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Guest Post: Interview with Christine Smith

I'm super-de-duper excited to welcome a special friend to Adventure Awaits today: Christine Smith from Musings of an Elf! I've been blessed to know her for a couple years now, and she is such an encouraging ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. Enthusiastic, kind, perceptive, and an awesome writer to boot, she brightens her corner of the internet . . . and a whole lot of other people's corners, too. I've had the privilege of beta reading one of her books (in novella form and as a full-length novel), and she's returned the favor for me.

So it's really about time I feature her here on my blog, and what better topic to discuss than her writing life? Ladies and gentlemen, I now give Christine the floor!


Christine Smith is a twenty-something, homeschool graduate who still believes in fairies and has every intention of owning a pet dragon someday. One day she thought it'd be fun to write a book. Fifteen years and much caffeine later, she's still writing. Stories are her life—reading, writing, watching, whatever it may be. She writes primarily YA novels, and refuses to stop, no matter how old she gets. She loves tales grand and epic and whimsical and beautiful. But her greatest love is her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Her favorite adventure of all is letting Him sweep her off on His beautiful plan for her life. You can find Christine at her blog, where she muses on those many peculiar things writers think about.

1. How long have you been writing? Was there a certain point in your writing life when you decided to pursue it as a career? Can you share a little excerpt of your work-in-progress? (We've got to start off with a bang and cover all the basics!)

I've been writing for 15 years, since I was 9 years old. I always loved reading and just stories in general, but it never occurred to me to try writing my own until I discovered a contest to write a short story involving a horse in some way. It sounded fun, so I couldn't help but try it. Well, what was supposed to be a short story, turned into a full novel, and I completely abandoned the whole contest thing and instead happily became a novelist writer for fun.

The thought of publishing had always been in my mind from the very beginning. But I never really...did anything about it. I just dreamed and hoped. I called myself a writer, but I really only wrote occasionally and never once read books on writing or learned the craft too much. But then NaNoWriMo happened. I participated in my first NaNo in 2010 when I was 18, and, oh, what a magical experience. I lived and breathed my NaNo novel for 30 days, and managed to finish it soon after NaNo ended. Before, it took me yeeears to finish a novel. But this one I wrote completely in under 3 months. I was in awe that I was capable of such a thing. And LOVED it. NaNo taught me I could finish books, AND that writing was absolutely what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

After that NaNo, the thought of publishing wasn't a dream, but a tangible goal. I started following writing blogs, making writing friends, reading articles on the craft, writing more books and more and more. My books before this were cringe worthy, but slowly and surely I saw improvement. I still have a long ways to go, but now, yes, I definitely am pursuing it as a career. Writing is my world.

My current work-in-progress, Burning Thorns, is a Beauty and the Beast retelling and the book I hope to start pursuing publishing with first. Here's an excerpt:

“Palms still spread out in front of him, chest heaving, and blood pounding in her ears, Rose looked into his face. “Dragon?”

He blinked, over and over, face scrunched as if a war wrought inside his mind. Slowly, the untamed gleam in his eye faded. For the first time since he attacked, he looked at her. He saw her.

She took a shuddering breath. A thousand words she longed to say stormed in her throat, but only one broke free. “Please.”

His charred lips parted, trembled, like speaking pained him. His eyes roved over every inch of her face. They gazed deep, piercing, hungry. Searching for something. She could see him now. Not the dragon, but the man hidden underneath, so desperately trying to claw his way out.

2. What does a typical writing session look like for you?

I really don't do anything specific or special. I work best with goals, so if I set out to write, I usually give myself a word limit I have to write before I can stop. 500 words, 1k, 2k—something like that. Otherwise I'd just write like 100 words before quitting. If I don't have a goal, laziness always wins. But if I do have a goal, I obsess over it and have to make it. (I guess that's a good thing...?)

