Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Subplots and Storylines - May 2016

I would like to remind you that I am a wizard. And a wizard is never late.

So even though I started typing up this post within the last three hours of May, and it's only getting to you in June, I'm not late at all.*

* Great excuse, right? But actually I have been going nonstop since Sunday morning, and these S&S posts are hard to put together until . . . you know, the month is pretty much over.

Life Etc.

A few notable things happened this month. I learned how to make origami flowers and felt so proud of myself. A friend/co-worker is getting married in June, so I joined her and a passel of girls in making some of the dozens (hundreds?) of flowers she needs. Behold my handiwork.

And I've been greatly enjoying my new vehicle. It's officially in my possession now, and the first time I left work and laid eyes on it waiting in the parking lot for me, I had a thrill of that's my car!

Warm sun and frequent showers have turned everything green, green, green around here. And that means yard work, planting the garden, starting the flower beds, etc. But digging my fingers into freshly tilled dirt, clomping around in rubber boots, hauling watering cans, watching little bugs scramble away as I work--that's a totally different kind of labor than my job. It's more refreshing.

We hauled out our lawn croquet and set it up at a park. Let's just say that I finished fourth out of the six of us. My mom whupped us all severely. I had forgotten she was that good!

One of the biggest happenings this May, though, is the day I WENT TO A PIANO GUYS CONCERT! I'd heard way back around Christmas that their tour was bringing them close to home, and was naturally very interested in getting tickets. So was Sarah. But I procrastinated and did nothing about it for months. Two weeks before the concert, I checked online to see if tickets were still available, only to find out that $200 meet and greet passes were all that was left. (A little much for my sensible side to spend on entertainment.) But then it ended up working out that one of Sarah's friends had two extra tickets she could sell us for $50 apiece. This has got to be the only time in my life that procrastination actually produced better results than . . . well, being on top of things.

Anyway, the concert itself was AH-MAY-ZING, OH MY GOODNESS. The music was absolutely gorgeous. The Piano Guys themselves were hilarious and so down to earth and humble. This was apparently their first time touring Canada, which was pretty cool. They played some of my favorites, and threw in a few unofficial pieces. (Including a joking mash-up of the "two happiest songs on earth" according to them: "Don't Worry, Be Happy," and the main theme of Phantom of the Opera. They called it, "Don't Worry, Be Psycho." Too funny!)

I took a bunch of short videos with my phone, and I was hoping to upload one or two to this post, but sadly it's not working. Just imagine, though, a live version of this song . . .

. . . in which four bagpipe players come and join them on the stage near the end. Ah, 'twas glorious!

Another fun event was a girls day out with a dear friend of mine (the one who got married a couple months ago). We hadn't spent much time together since then, so it was awesome to catch up! Smoothies were also a plus. (But aren't they always?)

Le Movies


Once Upon a Time season 3 // My sisters and I finally finished! Great ending, but now we very much need the fourth season. Thankfully, I own it already. But ugh, why did that particular character have to come to Storybrooke right when a certain relationship was going so beautifully? She's going to ruin everything.


Sister Act // cheesy at some parts, funny at others, and even a little heartwarming in between. Watching Whoopi Goldberg play a casino singer who witnesses a murder and then has to hide at a nunnery (of all places) was pretty entertaining. Especially when she started teaching the nuns to sing.


The Two Towers // At last! I've been wanting to see it since I watched The Fellowship of the Ring a couple months ago. Being the extended edition, my bro and I went at it in two separate sittings. So. Good. Gollum's inner conflict was done really well, everything felt darker and more foreboding than the first film, the Ents were fun (but not as good as the book version, in my humble opinion), Legolas and Gimli's developing friendship was awesome, the battle at Helm's Deep was the most epic thing ever . . . I could go on and on, but there are other things to talk about yet. I feel it should be known, however, how much I love Aragorn. And Eowyn. And Merry and Pippin. (But--but--but Aragorn! Could he be any more awesome?)


War Room // I was half expecting it to be one of those tired, clichéd sort of Christian movies, but it was actually good. It started out a bit clichéd, but it turned into a good story with a more focused storyline than, say, God's Not Dead (which I did enjoy; it just had a big cast with lots of plot threads). And if the movie's intent was to inspire the viewers to pray more, then it certainly was convicting. Bits of humor, mostly supplied by the elderly Miss Clara, were also appreciated.


