Thursday, June 30, 2016

Subplots and Storylines - June 2016

I'm pretty sure I just wrote one of these S&S posts last week, yet here I am writing another one. I'm really not sure where June went. Presumably to that land shrouded in mist and starlight, that land to which all days and weeks and months must travel eventually . . . a land from which there is no return. The Land of Yesterdays.

*cue eerie music*

But before June slipped away to that scary place, it offered a joyful fruit salad of summer happiness. (Fruit salad? I have no idea what I'm talking about. I shouldn't write things when I'm overtired.)

June was a month of  little family get-togethers, ice cream, barbecues, bike rides, and sun tanning. Rain made a regular appearance in between warm, muggy afternoons. One day we went to the local fair type thing . . . I went on only two rides: one I loved and one which my stomach regretted afterwards.

A bit of romance appeared in the form of a cousin's bridal shower and a friend's wedding (the friend for whom I helped fold origami flowers, if you recall).

I helped chaperone my siblings' youth event, an Amazing Race-style game across town. It made me feel old, I tell ya, having all these kiddos yammering in the backseat of my vehicle. The event was pretty fun, though, and I was sorely tempted to compete with the youth in our last stop, the shoot-three-balloons-with-a-pellet-gun stage.

I took a first aid class (required for my new position at work). I hope I never have to use these skills, but it's good to know them just in case.

My brother graduated high school, so of course we threw a party for him. He MC'd it himself--needless to say, I laughed till I cried. He's now working at his first job, and I'm so proud of him.

Earlier in the month--I know I'm all over the place here, but bear with me--he and I had our college interviews . . . and we both got accepted! I don't think I've mentioned much about my fall plans, have I? Here's the scoop. We'll be taking a leadership/Bible program together. It offers a really practical, hands-on approach with lots of getting involved in church ministries. The Bible school aspect of it goes side by side with learning leadership: people skills, management, personal growth, building and leading a team, working on projects, etc. I'm going to have a very busy schedule during those nine months, especially since I plan to keep a couple shifts a week at my job, but I have a feeling it will fly by. And honestly, I'm so excited for it!

You can see the paint can picture behind us. :)
Another June happening was my friend Kianna's art gala. (I interviewed her a while back.) It was amazing to see an entire wall of her work displayed at the art center for public enjoyment. Some of the pieces were new ones I hadn't seen yet. One of my favorite paintings depicted a bunch of paint cans, with girls made of paint leaping out in joyous splashes.

Movies & TV

My sisters and I began Once Upon a Time season 4--we've seen the first five episodes so far. I wasn't too sure about the Frozen elements at first, but I'm getting used to it, and there are plenty of other awesome (or terrible, depending on how you look at it) things happening too. And a certain new character's charm/lack of manners/apparent lack of intelligence is providing amusement.

The only other thing I watched this month was Zootopia, and I. LOVED. IT. It's always great when you can appreciate a story on almost every level--the storytelling, the plot, the characters, the music, the humor, etc. This was one of those. The only downsides were a smattering of mild language, a naturalists club in which the animals run around in natural form (as in without clothing--it was kinda funny, but might be bothersome for some viewers), and you could interpret the movie's message as one of tolerance/just-embrace-everything-because-it's-okay. I choose to see the positive spin of the message, so all in all, I really enjoyed the movie. And I loved how Judy Hopps was voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. I could totally picture Once Upon a Time's Snow White saying some of her lines. Oh oh, and Nick Wilde was the BEST and totally reminded me of the fox version of Robin Hood. If you haven't watched Zootopia yet, go see it.


Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz // Book 3 in the Alex Rider series.

Even Alex admits in this book that he's like a fourteen-year-old James Bond, and that's a pretty accurate description of this series so far. (I haven't watched James Bond, but hush.) MI6 keeps forcing Alex into dangerous missions, he gets a new set of gadgets with each book (like chewing gum that expands so you can use it to bust a lock, or a GameBoy that's really a bomb), and he performs outlandish stunts at every turn. It's like one of those summer flicks that you just watch for fun, not expecting much depth or realism. That being said, this book was a definite improvement over the first two, and seemed to break away a bit from the previous plot formulas.