Once I sit down to write, I usually put on the playlist I made specifically for the book, open the story and outline if I have one (some books I pants, some books I plan, it just depends), and just write. I always have a beverage by me, whether it be water, coffee, tea, coke. Just something to keep me hydrated. I also have to be alone to write. If people are around, I get too distracted and can't immerse myself in my story. So pretty much always I write in my room by myself. Well, except for Navi—my poodle/writing buddy. ;) I tend to get most of my writing done during the afternoons. Though I think my best scenes come from when I write at night.

3. If you can manage to choose, what's your favorite part of the writing process—first draft, editing, etc.?

Does finishing a first draft count? Because that's my absolute favorite feeling. There's just nothing like realizing that story that's been roaming your brain for months or even years is finally on paper. All those hours and hours of work done. And, to me, the first draft is the most special. Because with any other draft, you're working with what's already there, no matter how much you rewrite it. But the first draft came about from an entirely blank slate. And isn't that a magical feeling? Making something utterly new from nothing.

So yes, finishing a first draft is without a doubt my favorite part of the writing process.

As far as editing vs. drafting. I think I've decided I enjoy them about equally. They both have their pros and cons, though I may lean toward first drafting a smidge.

4. Tell us about a pivotal moment in your writing journey.

Well, I guess I already did, talking about my first NaNoWriMo. So I'll tell you about my most recent turning point.

I just finished doing the first round of edits for Burning Thorns and having my amazing beta-readers (one of which is our very own Tracey here!) go through it. I've never before had a whole group of people read a full novel by me. It was an entirely new experience, and one of the best I've ever had. Ever since, I've had a huge support system, encouragement, so much great advice, and people helping me reach my goal of publishing. Publishing has always been a terrifying, overwhelming idea. But suddenly, with people supporting me and pushing me forward, it feels real and doable and exciting.

Moral of the story is: Find writing buddies! They're the best things in the world.

5. As a reader, do you prefer series or standalones? How about as a writer?

This is a tricky question. Once upon a time, I was alllll about them series. I hardly even touched standalones. I wanted a huge, epic plot and to be immersed in it for long amounts of time. BUT, back in the day, I didn't actually have a whole lot of reading material. *gasp* I know, craziness! Used to, if I found a series, I was ecstatic because it'd assure I'd have lots of books to read for a while.

Then I got older and discovered magical things like and thrift stores and library sales and made writing/reading buddies who gave me 3892348 recommendations of books to read.

Now, I'm drowning in books. Which is the best thing EVER. Obviously. also means I have a TBR stack the size of Mount Everest and not nearly enough time to read it all. And thus series are more daunting because it's a commitment, when I could just go through a bunch of standalones quickly and lessen my to-be-read stack a bit.

BUT, whenever I do take on a series, my long-time love for series returns and I wonder why I ever put off reading them. Disappearing inside one storyworld for a long time is my favorite. It's like I get to spend weeks in an exciting place with dear friends, and I love it.

SO. Loooong story short, I think I like series best because I do prefer much bigger, complex plots. But for some reason I procrastinate reading them.

Now then, as a writer. I pretty much only have experience writing series. *sheepish grin* Technically Burning Thorns was supposed to be a standalone, and still absolutely can be, but I also have a whole line of fairytale retellings set in the same world floating through my brain. Whenever I TRY to write something short, it becomes this monstrous, complicated series. It's a problem. >.> But, I kind of like it, too.

Basically, I just like long, epic plots—to read or write.

6. What's a struggle you're facing as a writer right now?

Self doubt has always been a huge one. But, again, my writing friends are working on stomping away that self doubt because they're the sweetest things in the world.

As far as actual writing problems, worldbuilding has never been a strong suit. I can come up with a thousand million plot ideas, but actual interesting worlds to put them in? Nada. My worldbuilding always ends up sooo boring and/or cliché. My brain just refuses to come up with fun, clever things. *glares at useless brain* So that's definitely something I want to strive to improve on.

Also, if you can't tell by my ridiculously long answers, I'm not always good at summing things up quickly. Eheheh.

7. What are you really excited about in your current writing life?

That the first round of edits for Burning Thorns is FINISHED. But even more than that, that I'm not scared of editing anymore and actually ENJOY it.