Sleepless in Seattle // My mom and I had a movie night, complete with my favorite kind of popcorn. It was a fun old "classic," which meant I could make fun of the hairstyles and music whilst enjoying the girly romance. Several sexual comments detracted from my enjoyment of the film, but otherwise it was a sweet movie. The dialogue of the main character Annie Reed reminds me of a more extroverted, reckless version of myself. I think it was the way she cobbled topics together and left others scratching their heads, or her random musings on little details about life?

Le Books

Hey, guess who up and joined Goodreads? (I haven't figured out why we say "guess who" when it's completely obvious we mean ourselves. But I say it anyway.) Yes, this social media hermit finally ventured into that particular bookish corner of the internet! A hermit, you ask? Doesn't this blog count for something? Yes, of course it does, but as far as the imminently popular Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/what-have-you world goes, I am notably absent. I'm on Google Plus simply because, well, Google gives me Gmail and Blogger and everything on one account. Before you mention it, yes, I am aware of how lame Google Plus is. (Except Mary and I have great little conversations there, so that's a plus.) (Gosh, that was bad.)

But I was supposed to be talking about Goodreads. Yes. So I'm on there now, and still in the process of creating shelves and adding all the books of which I've kept a record. I'd love to connect with you over there!

One of the things I've been reading this month is Christine's Burning Thorns, which is so marvellously wicked in its treatment of my heart. It's a beautiful, heartrending story, and I'm currently having trouble imagining how things are going to get even worse than they already are.

The Prayer Box by Lisa Wingate // A sweet, romantic story of a single mom named Tandi shored up with her kids in a quaint little coastal town. Her elderly landlady, Iola Anne Poole, dies peacefully and leaves behind a huge mansion and a lifetime's collection of prayer boxes--the prayers she wrote out since she was a little girl. These prayers are instrumental in Tandi finding healing for her broken heart. I give the story a bit of extra credit for the love interest's originality. Rather than being Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome or Rugged Outdoorsmen, he's a quirky lawn care guy who wears the worst flamingo shirts ever. (But he's sweet, so ya like him.)

Water Walker by Ted Dekker // Book 3 in the Outlaw series. This story was written in almost a parable style, I feel, which is a bit different than Dekker's usual method. It worked for this book, a short novel digging into themes of forgiveness and freedom through grace. Young Eden, who has no memory of her childhood, is kidnapped by people claiming to be her real parents. And let me tell you, those people are creepy. (What really struck me was how minimal the violence was--only one or two scenes, and only one of those made me wince--and yet how chilling the story was anyway. It was more of a psychological creep factor, with Eden's captors being obsessed with a twisted version of purity, cleanliness, and sacrificial lambs.) I caught a few typos, but the story was well worth reading anyway. The messages coincide perfectly with what I've been learning in Dekker's The Creative Way course.

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones // So a number of online buddies of mine have been recommending HMC to me for a couple years already. Very, very enthusiastically recommending. Threatening to throw books at me if I don't read it. Telling me my life will not be complete until I read it. I believed them, of course, because these people are rather discerning bookdragons. For the last two-ish years, I've been looking for HMC at every bookstore I visit, but never found it. You've probably guessed that I recently FOUND IT. (Technically, my mom and sister found it for me, sweet things.)

IT WAS GLORIOUS AND WHIMSICAL AND GAH, I NEED TO READ IT AGAIN. Everything was quirky and fun and seemingly random . . . until they started connecting in surprising ways. I also loved the fairytale setting with its scarecrows and talking fire demons and hat shops and magical doors in magical castles and curses and seven league boots ETC.

Can we talk about the characters? Like how I adore Howl? How spunky Sophie is, even (especially) as an old lady hobbling around and muttering to things? And how hilariously grouchy Calcifer is, and how he hopes Sophie's bacon burns, and how Michael is a pretty cool wizard's apprentice, and how everyone is just strange and wonderful? But Howl . . . he really does take the cake. He's different than I expected, but probably better. (Unbelievably vain. Secretly a big ol' softie. Dramatic as all get out. Howl being sick is so great, I have to say.)

So a humongous thank you to the folks who pushed me into HMC! You know how certain books or movies instantly snuggle into your heart and tell you they're being added to the list of happy places you can go to when you need a pick-me-up? HMC is one of those.

Le Writing

6,170 words this month in The Prophet's Key. Not a whole lot, considering I wrote twice as much last month--but decent considering everything else going on.

