Saturday, August 6, 2016

Infinity Dreams Award - VLOG STYLE

And now, questers, announcing that "brand new thing I've never done before" I referenced in the last post: my very first (and possibly only because it's mildly terrifying) vlog. Yes. I braved the camera for the sake of a challenge given to me by Emily @ Ink, Inc.* She's a fabulous blogger with a dry wit and love of books. And she writes prettiful things, so go check out her blog!

*link leads to the post in which she tagged me

The rules are simple: 11 facts, 11 questions, 11 nominees (but I'm doing less).

11 Facts
  1. I love watching lightning storms.
  2. If watermelon is an available candy flavor, that's the one I'll likely pick.
  3. My travels are not extensive; so far I've been to only five provinces and three states.
  4. There is a spider trap in my room that has been rather successful of late. Three dead spiders are sitting there in plain sight. Pleasant. (But rather there than running freely.)
  5. I quite like bookmarks, but I don't use some of my favorites because I want to keep them nice.
  6. Christmas candy lasts me months. I still have a jar of licorice allsorts on my shelf.
  7. My favorite tea is vanilla chai.
  8. I can pull off a halfway decent English accent, but my Scottish, Irish, and pirate voices seem to blend together.
  9. If I start a journal using blue pen, I hesitate to ever use black in the same notebook, and vice versa.
  10. I keep shoeboxes, with the intent of using them to store knickknacks and whatnot. Sadly, there is a stack of shoeboxes I have yet to assign a use for, and the knickknacks are still running wild.
  11. As a child, the word interrupt brought to mind the picture of a trumpet.
11 Questions Answered in Vlog Form

This is a momentous occasion. And like I said, a little freaky? Obviously you all have seen my face before. It's right there on the sidebar. And I don't mind going one step further and letting you hear my voice. You guys are friends! You're wonderful people! It's just the thought of random people strolling through the internet and happening upon my blog and watching this video that gives me pause. Stranger danger, you know.

Ahem. All that aside, I was going to edit the video to make it a bit shorter and therefore more manageable, because everyone's busy and time is scarce, but my program was giving me technical difficulties . . . so this is unedited, imperfect, and at some spots, a little repetitious. C'est la vie. Just proves I'm a human bean.*

*I like saying bean instead of being. And the sunburn I'm sporting is also proof of my humanity.

So here it is. Enjoy!

11 New Questions
[stealing some from Emily because her questions were great]
  1. What's your current favorite song?
  2. In the context of either reading or writing (or both): do you prefer standalones or series?
  3. Have you ever met a book or movie character who was a lot like you? If so, who?
  4. What's your biggest pet peeve as a reader?
  5. Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or supper?
  6. What's been inspiring you this week?
  7. What does a perfect day look like for you?
  8. If the world was flat, and you came to the edge of it, what would you like to find there?
  9. If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?
  10. With what word would you like others to describe you?
  11. What's one book that changed your life?
And I tag . . .
Whether you answer the questions in a vlog or just in a regular post is up to you! Of course you're not obligated to do the tag at all, but it's here should you want to.


  1. Nice vlog, sis! :D It sounds like you. No like all weird and formal on other videos. XD

    Hey! You should have tagged me... XD Though if you did, I would have to do it on Animal Jam and not talk since I doubt our parents will let me video myself on there. XD

    Great post/vlog!! ^.^

    1. Aw, thanks, sis! Heheh, no formal tour guide in this one. XD

      That's right, I sure could have tagged you. If you want this one, go ahead and take it! Thanks for watching and commenting.

  2. TRACEY. When I saw this post on my dashboard, I dropped what I was doing and frantically clicked on it. XD EEEEP, AND THE VLOG WAS SOOOOO GOOD!!!! I'm just super thrilled because I feel like I'm actually there with you. It's so cool to be able to put a voice to your face. :D AND MY GOODNESS, GIRL, I LOVE YOUR VOICE. This may sound reallllly weird, but I feel like your voice is extremely soothing. Like I was actually getting incredibly relaxed just by hearing your voice. I DUNNO. *shrugs* I'm peculiar. (Oh, and the way you say "tag" is splendid. Maybe it's a Canadian quirk? Whatever the reason, I love it.)