See, I've spent basically my entire life completely petrified of editing. Thus I write a dozen first drafts, but never...actually...edit anything. Which is like the biggest part of being a writer. Heh. But I finally took the plunge and edited Burning Thorns, and all my fears were for naught. Because I liked it. I LIKED EDITING. It was the most shocking and wonderful writing revelation I've ever had.

8. What are some pieces of writing advice that have stuck with you?

Oh goodness, so many! Basically everything I've ever read on the Go Teen Writers blog. When I started reading that blog was when my writing really started to improve. The Go Teen Writers book is also my go-to for all things writerly.

Let's see...

One day I stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest and it has never left my brain since.

“The bigger the issue, the smaller you write. Remember that. You don't write about the horrors of war. No. You write about a kid's burnt socks lying on the road. You pick the smallest manageable part of the big thing, and you work off the resonance.” -Richard Price

It's such a simple but powerful, story changing thought. One of my most favorite writing quotes, without a doubt.

9. If one of your existing characters had to show up in every single story you ever write, who would you choose and why?

Bwahahaha! I love this question! XD

It's really hard for me to not have all my characters in every single story. They become such a special piece of my heart, it's hard ever saying goodbye. Which is probably why I love series so much, now that I think of it!

But, shockingly, I actually know exactly who I'd choose. Cael.

Cael is a sometimes villain/sometimes antihero/sometimes who-even-knows-what from my Colors of a Dragon Scale series, a high fantasy, dragon rider story. Cael wasn't even supposed to exist. But one day he popped in my head and completely took over everything. As in, the whole plot ended up centering around him pretty much. Even though he didn't appear until the 5th book. O_O Only Cael can manage that, let me tell you.

He looks young (but looks can be deceiving *wink, wink*), has white hair (because, ya know, white hair is awesome (though there is a reason, I promise)), and somehow manages to be both the villain and best friend to one of my protagonists.

The thing about Cael is he's honestly NICE. Not your usual dark, brooding villain/antihero type. Sure, he causes sooo much trouble, but he's quite polite about it and does actually care about people. He's charismatic and fun and nice and complex and, honestly, the character I've had the most fun writing out of all my many, many beloved characters. (Sh, don't tell the others.) I actually feel comforted whenever he's around. Even though, ya know, HE'S TRYING TO DESTROY EVERYTHING. It makes no sense. >.> But that's Cael for you. He's a walking conundrum.

So yes, I'd have so much fun putting him in all my stories. Even though he'd steal the show in every single one and probably cause all sorts of horrible disasters...

10. One of the things you really excel at is characters—making them deep and relatable. You make me feel strongly in one way or another about each one! What's your secret?

*blushes and flails* TRACEY. The things you say! I don't know about all that. Goodness. I don't think I have a secret! o.o

Um... It may have something to do with my personality type...? I'm super in tune to people and just...get them. I understand people and what they feel and why they feel things or do something. I'm not book smart AT. ALL. But I guess you could say I'm people smart. It just comes naturally. Also it's one of my favorite subjects. I get absolutely obsessed with studying personalities and just PEOPLE. (Reading about the Myers-Briggs personality types is one of my favorite activities. #nerd) So I guess that could be it. I just understand people, and it shows through in my writing.

Thank you so much for having me over at Adventure Awaits, Tracey! This was a BLAST.


Thanks for such awesome answers, Christine! I loved getting this window into your writing life, and I'm sure all you questers did as well. (That quote in #9 . . . wow. Just wow.) Be sure to leave a comment here for Christine, because she's taking over the blog for the next while! She'll respond to comments (but who am I kidding, I won't be able to resist piping up too), and answer any questions you may have. So ask and comment away!

Also, on Monday the 19th, she'll be featuring me on Musings of an Elf, so stay tuned for that as well. It's going to be fun!

UPDATE: Here's the link to that interview in which I chat about my writing process, a few of my favorite characters, and what my dream guest list would be for a seriously epic, authorly tea party!