I managed to do some more research in the realm of literary agents! My list of potentials is slowly growing.

And I spent a significant amount of time doing plain old research for TPK. There's a lot of globetrotting happening in this novel, and I am a person who has not ventured further than a few states south and a few provinces west. Needless to say, I haven't been to most of the places in my outline. Google satellite images, maps, and Wikipedia are my not-so-helpful friends in this endeavor to soak up knowledge. (Can I just book two months off work and fly to places like British Columbia, Scotland, and Australia? Pretty please?)

To make matters worse, the specific locations I'm looking for are supposed to be in the middle of nowhere, set apart from the general civilization. Good places for hiding. Which means they are not good places to Google, because the car that takes their streetview images doesn't trundle up the wilderness of the Rockies and snap pictures of the scenery, gosh darn it. Seriously, get your act together. (Just kidding. Kind of.) So I have resigned myself to getting a feel for a general area, and then making up the specifics. That gives me more freedom to get to the actual writing.

Oh, and I also completed two or three sessions of The Creative Way, including my first session on the module dealing with the craft of writing. Yay!

Now, some of you may have already heard this, but the fourth fairytale contest held by Rooglewood Press has been postponed until next year due to health concerns/busyness on Anne Elisabeth Stengl's part. Very understandable (and I hope she recovers soon from whatever it is), but the news was a bit disappointing. I gave the matter some thought, and have since decided that this may actually be a blessing in disguise. As much as I was looking forward to writing another retelling, it will be good to have the entire year to focus on Journeys of the Chosen, including agent research. Plus I'll be busy this fall (I have a college interview coming up!), so perhaps this is for the best. Besides, by the time June 2017 rolls around, I'll have that much more creative juice stored up for twisting another fairytale!

One last writing-related thing before I wrap this up . . . Because of the postponement, I'm joining Go Teen Writers' 100 for 100, something I've never done but am eager to try. The idea is to write at least 100 words a day for 100 days. The wordcount is easy. It's the every day part that will be a challenge, especially on the busy days. But that's the point of the challenge--to build discipline. I'm excited to give it a go!

Okay, I'm done.

Sorry this was so late, folks. I meant to have it out much sooner.

I'd say May was a good month. There were a lot of subplots humming along rather busily, weaving through the weeks. How was your month? Any good books you read or movies you watched? (HAVE YOU READ HMC?) How's the writing life going, if you're of that particular bent? Grab an iced cappuccino or something yummy like that and let's chat!

P.S. I'm loving the discussion we're having on swearing in books, and I promise I'll get to your comments as soon as I have the time to give them the thoughtful responses they deserve!


  1. Yay! You finally found a copy of HMC and read it!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Love hearing about your monthly doings!

    1. I did! LIFE MADE. Do you have a favorite character (or favorite anything) about HMC?

      Thank you! I'm still pleasantly puzzled over the fact that people enjoy hearing about my random goings-on. XD

    2. I love Sophie. And the in-the-fireplace guy... whose name is escaping me at the moment.

      And Howl, of course, I mean, he's the whole point, right... but as I told Deborah a while back, when it comes to Diana Wynne Jones... Chrestomanci is my first love. So, if you haven't read his series... go. now. read. :)

      As far as your puzzlement goes: I enjoy your blog anyway and we seem to have some similar interests, so I like hearing about what you've read and watched lately because it's like getting a recommendation (or a warning about not to read/watch something), and I always like getting to hear how the writing is going, because it tells me whether or not there's the possibility of reading any of your stories in the future... and I find that people whose writing style I love in their blogs I usually also love their books... and I like finding new books to love :) So, that's why I personally like hearing about your random goings-on. hehe

    3. Calcifer! Ah, I loved him too. He was so grouchy. XD (And while talking about him to Deborah, I embarrassingly referred to him by the name of a writer friend's own fire-type character... Oops.)

      HMC was my first Diana Wynne Jones book, and it looks like I need to keep an eye out for Chrestomanci next! Hopefully it doesn't take me another two years to find it.

      Oh, I hope my comment didn't come across as fishing for a compliment, because that's not at all how I meant it. But your explanation fills me with all the warm fuzzies! <3 Especially about the writing--that's so encouraging to hear. You're so kind! I'm the same way about people's blogging style leading to me enjoying their writing style. Funny how that often works even when they blog with a different tone of voice than what they use in their novels, huh?