Fresh strawberries and ice cream paired with the final chapters of a
beloved book. ALL THE HAPPY.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke // an amazing book of epic, 1,006-page proportions.

This took me three weeks to read, and I finished last night, reading the final chapters as fast as I could to see how it would all end. It's obviously a very long book, but like one of the reviews printed at the beginning of it said, it doesn't feel long. Somehow, almost every scene manages to be interesting and engaging. The character development is seriously top-notch, and I looked up halfway through the book to realize that I love a number of characters, but all of them are very flawed and not immediately likable. Norrell and Strange are both arrogant, but Norrell is fearful while Strange is reckless. I'd list some secondary characters too, but it's best you discover them for yourselves.

The novel takes place in 1800's England, during the Napoleonic Wars. Magic is long dead, reduced to the arguments of theoretical magicians who do nothing but study magical texts. And then Mr. Norrell comes along with ambitions of reviving true, practical English magic. Throw in some advisors who are about as useful as a broken foot, a new pupil in the form of Mr. Strange, and the story is well on its merry way.

Things take a much darker turn around part two as Faerie elements weave their way in. Let me tell you, the villain is someone you will desperately want to throttle. And magic, as the magicians discover, is far more dangerous than they ever knew.

That's all I shall say on the plot front, folks. Can't have any spoilers! I still don't know how I feel about the ending, though . . . It was good. It was bittersweet. It was probably the best ending JS&MN could've had, and it fit the overall tone of the book. (I sound like I don't like it, which is untrue. I'm just processing everything. When it takes you this long to recover from a book, you know it left an impact.)

Oh, before I move on: CHILDERMASS IS AWESOME. If you've read the book, you probably know why I like him.

Thanks to Sarah for speaking so highly of this book that I picked it up at a secondhand book faire, and to Deborah for flailing with me about it as I read it!

Writing & Blogging

It's been a productive month, thanks to the 100-for-100 challenge held by Go Teen Writers. I'm in such a research-heavy portion of The Prophet's Key that if it weren't for the daily goal of putting in at least 100 words, I would probably have fallen into the quagmire of procrastination and slow progress commonly associated (at least for me!) with research. I set an alarm on my phone to go off at 8 pm every day as a reminder to write those words. Most days I hadn't written anything yet when the alarm went off. Some nights found me in my PJ's, spending five minutes pumping out a couple new paragraphs just to meet the goal before bed. But so far I haven't missed a day (except for a couple of grace days--I'm allowed one per week.)

So. I wrote 12,085 words this month. Yay! On top of that, I researched British Columbia, Beaver planes, transatlantic flights, and Scotland. I'm by no means done with any of those topics, but I've acquired enough knowledge to actually be able to write this part of the first draft and feel like I have a slight inkling of what's going on. Come editing time, I'll be researching all over again to verify facts and flesh things out.

I was able to speak to a pilot friend of ours to get some tips on what could go wrong with a Beaver plane (yayyy for putting obstacles in front of your characters!). And I'm currently going back and forth with the lovely writer/blogger Emily about Scotland. She lives there, and was very willing to help me out with researching her beautiful country. (Thanks again, Em!)

I also made the decision to cut a character. Completely. It was a hard choice, especially since this guy has been around since the original draft from four years ago. But I've been struggling to juggle the larger-than-I'm-used-to cast, and it's just going to get bigger as the story goes on. I realized that my pilot Rex Nelson, whom I have never introduced to you guys, was not truly necessary, so I'll be assimilating the important parts of him into other people. Mr. Hawkins will get a pilot's license and outdoorsman skills. An injury that happens to Mr. Hawkins will now actually happen to Aileen. A potential romantic thread I'd been planning for Rex will be given to a different side character from book 1. Rex's epic character arc will be integrated into that of the aforementioned side character. Etc.

That last bit about the character arc . . . Well, I had finally made up my mind to cut Rex, and then in a flash I remembered what I had planned for him in future books. "Oh no. Now what?? I have all these solid reasons why it's a good idea to get rid of Rex, but there's THAT big, important thing that's supposed to happen to him." After a fevered brainstorming session, I got it sorted out by adjusting another character's development, and voila. Problem solved.