  1. This post was epic and long and basically I loved every word. <3

    Oh, and we're actually opposites in #6, Christine! I have so little plot ideas and SO MANY epic worldbuilding ideas. o.o It's ridiculous how I have so few of one and so many of the other. xD

    ACK I NEED BURNING THORNS. <3 <3 <3 One day... one day... *helpless squeak*

    AND BASICALLY CHRISTINE YOU ARE ONE OF MY WRITING HEROES. You're kind and funny and beautiful and talented, and you inspire me to pursue my dreams in writing. <3 (and you as well, Tracey! I love you both. <3)

    1. *grins* Thank you, Emily! I'm so glad.

      That's funny! I WISH I had a ton of worldbuilding ideas. They just hardly ever come, and when they do I don't know how to integrate them into a story well. And I sorta wish I didn't have quiiite as many plot ideas being as how I'll probably die before I find the time to write them all. XD

      Meep. Girl! <333 *clutches heart* EMILY. That is honest to goodness one of the nicest things I've ever heard. I...I have no words. THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad I can be an encouragement to someone. <333 I feel like half the time I'm just blabbering nonsense. XD

    2. Yayness! Glad you liked it, Emily!

      Haha, I think I fall somewhere in between both of you. I don't have ridiculous amounts of ideas on either front, but once I latch onto something, one idea after another follows. (This is why short stories are not my strong suit. XD) But Christine, I worry about having too many ideas for one lifetime, too!

      Emily, YES, you need Burning Thorns. It is amazing. o.o

      *sputters happy gibberish* GIRL, THAT'S THE SWEETEST. Love you too! I echo everything Christine said.

    3. It's so awesome and interesting how different all we writers are. xD

      need... burning thorns... meeeeep. o.o

      YES, YOU ARE! Both of you. <3 I admire you both so much.

  2. Great interview, Christine!
    I like your answer to #3. It's true! It's sad to see a project finished, but at the same time you can't help but sit and bask in the glow of glorious accomplishment.

    I'll be looking forward to Tracey's interview at Musings of an Elf!

    1. Awww, thank you! I had too much fun doing it.

      I agree! It's hard to say goodbye, buuut it's also a huge relief to have that accomplishment behind you. XD

      I know you're gonna love it. Her answers are fascinating!

    2. Glad you enjoyed her fantabulous answers, Blue!

      "The glow of a glorious accomplishment." YES YES YES.

      D'aww, I'm looking forward to it as well. ^.^


    Basically this was the best and I adored reading it. *flails* Great questions, Tracey, and such enjoyable answers, Lauri! :)

    Dat snippet. O_______o

    Ooh, ooh! I'm the same where I have to write alone. (That's the best that Navi's your writing buddy. ;))

    YES TO FINISHING A FIRST DRAFT!! :D I totally agree. And yes, first drafts are the best to write. <3

    Okay, so I recently had to answer that question about series/standalones because it was in a tag Tracey tagged me with which I'm prewriting for next week... so it was so fun seeing your answer! :D I think we feel similarly... though I've never been as into series as you, I guess? But I love them when I'm IN them, they just daunt me. XD (Also what you said about the Mount Everest TBR. So much yes. :P)

    ...Waiiiiit did I know you were planning more fairytale retellings in the Burning Thorns world?? :O OH MY GOODNESS THAT IS AMAZING. :D ...And so typical of our writings to worm their way around our hearts and not let us leave, and make us come back to write more. ;) (Ugh, I'm so behind on BT and all the email threads that apparently I've missed all SORTS of important stuff. o.o Sadness! *flails* I sowwy. :( I shall catch up one day...)

    Whaaaaat?? What are you TALKING about -- your worldbuilding is AH-MAY-ZING! :O Seriously, your storyworlds feel so rich and interesting and I just ADORE them!!!! *flails around* (Also yes to the length thing--I do that too, obviously. XD)

    Awk, Cael!! *flailing again* I'm seriously looking forward SO much to actually meeting him in a book someday! :P I loved all the things you said about him here--he sounds like such a FASCINATING character. :D :D :D

    YUS YOUR CHARRIES ARE AMAZING!!!! <3 ALL OF THEMMMM. That makes sense it might be your personality and understanding people. *nods*

    This was so fun and I very much look forward to seeing you interview Tracey as well! ^_^


    *wanders away whistling and pretending I didn't just write a blog-post-length post* *cough*

    1. *grins at your reaction* WE DID. AND IT WAS SO FUN. I'm so very happy you enjoyed reading it!