    4. Yes, Calcifer! I knew it started with a C. You should be able to find the Chrestomanci books at a decent library. Charmed Life at the very least, which is perhaps my favorite DWJ book ever.

      I didn't think you were fishing, you sounded genuinely perplexed :) I think style shines through independent of voice, to some extent, but yeah, it's funny how that can work!

    5. I just checked my library, and they have all but one of the seven as audio books, and one or two as actual books. I don't listen to many audio books, but maybe I'll have to!

      Whew. :) Oh, now there's an interesting subject: style vs. voice. A post idea? I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on that.

  2. Sounds like you had a great May! :)

    Mine was pretty quiet, but still pretty eventful. Most of it was filled with finishing up school (yay!), preparing to move, and squeezing extra friend-time in before said move. :) I'm excited to see what June brings!

    Okay, I NEED to read Howl's Moving Castle. Everyone who's read it seems to LOVE it, so I must give it a go as soon as I can. :D

    1. Oh, finishing up a year of school is such a GOOD feeling! And you're moving? Goodness girl, that's a big happening! Are you moving far (like across the country) or a shorter distance?

      YES. YES, EMILY, YOU DO NEED TO READ HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. At first I tried to make myself forget all the hype, because that's affected books before, but I needn't have worried. It was as good as everyone told me it was. :D

      Hope you have a splendid June and that moving goes smoothly!

    2. I'm moving almost across the country. I'm military, and having moved around seven or eight times in my life, I'm pretty used to it. :) But it can get hard, so HOPEFULLY we will only have to move ONE more time after this move. :)

      OKAY. I SHALL BUY IT AFTER I MOVE. :D Cause you know, we're already over our weight limit in the moving trucks with all the books... ;)

      Thank you, and you too! :)

    3. Oh, wow! I can hardly imagine what it would be like to move so often. I hope this one goes really smoothly for you, and that (like you said) there won't be many more. :)

      AWESOME! Tell me what you think of it if/when you buy it. ;) Books are so heavy. I don't know what I'm going to do with all of mine one day... o.o


  3. You are absolutely a wizard and can do what you like. *nods firmly* (I won't tell you I kept checking my blogger dashboard over and over waiting excitedly for this post.)

    Oh my goodness, you learned how to make origami flowers? I LOVE THOSE THINGS. So prettyyyy! That is awesome! I would love to learn how to do that someday. Except I'm not crafty at all...

    I am still reeling over the fact that you went to a Piano Guys concert. That is the BEST. THING. EVERRRR. I'm so happy for you! Just SKDJfljSLDJFDSF!!!!

    Once Upon a Time! :D I know precisely the person and event you're talking about and just UGH. WHY??? The writers are so mean to her. >.>

    YOU WATCHED THE TWO TOWERS. *SQUEALS* That's my favorite of the movies, mostly because of the battle at Helm's Deep. Coolest. Battle. EVER. And of course Aragorn. Because ARAGORN. Just yes. He is the epitome of cool.

    We watched War Room not too long back. It wasn't my favorite, but it did have some good things in it. Definitely portrayed the power of prayer!

    Uh, girl, writing over 6k words in a month is a HUGE accomplishment. THAT IS A LOT OF WORDS. You're doing awesome! But I can understand trying to write places you've never been, and obscure places at that, would be really hard. o.o You're so dedicated though. You're going to get this! *fistpump*

    I was a little sad to hear about Rooglewood postponing the fairytale contest as well, but, like you, almost relieved also. I was almost 100% sure I wasn't going to join in this year because I really want to focus on Burning Thorns. So maybe I'll be more willing next year to jump in? We will see. But mostly I just hope Mrs. Stengl will be okay!

    Oh, oh! You're doing the 100 for 100 challenge this year? GO TRACEY!!! I'm too lame to commit myself to such a long-term, daily thing. Even though it would be good for me. I so admire you for jumping in. And with your busy schedule and everything. You are an inspiration!

    Okay, now then. The most important thing...