    HA. Okay, so I had to laugh when you were talking about your blogging style and trying not to be that fangirl who obsesses over everything. BECAUSE I AM THAT FANGIRL. Hopefully I'm not TOO fangirl-y? Because I can see how that would be annoying. >.> Oops.

    YES TO FIGHT SONG. I loooove it. <333 Sure, it's overplayed, but it's a really empowering song. It's actually one of the few pop songs I enjoy. ^_^

    It's kind of funny because I already have a bunch of names picked out for my possible future kids. Names are also extremely important to me, and I love researching the backgrounds and meanings behind them. Some girls' names I have adored for a long time are Tirzah, Damaris, Esther, and Lorelei. Almost all of them are fairly unusual but also gorgeous.

    All your travel destinations. YES. New Zealand and France are two of my top places I want to visit, but it's honestly hard to decide. I'm a homebody as well, but I also love to travel. My brain is so confusing at times. XD

    Honestly, one of the first words that comes to mind when I think of you is encouraging. You are seriously one of the sweetest, most encouraging people I know. Just seeing your name pop up somewhere--whether it be on Goodreads, my dashboard, an email, a comment--makes me feel so much lighter and happier. Hopefully this doesn't sound really sappy, but yesh. You are such a sweet friend and a light in my life. <3

    ALSO YOUR BRYAN DAVIS BOOKS. And The Magician's Nephew is my faaave. The Creation of Narnia is one of my favorite moments in literature.

    WOW. This comment is pretty crazy. I'M OBVIOUSLY EXCITED. (Also sleep-deprived because I had a sleepover and am still recovering from Camp NaNo.) Lots of love to you, girl! I miss commenting on your blog!!!! *huggles*

    1. MARY, YOUR COMMENT, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH YOUR SWEETNESS? I was actually sitting here laughing happily to myself when I read it. XD

      So glad you enjoyed the vlog! And haha, I never thought of my voice as being relaxing, but that's good you found it to be that way. Makes me feel all special. ^_^ (I say 'tag' differently? Really? YAY, I HAVE AN ACCENT. XD No, but seriously, how do YOU say it, then?)

      I actually love those fangirls, you included! My brain just gives me these little dignified nudges sometimes and goes, "Ahem, what about being a professional author one day?" And the fangirl side says, "Who cares? Who says a published author has to be stiff and formal?" XD Anyways, your fangirlyness is so sunshiney and fun, and NOT annoying to me at all!

      You like Fight Song too! *cranks the volume*

      Those are gorgeous names, and it's great how much thought you're putting into it already! Tirzah especially is so pretty.

      NEW ZEALAND AND FRANCE. Those would be next on my list! Traveling is great as long as you get to come home again, right? :)

      Awww, Mary! <333 Thank you so much. YOU encourage ME. Like I can honestly say the same thing right back to you: that seeing your name pop up instantly brings a smile to my face. You are a ray of sunshine.

      *beams adoringly at Davis books* Huzzah for TMN and the Creation of Narnia! It never gets old.

      Hey, I love crazy comments. (I just kind of love craziness in general? XD) (Ack, get some sleep and recover from Nano, you awesome superhero, you!) Right back atcha! I'm so happy to see you here! *hugs*

  3. You did a vlog! That's so brave I always think about doing one, but I talk myself out of it. It was so nice to hear your voice and see your lovely face!
    I Love Fight song, it's very inspiring.
    I really enjoyed your vlog, your quite good at it!
    I have always found you very encouraging and sweet.

    1. Skye, I would love to see you do a vlog!!! (And actually I was going to tag you for this too, but then I realized that Emily tagged you at the same time she did me, so.)

      Thanks muchly! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was nerve-wracking to hit "post" on this one, so it's good to hear it turned out okay.

      Isn't it such a good song? ^_^

      I say the same to you, m'dear! You're always so supportive and encouraging too, not to mention a super faithful commenter. *hugs*


    BUT BUT BUT. THIS IS THE BESSSSST. It was like I got to sit down and talk with you for a while. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. And your precious Canadian accent. <3333 Like when you say "tag" and "so" you can hear it, and I love! I'd probably neeever do a blog because horrid southern accent right here. Uuuugh. But your voice is so SWEET. And GIRL, you're such a good speaker. I am the wooorst verbally. Like seriously, I can't even talk to my own family without stumbling over words. And you just talked for 15 minutes completely unedited so PERFECTLY. Your ability with words has no end.