      Yes, writing with people around is next to impossible for me. I try but it never ends well... (Thank goodness for poodles. ;D)

      First drafts are amaziiiing! Probably why I keep writing so many. Eheh.

      Are you serious? I can't wait to see your answer! :D We're so similar in everything! But yes, series can be sooo daunting. Once I start them I'm like, "This is amazing!" but I totally put off starting them for the longest. *shakes head*

      Did you not??? :O I...I thought I had mentioned it but I DON'T KNOW. How could my Celti not know this? ACK. I HAVE FAILED. Yes, I am! Or...sorta planning to. We'll see how it goes. But I'm thinking of doing many more retellings in the BT world, with cameos of familiar characters and things and I think it's gonna be fun! (Don't you worry a thing about being behind! Life happens, that's okay!)

      Sdljflsjlsdfj. THANK YOU. You always make me feel better. I just always feel like my worlds are too bland. I don't know. Maybe I'm too hard on myself. *shrugs*

      *grins* I'm looking forward to you meeting Cael too! I think you'll like him. I may have to do a blog post with him or SOMETHING since it'll probably be a millions years before the CoaDS series is readable. o.o

      MEEP. THANK YOOOUUU!!!! <333

      I can't wait to share Tracey's interview tomorrow. It's gonna be so funnn! :D



      Oooh, I almost forgot about that tag. XD I've been asking the series vs. standalone question recently because it's been something on my mind, closely tied to the publishing battle plans and whatnot, and I'm just curious about where different people stand on the topic. ;) Can't wait to see your answers to the tag!

      Mt. Everest TBR...*sigh* I sympathize too. Though if you think about it, would we really want to have a nonexistent TBR? No books waiting to be read? (Though I guess it might actually be fun, because it would force you to take chances on new books you'd never heard of...)

      I get more excited about more retellings set in BT's world every time I think about it! :D

      And yes, Christine, you're too hard on yourself. I loooove BT's world. (Sadly it's the only world I *really* know of yours. So far. But it's wonderful and I basically want to live in the Forest, please and thanks.)

      Loving all the long, wonderful comments, you two!

    3. @Lauri: "First drafts are amaziiiing! Probably why I keep writing so many." <--I lost it at this. XDDD

      ...Okay, mayyybe I had some whiff of sequels? It kinda rings a bell, but I don't think I knew it was official or anything to that extent. XD BUT IT EXCITES ME SO MUCH OH MY GOODNESS!!! :D

      You are absolutely too hard on yourself! I loooove your worlds! ^_^

      @Tracey: I think I may have neglected to comment on the tag, too. O_O 'Twas during my hiatus... but I did watch the video! SO FUN!! :D My post should go up sometime next week if I can finish it...

      Yeah, I would not want a non-existent TBR. O_O That would be horrendous.


      Eheh, glad you don't find our long comments to be blog-breaking. XD

    4. @Deborah: Thanks, dearie! I'm glad you liked it. ^_^

      Wouldn't it, though? The very thought pains me! *dramatic swoon*

      AGREE 100%.

      More like blog-MAKING. Community is one of my favoritest parts about blogging! :D


    YES to finishing a first draft! Your answer to that was GOLD Christine, and I so agree. Finishing the first draft is the best part ever *nods*.

    I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CAEL. I will be the first to sign up when you need beta readers for the Colors Of A Dragon Scale series (well - I'll have to beat Tracey and Deborah to that BUT I'D TRY).

    YOU MIGHT WRITE MORE STUFF IN THE BURNING THORNS WORLD?! *dies* DO IT, CHRISTINE, DO IT! Must have more wonderful Christine writing in the wonderful Christine world *nods*.