    YOU READ HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE AND LOVED IT BUT OF COURSE YOU DID BECAUSE IT'S PERFECT AND YOU READ IT AND AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasn't it the most delightful thing on the planet??? I'M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Didn't you just love how it seemed like random nonsense but then it all came together so seamlessly and THAT ENDING. BUT HOWL. HE IS PERFECTION. Even though he's actually horrible... BUT HE'S STILL PERFECT AND MY FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER EVER. And I adooooore Sophie. And them TOGETHER. I've literally never shipped two people more in my life. o.o Just EVERYTHING you said about it being your happy place. That is EXACTLY how I feel. It IS my happy place. I've read it 3? 4? times now and can't get enough. I'd literally be content if that was the only book I could ever read again and had to read it over and over forever. I wouldn't even care. I honestly have to force myself to read other things because it's all I want to read! XD I have problems. BUT NOW MY TRACEY HAS READ IT AND I'M SO HAPPEH. You, Celti, and I need to have a fangirling sessions sometime!

    Okay, okay. I need to stop. Just...HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE KSJDKFJLSKJF:LJS:LJDF. <333333333

    1. Oh gracious, I got so caught up over HMC I forgot to flail over the fact that you mentioned MY STORY. You precious thing! <3333 (Also sorry for destroying your feels. *whistles innocently*)

    2. *tips my pointy wizard hat* (You did? AWW, THAT'S ADORABLE. I AM GRINNING SO BIG RIGHT NOW.)

      You don't have to be super crafty to learn how to make those flowers. It's actually pretty simple. Once I'd made one or two, I found a good rhythm and it became almost mindless. (Is it just me, or do the flowers remind you of Cait's? Not as professional, but the general idea, I mean.)

      SKLJFALSFJSLJS I CAN'T GET OVER IT EITHER. O.O I sometimes go back and replay the videos I took just to remind myself I was there. XD

      I know, right?! A certain somebody was doing soooo well, and now THIS? D:

      Helm's Deep was like the dictionary definition of an epic battle. *nods* And ARAGORN IS MY HERO. <3

      I thought the same about War Room. :) (The little girl is cute though, isn't she?)

      Gah, thank you for allll the encouragement. Some days it's harder to press on and write those words or do that research. Knowing I have friends cheering me on is so awesome. <3

      Yes, there's still plenty to be done with BT, I imagine. *clutches heart and whimpers softly* So I guess it's a good thing for you too that the contest was postponed. Maybe next year you and I will be Five Something Something rockstars together again! ^_^

      Thanks! I'm excited to power through this thing. I love goals, so having that extra reason to write more regularly should be good. (Probably hard at some points, but good nevertheless.) But what're you talking about? YOU inspire ME!

      ("The most important thing." XDDD) I READ HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE. I. READ. HMC. WUT. aslkfjasklfjwokj Yes yes yes, I adored all the randomosities being drawn together like that--sense coming out of nonsense. OH MY HEART, THAT ENDING. Just let me twirl through a meadow right now to express my happy glow-y feelings! Howl is so perfect. So much perfect. Horrible but awesome. *squeals* And him and Sophie together are the shippiest ship EVER! Haha, we definitely need to have a fangirling session. ;D

    3. Shoot, I hit post before replying to your second comment. :P

      You are not sorry at all for destroying my feels, nor should you be sorry. It's the way things are meant to be with this story. Speaking of which, I have chapterrrrs sitting so tantalizingly in my inbox as we speak...

  4. I'm so glad you read HMC, it's my favorite!
    The Piano Guys are so good, it must've have been awesome to see them live.

    1. Isn't it delightful? :D Do you have any particular favorites in HMC (characters, elements, whatever)?

      I love the Piano Guys! Seeing them in person was definitely very cool.

  5. Ack, you're a WIZARD?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE?! Will you take me to Middle Earth, pretty please with a book on top? (and also, you're totally got a good excuse to be late. I never knew how long it took to write these kind of posts until I wrote one myself :D)

    That origami flower *stares* *stares more*. Oh, I have GOT to learn how to make those, it's SO pretty!

    YOU WENT TO A PIANO GUYS CONCERT?! Tracey Dyck, you are the luckiest duck! That's is SO cool!! 'Don't Worry, Be Psycho', oh that made me laugh so much :D.