A month or two ago, I also decided to cut out two of Josiah's three siblings. I don't think I've mentioned them much on here either, so this probably isn't a big deal to you, but Tiffany and Zach are being taken out. His littlest sister Karilee is staying. I realized that Tiff and Zach served little to no purpose besides giving Josiah another sister and a brother for him to interact with. And I think I originally wanted to have a family of six to mimic my own family, but that's not a good enough reason to keep extra fluff in a story. Especially when, again, a large cast is becoming a problem. So . . . bye, Tiff. Bye, Zach. I hope you two and Rex will recycle yourselves into some other story one day.

Mind you, all these changes are just in my head. I haven't mapped everything out on paper at this point. And I'm even charging ahead with my current draft without stopping to write Rex, Tiff, and Zach out of the story. I'll fix it in edits. This charge ahead approach is something the old me would definitely not have done.

In the midst of all that, I somehow neglected to do much on my writing course, The Creative Way. I listened to one audio session, but still haven't done all the workbook questions for it. Oops. Thankfully this is something I can take at my own pace; there are no time constraints or deadlines. Still, I'd like to be more involved with it next month.

On the blogging side of things, the biggest thing is the Silmarillion Awards! Nominations are still open today and tomorrow (I told you wrong in my last post when I said that June 30th was the last day--ignore that), and soon afterwards the voting period will begin. So if you haven't yet made the rounds to all ten blogs yet, better hustle before July 1st ends! The best fantasy characters and items need your support to make it to the next round. I myself am planning to make one last pass through all the posts, just in case I've forgotten anything.

And that was my June fruit salad.

It was all strawberries of summertime, raspberries of other people's romance, apples of fun events, bananas of books, and orange slices of writing. (. . . don't even ask because I don't even know . . .) Art and magicians and characters getting the axe and anthropomorphic animals and fantasy awards, oh my! Anyway, 'twas a yummy mix, though I'm developing a hankering for a week of holiday-ish nothing so I can relax.

Tell me now, how was your month? And because I seem fixated on fruit today, what's your favorite? Have you ever had to cut characters out of your story? Have you seen Zootopia? Read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? Been on an amusement park ride that didn't sit well with you? TELL ME ALL.


  1. I WILL COMMENT ON THE REST WHEN I HAVE TIME TO READ IT BUUUUT JONATHAN STRANGE & MR NORRELL YUSSSSS. :D :D :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Everything you said about it here is spot-on. I ENTIRELY AGREE. Also I know EXACTLY how you feel about the ending since I felt similarly when I read it and also because last night I too finished an enormous book about which I had the exact same feelings you described. :P *accidental booktwins* Eeek, I had so much fun flailing with you! We must flail some more! And I must seriously reread it. XD The charries though! (*quietly strangling said villain in the background*) AND CHILDERMASSSSSSSSSSS. :D Ahem. Nothing to show who my favorite character is, nope, nothing at all...

    I now want strawberries and icecream so thanks for that. XD

    More later! :)

    1. Lolzy, I love how that's the most important part of the post for you. You're da best. XDDD

      ASLFKJSDKLFJS ALL THE FEELS, SUCH A GREAT BOOK, I AM PENSLAIN. Yay for being accidental booktwins! You're talking about Defying Shadows, right? I had no idea it was a big book too. (All your updates on Goodreads were starting to convince me to read it, btw.) Yes! All the flailing! I love it when you know someone who's read the same book and you can fangirl about it together. <3

      Your quiet strangling over there made me laugh. He did get what was coming to him in the end, so I'm satisfied.

      CHILDERMASSSS YUS. Your favorite character? Naw, really? XD I would never have guessed.

      You're welcome. XD Strawberry season is my fave.

      Can't wait! ^_^

    2. *flails happily over JS&MN again*

      Yes, I was talking about Defying Shadows. :) It was over 200K words (I beta-read it so I know this instead of page numbers. XD) soo... yeah, it was long! It's the third in a trilogy though, so it needed all that space to wrap up aaall the things. :D Haha, my updates, yes. XD

      YAY FOR JS&MN AND FANGIRLING TOGETHERRRR. ^_^ It honestly just makes me happy. Goodness. I also really want to read it again even more now. :D If I do, I may fangirl with you all over again. XD

      UGH yes, at least he got his just deserts. ;)

      I KNOWWW IT'S SO NOT-OBVIOUS. XDDDD Seriously though, Childermassssss. <3

    3. *whistles* Wow, over 200k? And I thought my 120-140k books were long. XD But if it's the final book in a series, then I often appreciate the extra length because of all the epic things happening and plot threads being wrapped up.