    This post was so fun, you two! Can't wait to see Tracey's interview!

    ~ Savannah


      Tehehe. Thank you! Finishing first drafts is amaaazing! There's just no other feeling like it.

      *beams* He may just have to show up in a blog post or something since everyone apparently wants to meet him. Hehe.'ll probably be a, well, long, long time before CoaDS is even sort of readable. They're going to go through a COMPLETE day. So yeah. But maybe I can share more on the blog for now. Your enthusiasm makes me so happy though! ^_^

      YES I MIGHT. All these spinoff stories are popping in my head and won't stop. So...the BT world may have an entire fairytale retelling series. We'LL SEE.

      Thank you! I can't wait to share Tracey's tomorrow. :D

    2. Yep, better get in line, Savannah, because I'm going to jump on Colors of a Dragon Scale the minute it's all edited up! XD But in the meantime, we can all enjoy whatever Christine shares on the blog.

      AN ENTIRE SERIES. YES PLEASE. *faints at the thought*

    3. I signed up yeeears ago. XD I love you guys. WE ALL NEED COLORS OF A DRAGON SCALE AWK. *flailing*

    4. *hurriedly gets in line* YES WE NEED IT, WE DO, WE DO! *uses telepathic-ness to make Christine send us the story early*

      ~ Savannah

    5. Oh my goodness. GUYS. If you saw the state those books are in right now... o.o Actually, scratch that. You do NOT want to see. Eheheh. Someday, someday...

  5. Ack! Christine I love you, and this interview!

  6. GIRL. That whole first paragraph just made me smile so much. YOU SWEET THING. I'm so honored to be featured on one of my favoritest blogs!

    This was soooo much fun, and I simply can't WAIT to share your interview tomorrow! :D :D :D

    1. Every word is the truth! <3 And I'M the one who's honored to have you here!

      I'm having a blast with this, and I can't wait for tomorrow either. :DDD




    I honestly have nothing to say right now. Not sure if it's because I've commented on ten posts tonight or I'm just SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED. Probably both. XD

    (But wait, I actually do have things to say. Hehe, you're not getting off that easy. ;D)

    *clutches heart* I CAN'T WITH THAT SNIPPET. I seriously got emotional reading it. I really *felt* a ton of emotion in that tiny snippet of writing. You have huge talent, girl, if you can make a person feel like that.

    BASICALLY WHAT YOU SAID FOR #5. I am soooo the same way. I think I still lean a little towards standalones, but I COMPLETELY understand what you're saying! Like...that was literally me. I used to run out of things to read before the days of Goodreads, blogging, and used bookstores. Thus why I devoured series like they were candy. Now I'm drowning in books and not even sorry. XD But...yeah, I usually procrastinate on series, too, even though I love them to bits.

    Okay, wow. THAT QUOTE IS SO MIND-BLOWING. I love it when I see writing quotes like that. They just leave me breathless.

    OH MY WORD, CAELLLLL. HE SOUNDS SO AWESOME. ACK. I've gone through your post archives probably the most out of every blogger (#stalker) so I've read a lot of your old posts about characters and such, including Cael. And oh. my. word. HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Good golly, Christine, I honestly don't know how you manage to write these incredibly complex characters all the time!

    I have to agree with Tracey. YOU'RE A FRABJOUS CHARACTER CRAFTER! You really inspire me. <333

    EEEK TRACEY'S GOING TO BE ON YOUR BLOG TOMORROW?! WHAT EVEN. I AM SO EXCITED. *flails for all eternity* It's so cool that you're swapping guest posts! (Oddly enough, this is right when I opened up my blog to guest posts. So funny how things like that coincide!)

    Also, Tracey, I noticed you used those little <><><> things in the post. I started doing that on my blog not too long ago and thought it was so fun that you were doing it! Hopefully I didn't subconsciously copy you? If so, SORRY. XD

    1. *giggles incoherently* YOU. <333

      I...I don't know how to respond to your comment about my snippet. Just...THANK YOU. It's always one of my main, MAIN goals to make my readers FEEL, so this just makes me so ridiculously happy!!!

