whether it was rushed or not... I do know I devoured the trilogy because the books are so fast-paced. :) LOL, I didn't even take much note of the lighting in the movie. YOU SHOULD DRAW A MOCKINGJAY PICTURE. I haven't seen any of your art since your paper dolls pictures on your blog!

      Two sisters, actually! 16 and 13, and both amazing. ^_^ Oh, have fun visiting your sis this weekend!

      The False Prince has a great twist that I didn't see coming (though you might?)... And EMILYYYY READ PETER PAN!!! It's completely delightful.

      *scatters poetry like flower petals* (Yes! TCATT is chock full of poetic writing!) Haha, true. Though it seems to depend on the book for me... With The Brightest Thread, I was all about the pretty words, and then I had to condense everything. But with The Prophet's Key, I'm just putting down the bare bones and it's kind of blegh. FOR NOW.

      Thank you, friend! I haven't really said anything about college here yet (S&S is coming!), but in short: college is awesome and busy but it's going to be so life-changing, I think. Have a splendiferous September yourself! ^_^

    2. No worries at all, you are a babe for reading it and I'm excited you're so close to finishing!

      MAYBE I WILL. Although, I have lots of other things to draw first. But I am keen to post more art on le blog because art is fun, right? (I'm chuffed you remember the paper dolls!)

      Aw lovely! Actually she's ended up coming home cause it's our bro's birthday tomorrow, we've just been out for dinner which was delightful!

      Ooh I'm intrigued now! AND YES I WANT TO.

      FOR NOW. ~poetically draws sword~

      I look forward to S&S!

    3. I'm glad my turtle pace isn't inconveniencing you too much!

      More Emily art, whatever it happens to be, is definitely a good thing. *nods*

      How fun! Reuniting with family is wonderful. ^_^ Hope you all enjoy your brother's birthday today!

      Be very intrigued. ;) GOOD. PETER PAN IS CALLING YOU.

      XD (I can't believe S&S is in a week. o.o Where did September run off to??)