      Fangirling over books is the best thing everrrr! <3 And I would definitely not be opposed to doing it again when you reread it. XD (I can just imagine this cycle where one of us is always being inspired to go read it again, and then that one's excitement inspires the other person, etc. LOL...)

      No, not obvious at ALL. I really had to read between the lines to figure out you liked Childermass. XDDD

  2. June did fly by fast. *wipes forehead*

    Awh, cutting characters can be hard. :P But I'm glad you made that decision -- it seems to be a good one. :)

    I haven't seen Zootopia yet, but I want to. I heart it's pretty good. :) I did watch Find Dory, and while I didn't LOVE it, I did highly enjoy it. ^_^ AND BABY DORY IS THE CUTEST THING EVER. I LIVE FOR BABY DORY. *dies*

    Your friend Kianna's paintings are SO GOOD. o.o Wow.

    July for me will be filled with Camp NaNo, moving, moving, moving, etc. But I'm excited because my family's gonna have all sorts of epic adventures on our way to our new home, and we'll have an amazing house to arrive to. So I'm pumped. :D

    1. It sure did! Whew. This whole first half of 2016 flew by.

      Thanks! It is hard, especially when you have second thoughts later... but yes, I think (and hope) it's a good decision too.

      YES, SEE ZOOTOPIA! Aww, I'm looking forward to watching Finding Dory too! Baby Dory looks absolutely adorable from pictures I've seen. :D

      Isn't she talented?? I am in awe of her way with a paintbrush.

      Ooo, what are you writing for Camp NaNo? That's right, you're moving too--that'll be a busy month! I hope you have a wonderful time on all those adventures, and that settling into your new home goes really smoothly.

    2. Thanks for reminding me that we're halfway through 2016. ;)

      *notices that I made a bunch of typos* Of course, I meant 'I heard it's pretty good' and 'Finding Dory'. :P Yessh, BABY DORY MAKES ME WANT TO SQUEAL WITH HAPPINESS.

      Oh yes, she certainly is talented. o.o

      You can see a teeny bit about my project here on my profile: Day 1 went pretty well (despite hating every word I churned out until the end of the day), but I'm mostly satisfied. I just think about all the epic things coming up in the story, and that distracts my mind from dwelling on how I hated the pacing of the beginning, and how I hate my writing in general. xP

      Thanks. ^_^

    3. You're welcome. XD

      Ach, don't worry. I do the same thing, and then the instant I hit publish I notice them all. Too bad there's no edit option!

      Oooooh, fugitives and smugglers and deteriorating alliances! Sounds positively marvelous! Guhhh, I so hear you about hating every word you write. That seems to be me too recently. -_- *mutters to self, "it will pass, it will pass* Ah well, but that's what editing is for, right? :)


    It looks like you had quite the eventful one!

    Josiah graduated? HOW AWESOME. Give him a big CONGRATULATIONS from me!! :D

    And wait, wait, wait. You two are doing a college leadership/Bible program together? TRACEY. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! Wow. I just know you're going to get some AMAZING experience with that, and how special you two are doing it together. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH. I bet it will be quite busy. o.o But I also am just sure it's going to be fantastic! EEEEEEE! I'm just thrilled for you. Congratulations! :D

    Oooh, I remember drooling over Kianna's pictures in your interview. How fun!

    I was a little hesitant on the whole Frozen thing in OuaT too, but it gets better! By the end, I LOVED it. And, honestly, I liked their version of Elsa than the actual Elsa. o.o WEIRD I KNOW. But that actress was just a wonderful Elsa!!!