    Also I totally grinned at the Bryan Davis books behind you. Your writing nook looks so cozy! ^_^

    I'm being totally honest here. If I was forced to choose one word for you, it'd absolutely, without a doubt, be encouraging! Sometimes I wonder how I ever went on with life without your constant encouragement. You are a light in this world and bless me, and everyone you come in contact with, so very, very much!

    This was just so. much. fun. I understand if you never do it again (like I said, I'll probably never myself), but you're so good at it and I totally wouldn't complain if you did more. ;) It was so great seeing my dear Tracey "in person". I'm so glad you decided to do it!!!!


      Yay! It's the closest thing to sitting and talking with each other, barring Skype or actually meeting face to face. ^_^ Lolzy, do I really have an accent? That's delightful! And also puzzling, because how would you pronounce "tag" and "so?" (Of course, everyone feels like THEY'RE the ones who pronounce things normally, and everyone else says it differently. But I'm curious.) Oh, Christine, I would LOVE to see you do a vlog! I think your southern accent would be really sweet! (I remember one time in the States, the cashier at a food court called me "dahlin'" in a really adorable southern accent--and it was Minnesota. I loved it.)
      But okay, I have to confess that I thought about my answers numerous times before actually filming this thing. And I have ridiculous verbal fumbles too in day to day life, at work, at home, etc. XD

      Gotta love a shelf full of Bryan Davis books! Aw thanks! Now to give my room a paint job...the lime green (and sky blue and hot pink that you can't see in the vlog) is rather...tween-ish.

      Oh, girl, you make my day! *huggles forever* And totally honestly--not just throwing a compliment back for the sake of it--I feel the same about your encouragement. You just make my world brighter for being in it!

      ALSDKFJASLJF THANK YOU! I actually had a lot of fun with it too, minus the technical difficulties. Maaaaybe I'll give it another go someday? ;)

      (But seriously, now I want mah Christine to do a vlog too. ^_^)

  5. *squeals* TRACEY DID A VLOG!!! *happy dance*

    Good gravy, you were WONDERFUL in your vlog, Tracey! I LOVED being able to hear your voice, and I can't believe you did this without editing it *gapes*. I would be horrible in front of a camera like that XD. And I guess we'll be seeing just how bad, because YOU TAGGED MEEE!!! THANK YOU! I'm going to have SO MUCH FUN doing this one, and I'm going to do a vlog just for the difference of it :D.

    And I agree with everyone who said they would pick 'encouraging' as the word for you. YOU ARE MOST DEFINITELY INCREDIBLY ENCOURAGING. YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA *hugs the wonderful Tracey*.

    1. *whispers* Also, how did you get your blog to let you upload such a large video? Mine won't :D.

    2. Heehee, thank you, Savannah! Oh goodness, I *wanted* to edit it, but stupid Windows Live Movie Maker was freezing up. I thought I would be horrible in front of a camera too, but... I guess we can surprise ourselves?


      *huggles* You're so sweet, thank you! That's a blessing to hear.

      I know, I tried just putting in the way I would do a photo, and it didn't work. So I first uploaded the video to Google Drive, and then from there, I found a way to embed it in the post. This video showed me how:
      If you have questions, feel free to ask! I'm pretty green at all this techie stuff, but I might be able to help. XD

    3. Oh, I should also mention that it may take a while to upload to Drive. It took my computer an hour or longer just got a 15 minute video. :P



    OOH, I love Fight Song. It's just so pretty and motivational, and Rachel Platten has such a crisp and sweet voice, and I basically just love everything about that song. <3

    I love the names you thought of! They're all so classic and sweet and feminine. <3 My younger sister is named Grace. And I really like that Emily is one of your favorite names. ;)

    England, Scotland, Ireland... I want to visit them all too. So much. <3 They're just so beautiful; my parents have gone, and they loved it. Plus I just really want to see an English production of Les Miserables. Aw yes.

    I haven't seen many musicals either. *counts* Les Mis, Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof... I can't remember any more, if there were any. xP I really want to see Phantom of the Opera though. And Hamilton, because everyone flails about that one. But yes; Sound of Music is amazing. ^_^ I saw a production of it at a college in Michigan where my grandparents live, and it was spectacular. But I would say that Les Miserables will forever be my favorite musical. <3

    Encouraging. You just summed up what I want to be, as well. Wow.