      You too? BOOK TWINS. I just can't help but laugh at the idea that I used to not have anything to read. Now, I'll never run out of material again for the rest of my LIFE. XD

      ISN'T THAT QUOTE GREAT??? When I found it I just soaked it in because it was life changing! Or...writing life changing. Hee.

      You go through my blog archives? MARY. You like reading my blog that much? THAT IS SO SWEET. I'm so happy you like the sound of Cael! He's...something. XD

      AWK. I don't even know what to say anymore. THANK YOU!!!

      It's sooo much fun! I'm ecstatic to have her on my blog today! :D

      And look at all of us, blog twinning. I declare we're all in the same brain wave or something!

    2. Such a fun combo, yes! XD Love ya, Mary.

      YESSSS, CHRISTINE IS A MASTER OF EMOTION. I legit almost cried a few times reading Burning Thorns. :') And also grinned like a maniac and did little flaily octopus things...

      Allll the books to read! *drowns with you* I sometimes procrastinate on series, but more with the continuing of them than the actual starting of them. Like I'll start a new series, but then it takes me a while to finish it sometimes. >.>

      Hehehe, I've read a number of Christine's archived posts too! XD

      I noticed you opening up for guest posts too right around this time! Brain triplets! You and I will have to do some post swapping one of these days, Mary. ;)

  8. Cool post! I liked reading the excerpt from your story, Christine! Whenever you publish it, I want to read it! <3 :D I, also, liked the quote you put in there.

    Tracey, neat questions you thought up! There cool.

    1. EEP. That is so nice of you to say. THANK YOU!!! That encourages me so much! ^_^

      Yes, that quote is amazing. I just love it!

    2. I love Christine!!!! You're so sweet 8-D

    3. @Chloe: She had great answers, didn't she? :) You would LOOOOVE Burning Thorns, I just know it, Chloe! Thanks, girl!

      @Jack: Isn't she ah-may-zing? ^_^

  9. Great interview! I loved the snippet, Christine. <3 I wish I could read Burning Thorns right now! And Colors of a Dragon Scale sounds really cool too!
    I know what you mean about standalones versus a series. I think when it comes down to it though, I do enjoy a series more, simply because it means more time spent with characters I adore.
    Loved the writer's quote you shared! I've never heard that one, but it's so true. Very helpful advice.

    1. D'awww, thank you so much!!! ^_^ That means a lot to me!

      YES. You summed up just how I feel about series in way less words than I did. XD That's exactly it! They can be daunting, but it's worth it to have more time with our beloved characters.

      Isn't it such a powerful quote? I always like to keep it in mind while writing.

    2. You'd love Burning Thorns, Elise! SUCH a beautiful story. ^_^ And yes x100 to what you said on series, especially when you adore the characters.

  10. Larke is not your favourite! He will have your head! Or. . . something strange. Wipe all your memories of Cael, perhaps.
    Here I was expecting it to be Rose or you-know-who from Burning Thorns. Although he is rather a "dark, brooding antihero/villain type".

    1. *brandishes frying pan in case Larke goes after Christine* :D

      ~ Savannah

    2. Larke would not be too happy to hear he's second-best, that's for sure. XD Gotta keep those frying pans at the ready.

    3. *chokes on laughter* Except... Larke really MIGHT try to erase my memories of Cael. o.o Oops. But yeeeah. Cael came first and just...has a better attitude than Larke. Heh.

      BUT I DO LOVE ALLLLL MEH BABIES. And I also have so MANY. o.o Writing for 15 years will do that... Choosing just one is haaard!

      Savannah, I appreciate the frying pan protection. At least you're not going after ME with it this time. ;D

  11. Great interview, Christine! I'ts cool to see more into your writing process! I'm a big fan of series as well and that's so cute that your dog's name is Navi!

    1. Hey, glad you liked it, Tori! Aren't series fun to read (and write)? Thanks for the comment. :D