    Oh, oh, Zootopia! Loooooved that movie. It was so good, and Nick Wilde is one of my newest favorite Disney characters. He's so great. XD

    I've been curious about Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell for a while, I guess I need to give it a try! The size daunts me though... (Also you're torturing me with those strawberries and ice cream. That's like my favorite food right there. *stares and drools* o.o)

    I'm so proud of you on all the writing success! :D And EXTREMELY proud of you for being brave enough to cut characters. I've realized I may need to do that in certain novels but...having a haaaard time accepting it and constantly second guessing myself. Although, I have to say, I'm quite sad to see Rex go. From what little I knew about him, he sounded amazing. BUT STILL. You're doing what's best for your story and that's the most important thing. I so admire you! I need that kind of motive and dedication for my own novels.

    Somehow your fruit comparison thing seemed perfectly logical to me! I think our brains are just wired the same way. XD

    Whew, this first half of the year has already been a whirlwind, hasn't it? I hope the second half is amazing!


      I passed on your congratulations--he says thanks! :D

      Aww, it's just so sweet that you're all excited about our fall plans. *hugs* I'm super pumped! There's going to be so much learning and stretching for both of us--it'll be great. Thank you for your support, friend!

      Yes, her work is so gorgeous!

      That's good to hear. At first it was kinda like, "Whaaa?" Like it seemed a bit of a childish movie to incorporate into the show. But I like what they're doing with it so far. (Minus the rock troll. He was...not so great. XD) Yeah, I'm quite liking Elsa too. And Anna! She's so cute.

      You too? Yay! Not that I'm surprised you liked Zootopia. A) great characters, B) great connections, and C) we're braintwins, so what should I expect? XD Nick is precious!

      I agree, the size is rather daunting. If it helps, you could treat is as three books (it's divided into three parts), and read other things in between. But like I said, once you get into it, it doesn't feel as long as you'd expect.
      Bahaha, I'm so kind, aren't I, to tempt you all with those strawberries?

      Thank you sooo much! Ugh, it is a HARD thing, cutting out characters. Especially when you love them and want them to fit into the story somehow. But...oh man, you're making me even sorrier to see Rex go. *sobs* And after our great brainstorming session on his motives and backstory! D': Okay Tracey, deep breath... When I ignore my emotions, I do see that he's weakening the story more than strengthening it right now. But who knows? He may very well crop up in some other story. I sure hope he does, anyway.

      Seriously? We really must share a brain or something. XD

      It HAS been such a whirlwind, for both of us! It's almost a little dizzying to think of it. Here's to an even better second half of 2016!!

  4. I remember Kianna's lovely pictures! I wonder if she's be willing to let us see some more?

    That's quite a bit of work put into cutting characters, and all the plot tweaking that goes along with it! But you seem to have handled it well.

    This June was a quick and busy one. I completely missed the strawberry season, so I'm looking at that bowl of strawberries and ice-cream with some envy. It's a patriotic looking dish, actually- all red and white.
    Happy be-lated Canada Day!

    1. Perhaps! I'll have to ask her. She's very busy right now, and it takes a while to create so much new art... but one of these days I'll have to do a round two. ^_^ Thank you for your interest! I know that blesses her.

      So much work... I haven't DONE the work yet, just decided that I'll do it. Edits will be a lot of fun when I get to that stage. XD Thank you!

      Aww, you missed the strawberry season? That's sad. I wish I could send you a pail. LOL, that's what I thought too! The strawberry season is nicely timed in that regard. Happy belated Canada Day to you too! ( I'm second-guessing whether you're Canadian or American. Oops.)

    2. I'm Canadian- and I was able to have strawberries for Canada Day, thankfully!
      (they just weren't local ones, alas.)

  5. Wow it seems like you had a really eventful June! So cool about writing and your friends' art gallery. Cutting characters is hard but sometimes necessary. I've had do it many a time. I've ever merged characters. That's fun. XD I saw Zootopia back in April. I may have to see it again, because the political was a bit strong for my taste the first go around. I did really enjoy the Legend of Tarzan recently though. I fangirled the whole time. I'm a big Tarzan fan and this finally portrayed him how I wanted. Happy July! And happy belated Canada Day and July 4th. ^ ^

    My Monthly Summary:

    1. It was pretty full! I hear ya on cutting characters. Merging them makes it a tiny bit easier to say goodbye, because a piece of the cut character will still be in the story...but still. Story first, right?