    I WANT TO READ SOME OF BRYAN DAVIS'S BOOKS SO. MUCH. I have a feeling that I'm really missing out. On the Tales of Goldstone wood too. On a lot of books, actually. Goodness, I have a lot to read. o.o (especially considering how many Bryan Davis books and ToGW there are. :P)


    (and I just have to mention, OH MY WORD, YOU ARE JUST SO GORGEOUS I CAN'T.)

    1. (*whisper-shouts* AGREED ABOUT THE GORGEOUSNESS)

    2. Heehee. ^_^

      You described Rachel Platten's voice so well! "Crisp and sweet."

      Aww, there's an Emily AND a Grace in your family? :D

      I envy your parents going to those places! Too bad I can't somehow pack up all my followers and transport us to England for a vacation. XD Ooh, I've never seen Les Mis, but an English production would be stunning, I'm sure!

      Well, you've already beat me with just three. XD I want to see all the ones you mentioned as well, though I'm not sure about Hamilton. I see everyone flailing about it, but have little idea about what it actually IS, aside from the obvious historical character. (I just exposed my ignorance, didn't I?)


      You haven't? Good gracious, get thee to a bookstore! I can see how both authors' works would be a little daunting. They both have rather long series. But they're SO worth it. Speaking of which, I really need to do a Spotlight post on both of those authors, especially considering they're two of my absolute favorites.

      (OH, YOU TWO. ^_^)

  7. Well done with the vlog! That's a fun new thing for Adventure Awaits. I love the background...such a lovely bookshelf!

    The Sound of Music, how I love that musical! When no-one is around I will pretend to be Maria or the Mother Abbess and start singing.

    I'd say encouraging is a fitting word. You give some good reasons for it, too.

    Thank you for the tag!

    1. Thank you, Blue! :D I'm rather partial to that bookshelf. It's the one I filled up first.

      I want to watch it again and learn all the songs... because I can only sing/quote a few lines right now.

      It really does encompass a lot of who I want to be--including many Biblical traits. :)

      Hope you enjoy it!

  8. Hi Tracey! Good job on your vlog! :D I liked listening/watching to it.
    You rock!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Chloe!!! So do you! <333 Thanks for watching, sis.

    Great job on doing this, girl!!!

    1. Thank you, Ariel! That's so sweet of you to say. ^____^ I'm glad you enjoyed the vlog!

  10. Great answers! And cool to hear your voice. ^ ^

    1. Thanks, Tori! Have you ever considered doing a vlog? ;)


    I mean I was sitting down at the time but figuratively

    SERIOUSLY THOUGH I'M SO GLAD YOU DID IT! It was an absolute joy to hear your voice! Of course I already knew what you looked like but still it was so lovely to see you! And it was so nice how you kept addressing me in the vid, I was smiling so much! It's such a pleasure to hear one's own questions answered -- almost like a conversation (almost!).

    Seriously this has made my evening!/week!

    You totally named and shamed me, though ... "she got round to it half a year later" -- oops! So it's now been nearly a year since you did the original one that you tagged me for. O.O I also loved your thing about past you talking to future us ... time travel?! ;)

    "What would you name your daughter? Emily" -- I was like HUZZAH and then you continued, "Emily, this is a tough one", and I realised you were, in fact, addressing me ... But then you redeemed yourself. I find girl names so hard. I have boy names picked but girls?! What even??

    TOTALLY COME TO THE UK. ("England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales ... that area" made me lol. Uh, Britain?!) As I've said a million times, COME COME COME. If only travel were free ...... Also Italy, I'm so desperate to go I can't cope O.o

    "Trying to keep the balance between fangirl and professional writer platform". Ah, the eternal struggle >.<

    Also, to return to your original facts, "my Scottish, Irish, and pirate voices seem to blend together" made me laugh. We've all been there .... I was reading through the comments and people commenting on your Canadian accent and I'm just like "....uh..." It's easy for me to get antsy -- "EngliSH AND SCOTTISH ARE NOT THE SAME YOU DARN AMERICANS" -- but ~whisper~ I can't tell the difference between American and Canadian ... I AM SORRY. But your accent was lovely, regardless of my ignorance!