    YOU WATCHED TTT!!! *cheers for you* And hey, I wouldn't have minded if you had gone on and on about it XD. LotR is the best! (and I agree, Aragorn is just absolute epicness)

    BURNING THORNS. OH YES. ALL the feels. ALL OF THEM. Christine just keeps killing me with feels and SHE WON'T STOP. Now isn't that mean of her? *scampers off to read Burning Thorns*

    You read HMC! I've had people tell me I should really read that book too :D. And you loved it as well? Hmm ... *bumps it higher on the TBR*

    You're doing the 100-for-100? That's so cool, I am too! Hopefully I can keep up with it :D. I've never it done it before, so I'm really excited! My novella is quite pleased that I'm going to be working harder on it (and I got hit by a rabid plot bunny last night, so that could end up being a Camp NaNo project ...).

    1. We wizards like to keep things hush hush. It's why we wear big, baggy robes, doncha know? XD As for taking you to Middle Earth... sure, as soon as I find my magical staff! *cough* lostitinNarnia *cough*

      (It's quite the effort some months, and requires pulling out my trusty day planner to remind myself what I even did YESTERDAY. XD And oh, right! I almost forgot you have a blog! It's invitation only, right? Can I maybe possibly perhaps have an invitation? Pretty please with another book on top? ;D)

      I don't have any handy links to throw at you, but I'm sure you could Google it! They're so fun to make. :)

      I WAS SO HAPPY, YES. "Don't Worry, Be Psycho" was hilarious. And then Steven, the cello player, had this great idea for the ending, he said...and it was basically him sawing away at his cello mournfully and kind of monotonously. XD

      Two down, one to go! I love LotR so much. Aragorn IS absolute epicness, you got that right!

      ALL THOSE FEELS... I know, right? It just doesn't let up! Just when I think she couldn't break my heart even more... she does.

      Oh yes. Oh my, yes. Savannah, go find Howl's Moving Castle right this instant! I think you'd love it!

      You too? Yay! We can be 100-for-100 buddies? How's it going so far? I mean, we're only three days into it, but still. I wrote 120, then about 200, and nothing today yet. 98 more days and I'll beat this thing. XD
      Oooh, a plot bunny? And a rabid one at that. Sounds fun! What's your novella about?

    2. Sure I'll invite you! Just email my mom: theperrans AT cox DOT net :)

      My sisters and I like to watch Piano Guys behind-the-scenes videos, and Steve is really funny :D. We end up laughing a lot when we watch those videos *nods*. I SO hope I can go to one of their concerts someday!

      I'm totally doing a post on Aragorn's birthday and telling everyone about how epic he is *nods*. Thing is ... I have to wait until next year :(.

      You put it so perfectly XD. Just when I think she couldn't break my heart even more... she does!

      Yes, 100-for-100 buddies! *fistbump* I'm doing pretty well so far. I got roughly 1200 the first day, around 1400 the second, and about 1500 today. It has been so fun!

      *scampers off to go request Howl's Moving Castle from the library*

    3. Done!

      I've seen one or two of those. They're great. XD I hope you can too, since it's such a fun experience!

      Niiiice. I have no idea when any of these fictional characters have birthdays, but I love how people celebrate them.

      She should provide us with superglue to piece our hearts back together when it's over.

      *fistbumps you back* OH SAVANNAH, THAT'S AWESOME. I haven't had the time to do more than the bare minimum yet, but I'm hoping to get into four digits this weekend. XD

      Our evil plan is working. >:) (You know, to get everyone to read HMC.)

  6. I've suspected you were a wizard for a long time now.

    My May was also non-stop gardening, it's lovely isn't it? I'm doing something new and trying to grow Brussel sprouts this year.

    The Piano Guys. In concert? Usually I'm not much of a concert-goer, but this time I'm quite envious!

    I also saw War Room, and liked it. I think that we all need to re-learn the importance and power of prayer, and that film felt very timely.

    1. I need to stop wearing those pointy hats. XD

      It's such a great activity this time of year! And the rewards later on are delicious. ;) Brussels sprouts--now there's something we haven't tried. I myself can hardly wait to eat fresh cucumbers.

      That's definitely one of those things that's a cycle of remembering and forgetting for me. Prayer is huge!

  7. So much cool stuff happened to you last month! My sister is getting married in the next year. It's so weird when close friends and family start getting married. XD I haven't read HMC but I have seen the movie and I heard they're very close. I love the story!

    1. No way! Congrats to your sister!! That's so exciting. Yes, it's a really strange feeling to see friends/family/peers start getting married! I still can hardly believe that some of my friends are MARRIED WOMEN.

      I want to see the movie now that I've read the book, since I've heard the movie is good! I think you'd love the novel version. :)

      Hope your June is wonderful, Tori!