      I'm kind of pretending that side of Zootopia doesn't exist, because I enjoyed the other side of it so much. XD

      Cool! I've never been a big fan of Tarzan myself, actually, but maybe a new movie would convince me? :) I AM looking forward to watching the new Jungle Book one of these days, though.

      Happy July/Canada Day/July 4th to you as well! ^_^

  6. *returns to comment on the rest of the post*

    The Land of Yesterdays, fruit salad, and missing Junes. YUS. This post is awesome. XD

    Whoa, congrats to your brother! That's awesome! :D And that you both are getting into college together -- that sounds amazing. :)

    Zootopia! I soooo want to see that. *flails*

    I've heard of Alex Rider before (don't remember where...) and it makes me wonder how they are. :)

    OBVIOUSLY YOU KNOW MY FEELINGS ON STRANGE & NORRELL. XD I literally came looking for your Subplots and Storylines specifically to see your thoughts on that book. :P (Because I only get the blog posts from blogger in my email the day after they're posted so I'm normally behind... but I went and LOOKED for this one. >:D And just haven't had time to come back and read the rest. My week's been crazy and I keep being gone. :P BUT I GET TO READ IT ALL NOW YAY!)

    Glad the 100-for-100 is going well for you! Are you finding it difficult to keep up with that? I discovered when I did it that I'm NOT an every-day writer and got seriously burnt out... so I hope it's going better for you. :) WHOA 12K YOU'RE AWESOME! :D And all that research. Wowz. Whoa, that sounds amazing to talk with someone from Scotland for research! :D That's the best. Also wow to all the plot changing and character cutting. That sounds tough. o.o But if it makes the book better, then I applaud you for being brave. :)

    "Art and magicians and characters getting the axe and anthropomorphic animals and fantasy awards, oh my!" YUS THIS. XD

    Anyways I looooved hearing about your month and I hope your July will be fantabulous!! :)

    1. *can't reply because I'm laughing too hard*

      This is what my brain coughs up when I'm overtired and my filters start shutting down, apparently. XD

      Yes, I'm so proud of him! :') Little bro, all grown up... We're both definitely looking forward to college too. (Though writing and blogging will probably get less attention during those nine months...)


      They're pretty good. I would say they are aimed at a younger (male) audience, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying them. If you like a good romp through secret agent-y stuff with gadgets and bad guys and whatnot (and can suspend a bit of belief when it comes to the stunts Alex pulls), then they're quite fun! :)

      OB-VI-OUS-LY. (<--read that in Lobster Bisque guy's voice) XD Hahaha, so funny that JS&MN made you come search this post out on purpose! (They only hit your email the day after? That's weird... You know, I actually have no way to measure my email subscription stuff. I have no clue who's all subscribed, how the emails look in your inbox, when they arrive, etc. I guess I could fix some of that by subscribing myself? XD) YAY, YOUR COMMENT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. :D

      Some days it's a stretch, yes. And it may burn me out by the end of it, but then I'll already be on day 2 of college, sooo... like I said before, who knows how much time I'll have to write then? So I'm glad I have this extra motivator to get stuff down now. I do feel like some of the words produced aren't as good as they could be, due to having to write every day, but then again, it is a first draft. And I'm TRYING TO GET IT THROUGH MY SKULL THAT FIRST DRAFTS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MESSY. GAH. The inner editor has been too mouthy lately...
      Thank you, darling! It sounds like more than it is, I think. But ugh, yes, cutting and changing things isn't easy at all. Cramming The Brightest Thread down to 20k last year helped me stretch those particular writing muscles, but it's still not an easy thing to do. :)


      D'awww, thank you! *flails over all the sweetness* I hope your July is fantabulous tooooo! <333

    2. Yeah, for some reason I don't usually get blogspot posts till later; I think it must be a feedburner subscription thing. *shrugs* And don't worry, they look fine. XD But yep, the answer would be to subscribe yourself... :P Heehee. Depends how curious you are, I guess. :D

      Well I hope your writing will go well!!! <3 *huggles* I seriously so admire people like you who are doing the challenge and making an effort, especially before college like that. o.o Wowness.