    I could totally have written your answer to #11. Bryan Davis, Tales of Goldstone Wood, Ted Dekker, I was sitting here like "yup, yup, yup, called it!" But I do love The Magician's Nephew. I've not read Narnia in too long, actually. But it is such a fantasy inspiration. How delightful.

    This comment is getting pretty long. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A VLOG. I'm so glad I encouraged you to do it, and speaking of encouraging, YOU ARE VERY ENCOURAGING! That answer was so lovely and selfless, I thought. What a great quality to aspire to. I'm encouraged that you want to be encouraging. And as for encounters with you being uplifting, this one certainly has been uplifting for me!

    Thank you so much for all the lovely shout-outs, most especially "dry wit" ...! ~hurriedly towels down wit to keep it dry~

    ((seriously that's such a compliment to me, being found funny/witty is for me one of the best things))

    Anyway, I'm going to sign off now, but I'm so glad you made a vlog -- you did so well! Lots of love <333

    1. EMILYYYYY. :DDD I knew you were away, and I've been eager to hear your thoughts on the vlog, and eeeeep!! *huggles comment*

      That's how I felt watching your vlog and hearing you address me too! So fun, because it IS almost like a conversation! ^_^

      Didn't mean that comment as a guilt trip, though--whoops. XD And yes, gotta pretend I can time travel at every chance I get!

      Bahaha, I did redeem myself, didn't I? Seriously though, Emily is such a sweet name. You have more fav. boy names than girl names, too?? So it's not just me! What are some of your picks? I personally love the name Thomas.

      Okay, yes, BRITAIN. BUT I HAD TO MENTION ALL THE PLACES WITHIN BRITAIN. There's a lot to see! I would be over the moon if I could travel there for free. *gasp* I could come visit you, and then we could travel to Italy together! :D

      Yes, the eternal struggle, indeed.

      Haha, good to know it goes both ways, that we all have trouble differentiating each other's accents! I can tell English apart from Scottish most of the time, but Scottish vs. Irish... nuh-uh. XD I'm not in the least offended that you couldn't differentiate between my accent and an American's. It's very much like a northern American one, anyway. (It's the southern drawl that can make a big difference.)


      I adore long comments--which you already know. ^_^ Thank YOU for inspiring me to make the vlog! Oh, Em, now I don't know what to say... That's so sweet of you. <33333

      See? More of that wit, right there!

      Thanks for the stupendous comment, my dear! Lots of love going your way, too!

    2. My boy names are Jude, Silas and Simeon. I try not to be that woman who plans her perfect wedding and husband and kids and stuff because I'm fully aware I may never get married and I need not to be setting my heart on a white dress and a house with five bedrooms and a dog ... BUT I do have those boy names selected and have done for a couple of years! I love them!

      LET'S GO TO ITALY TOGETHER ... right?! As for all the places in Britain, I've never been to Ireland! (Except in the womb. Which doesn't really count.) I'm really desperate though, because of all the magic! (And maybe I'd bump into Derek Landy. Could happen!) As for Wales, I've not been for years and years and years -- I think I was about five last time, so that doesn't really count. Since then, Gansey has happened and How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn has happened and now I'm desperate to visit!

      By the way, I'm on Skye right now and at breakfast today my sister was looking at the map and she was like, "ha, there's a village near here called Applecross! That's such an English sounding name compared to all the other villages!" And I was like "AppLECROSS WHERE GIMME THAT MAP!" I couldn't remember, though, if you are sending Skaes to Skye?! So maybe it's a different Applecross?? But if it's the same one that'd be really neat! Whatever, I got very excited and had to share with you!

    3. "I try not to be that woman..." made me laugh. XD Those are great name picks, though! Unusual without being crazy weird, you know? (Like celebrities who name their kids dumb things like Facebook. >.>)

      YASSSSS, LET'S. And we may as well throw Ireland into the plans too, and Wales as well because why not? "Gansey has happened." Heehee. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to reserve "The Dream Thief" (or is it Thieves?) at the library...

      Oh my lands, really?! THAT IS THE BEST THING EVER. Ha, I love your "gimme that map!" reaction. XDDD But I think it's a different Applecross, because the one I've been looking at is in Wester Ross, Highland. Just across from Skye, by the looks of the map. Very cool, though; thanks for sharing!!