  8. I don't consider such posts "late" when they're posted the day after a month ends. ;) (But yeah, the Gandalf thing works too. :P)


    A friend of mine was recently in a stage play of Sister Act! ...Which is the only reason I know about it. XD

    Yayyyy you saw The Two Towers! :D (ARAGORN. <3 Also I will never forgive this movie for utterly RUINING Faramir's character and making him not noble from the start like he was in the book. *tears hair out* ...Ahem. Never mind me. XD I still like him in the movies though I just... he's my favorite character in the books and they messed him up. D:) BUT BUT YESSSS THIS MOVIE. :D

    GOODREADS GOODREADS GOODREADS!!!! :D I loveth it so much and I'm so so so excited you're on there! ^_^ It makes me happy.

    I need to catch up on BT... PAIN. But I love it. <3


    Congrats for all your writing! I only wrote 2k, so... bleh. :P 6k is quite respectable! GO YOU!

    Ooh, you're doing the 100 for 100? o.o Good for you! I did it one year and... while I'm glad I did, it just burned me out horribly because I'm the WORST at writing every single day. -_- I've discovered I'm a sporadic binge-writer and have decided to embrace it instead of burning out. :P Anyways best of luck to you on that!!! I hope you'll have a great time with it and I so admire you for trying it! :)

    Oh, and really interesting post on swearing in books. :)

    Oh OH, and I adore your new profile pics!!! They're so clean and professional and you're so pretty and friendly looking and I just love 'em! ^_^

    As for my month, I did a post on it but mostly I had no internet and had the flu but I read some awesome books and saw Captain America 3 so that was awesome. :D

    Love these posts of yours! (Sorry for the Mt. Everest comment. XD)

    1. Heehee, yeah, I guess I just have this idea that I need to consistently post them on the last day of each month. I forget that it's not actually a huge deal to do it a day or two later. XD

      THANK YOU! And eeep, the Piano Guys are awesome!

      Oh, that's so cool! I can see that being a very fun play.

      ARAGORN FOREVER. (It's been a while since I read the books, but YES. Faramir was a lot more noble in the books than he was portrayed in the movie. I remember really liking the strong contrast between him and Boromir for that very reason. But the movie didn't quite do that properly.) Other than that, though, so epic! :D

      It's been a lot of fun so far! And thank you for helping me out with some of my newbie questions. XD

      Yes. Yes indeed, there is a lot of pain, but also a lot to love. I just caught up today and... well. I shan't say a thing. *zips lips*

      AH YES, WE CAN FLAIL ABOUT HOWL FOR AGES!!! I think I would like Howl in any state, because he's already great when he's being vain, sick, angry, kind, etc. Also, I'm just sitting here grinning at your caps-lock response. XD Now that I've fiiiinally read it, you and Christine will have to find another book to threaten me with!

      2k is way better than 0k, right? :D EVERY WORD COUNTS.

      I am! One week down...lots more to go. XD And hey, don't be down on yourself for being a binge-writer. That's not any less legit than being an every day writer--in fact, I sometimes envy those who can go days and days without writing, and then all of a sudden cough out thousands of words at once! o.o (Fairy powers right there, I suspect.)

      Thank you! I hesitated to write it, but I think it ended up being a good thing. Lots to think about, that's for sure. :)

      AWWW, THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH! I hardly know what to say, dear! <3 I have a friend with a good camera to thank for the pictures being "clean and professional," as you described them. ^_^

      Yes, I saw that post! And I have been absolutely dreadful at commenting on your blog. So sorry! D: I need to skedaddle on over there and do more than just read your beautimous posts. Civil War... I hope you feel my fangirly envy simmering across the internet. XD

      *huggles* I love Mt. Everest comments! Thank you for leaving one so long!

  9. I really want to read HMC! Everyone ever is a bit obsessed with it.

    Congrats on TPQ stuff! How's research going? Also WELCOME TO GOODREADS! I've sent you a lil request :)

    1. I know, right? Everyone gushes over it. I'd say with good reason, though I hope the hype doesn't ruin it for you.

      Thank you! Research is going all right. I'm doing it as I go along, because I don't like dropping the writing part entirely. :P I'm still in the British Columbia part of the story, but next up is Scotland...!
      Request granted! I was trying to look you up on Goodreads the other day, but with no success, so I'm glad that YOU found ME. :D