      Also in reply to other comment: Yep, final books I will make an exception for length. ;) They just NEED all that extra space! :D

    3. Huh. I'm not sure if I can really do anything about that--I'm so not tech-savvy when it comes to such things. (It was a great feat to figure out how to alter some of my blog's HTML coding.) LOL, now I have subscribed, so we'll see what happens. XD

      Thank you so much!! <3 *more huggles* Your support means so much, dearie.

      EXACTLY. :D I'm not even going to think about the final book in my fantasy series. Too late, I thought about it. If the first book was 131k, and the second is bound to be more...*gulp*...who knows how big the last one will be? o.O

  7. YOU READ JS&MN!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW YOU KNOW MY PAIN AND WHY I LOVE IT AND AUGH IT IS JUST SO GOOD AAAHHHHHH! Seriously this just makes me so incredibly happy! We have to get together ASAP and discuss it in depth! Hope you have a fantastic July! :D

    1. YESSSSS, I FINALLY READ IT AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE OF YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I've been meaning to tell you I read it, but you beat me to it. XD We should get together to discuss it, or at least email! :D

      Have an awesome July too!

  8. I enjoyed the fruit salad metaphor VASTLY.

    The first ten days of July have also gone to the Land of Yesterdays?? WHEN AND HOW?!!

    That's SO exciting about your course! I hope you have a really really amazing year, I will be praying for you! And it's nice your brother is doing it too :3

    On that topic, my gap year is getting sorted, ie I'm going to Kenya! :D :D :D

    I had no idea JS&MN was set during the Napoleonic Wars! After reading Les Mis I am all about those wars ... !

    All your writing stuff is v exciting. I'm glad the 100-for-100 is going well for you. And thank you for the lovely shout-out :3 ^_^

    Well done on your v brave decision to cut those characters! It is always a tough one to take but it needs to be done! And well done for powering on without going back to edit. Again, I think that's the right course of action. Well done you!

    My fave fruits are strawberries and nectarines. (SUMMER IS THE BEST.) And I really hate rollercoasters.

    PS I published my bookish book lover tag yesterday. It was so long! >.<

    1. BLESS YOU.

      Apparently?! 2016 has just been a whirlwind so far. Crazy.

      Thank you so much! I'm excited too! It'll be pretty awesome to do it with my brother. Shared experiences, you know?


      It is, and I have a feeling you'd really enjoy JS&MN. *nudges yet another book onto your TBR*

      Thanks (again! I feel all I ever say is thank you!). And you're most welcome for the shoutout. Your help is invaluable. ^_^

      It was tough, but surprisingly, the book is humming along smoother than expected, even after Rex got cut out so suddenly. I just left myself a note and kept on writing, minus one person.

      Strawberries are heavenly. I'm currently glorying in the strawberry season and all the delightful desserts that come with it. (My mom just made an unbaked cheesecake--with a crust of crushed pretzels--topped with strawberries.) Nectarines are also amazing, though I haven't had one in way too long.
      RE rollercoasters: I think I like them, but I haven't been on any big enough to say for sure. XD

      PS I saw!!! And I will be around to comment yet. :D

    2. Yeah, I'm going on gap year mission placement with a missionary organisation called Crosslinks. It's from January to May. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing yet but I am v excited.

      Also, I've been meaning to tell you, in reciprocal thanks I have named a character from LesMisBook. I don't really know if it counts as a cameo bc I don't think she's Canadian, ie, she isn't actually YOU ... but her name is Tracey! So keep an eye out this month. You/she/Traceys in general will be making an appearance on the blog ... ;)

    3. That's wonderful!!! I hope it's an amazing experience for you. :D (I must selfishly ask if that means you'll take a blogging hiatus during that time...I'd miss my dose of Ink, Inc.!)

      HOW FUN! I'm thrilled, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for "myself." XD Thanks for the sweet gesture!

  9. Sounds like a busy month. Your friends gallery sounds awesome! I loved Zootopia and I am really enjoying Johnathan Strange! Childermass, he hasn't been in a lot, but I like him already.

    1. As per usual. XD It was! I wish I could bring everyone on a tour of it somehow. Yayyy Zootopia--and I'm glad you're liking JS&MN! Heheh, you haven't seen the last of Childermass... but I won't say more, because spoilers. ;D