Saturday, January 23, 2016


There are a handful of knick-knacks I wanted to share with you that are too small to merit an entire post, and too random to be grafted into any other topic. So I've cobbled them together and now dump it on the table for your perusal.

Blog updates

I've been meaning to pretty up this little corner of the internet for a couple months now. Nothing massive, no huge overhaul. Just a few little odds and ends to make this place a bit more solid and a bit nicer to look at. I can't say when I'll get around to it (one thing in particular is a proper about me page, and a proper about me page needs a proper photo . . . so I'm waiting for an opportune time to snag the skills of a photographer friend), but it is coming. Just so you know.

Canadian winter

Some of you who read my Christmas tag mentioned snow (and how you hadn't had any for five years or were jealous of the bit you could see through my window), and Emily in particular wanted to see what a Canadian winter looks like. So while this season still has us wrapped in its icy clutches, I thought I'd show you my backyard.

I accidentally left my flash on and look! I captured snowflakes!

Randomness (because I am acutely feeling the leanness of this post and want to throw some stuff at you)

-A few months ago, an online friend introduced me to a YouTube channel called Studio C, and now I am addicted. They have tons of clean comedy sketches, like this one. (Watch it, and there is no going back. If you spend an hour of your time clicking on video after video and laughing maniacally at your screen, I refuse to apologize.)

-This week, I suddenly remembered the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and now very badly want to watch it again.

-I am in the midst of reading an atrocious book. I can't reach the final page fast enough. More later, in this month's Subplots and Storylines.

-My brother is reading Hamlet for school, which led to him reading quotable lines to me, which led to us looking up Shakespeare quotes online, which led to a weird desire to pick up a Shakespeare play and . . . actually read it?

Posts I'm loving lately

There have been so many wonderful blog posts recently, so I'm spreading the love.
  • What if? - Annie lists some thought-provoking questions daring to ask, "What would life look like if I was brave?"
  • 7 Reasons Why Every Aspiring Writer Should Work in a Bookstore - Cassia makes me intrigued (and maybe jealous) about the valuable experience of working in a bookstore. I would love a job like that.
  • One Day at a Time - Sarah offers a great perspective on worrying less while still reaching for your goals.
  • //coffee and connections - Mirriam presents the staggeringly simple power of just connecting with people.
  • Dear You - Christine basically wrote a hug personified in her post reminding us of our beauty and worth.
  • Writing vs. Editing: The Different Mindsets - Tori compares the drafting to the gruelling process of editing, and explains how one must take a different approach to the different stages of writing.
  • The Nature of Goodness - Mary just started a blog! Eeep! In this post she writes about the goodness of God . . . how needed, and how very great, it is.

Stay tuned . . .

Because of today's brevity, I aim to join a link-up this week, a rather new one that looks like scrumptious fun. (Figuratively scrumptious, I mean. Nothing to do with food. Everything to do with Words and Story, but some of us devour those very much the way we scarf down strawberry cheesecake, am I right?)

P.S. I apologize for the lateness-in-the-day of this post. I meant to have it up by mid-afternoon, and then my shift got extended. At least it's still Saturday! Or it is in my part of the world, anyway.


  1. SNOW!!! Seeing those pictures of snow made my day infinitely more beautiful :) (Also, was I the person you were referring to who hadn't seen snow in five years?)

    Oh my goodness! Studio C! They are sooooo hilarious and addicting and I don't even know. I always tell myself "just ONE more sketch." Ten sketches later, I'm still watching them. XD What's doubly awesome is that they do LotR sketches!

    Ooh, I've heard of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium! I sadly didn't even know of it's existence until fairly recently. Still hoping to see that film one day!

    Awww, I feel so honored that you mentioned me in your post! Thank you so much! *tackles you in a hug*

    1. THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. And yes! That was you! :D (I had to check back because I didn't recall.)

      Truth be told, I've seen some of your comments on their videos...makes me grin every time. ;)
      Ohhhh, yes, ain't that the truth!
      Lord of the Rings? I haven't seen any of those. I must remedy this situation.

      Oh, Mary, you have GOT to see that movie! I'm venturing out on a limb here and guessing that you like sweet, whimsical, heart-warming stories. If that's true, you'll love it. (And you may cry. Just warning you.)

      *tackle hugs back* Well, your new blog is all shiny and prettiful and lovely, so I had to share it.

    2. Ah, I thought so! Snow is one of my most favoritest things ever so seeing these lovely photos brought me loads of joy! have? I'm a wee bit obsessed with their videos. *cough, cough*

      YOU MUST. They've really only done three that are centered around LotR ("Shallow Mal" is my personal favorite!). But the fact that they made any makes me giddy ^_^

      Eeeep now I really want to see it! And yes, you're assumption is totally right! Those kinds of stories make me all warm and fuzzy inside. (And I'm quite sure I will. Because I cry in everything. XD)

      Thank you so much <333

    3. I love snow too. All the fluffy, cold wonderfulness...

      Only two or three times so far. XD (Obsessed hardly even covers it in my house. We've taken to watching a couple as a family after lunch or supper when we're not busy. It's almost a tradition already.)

      YES. I MUST. Because LotR + Studio C = probably one of the hilarious-est things ever.

      Yay, thought so! ^_^ (I surprise myself sometimes over what I do and don't cry over. I may not be sad, and I find myself crying--and I may be deeply sad and yet hardly cry at all. And sometimes I'm normal and I just cry when something is sad. >.<)


  2. The BEST Studio C is "Bisque." It has forever ruined me at ordering bisque normally at a restaurant again. XD

    1. YES. SO MUCH YES. That's one of my top favorites as well! I don't think I'd ever be able to order bisque with a straight face now. Not that I've ever tried bisque... XD

      Have you seen "International Relations?" Also one of my favorites.

  3. Lovely photos! It's been unusually warm in my region, and all the bees are out, thinking it is spring.

    It's strange. For the longest time I've tried Shakespeare, tried and failed. Then I watched a production (it was steampunk Shakespeare, I couldn't resist), and all of a sudden something clicked. I just finished reading Macbeth. Although it is in no way historically accurate and depressing to boot, I actually enjoyed it.

    strawberry cheesecake...oh man.....

    1. Thank you! Oh my, bees in January? I can hardly fathom the idea. The poor things would freeze here. XD

      Steampunk Shakespeare. o.o Dis sounds goooood. LOL, Macbeth is one I've been meaning to try. Along with Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. Maybe just because they're famous and I want to see what all the buzz is about...?

      *snickers* Not even sorry.

  4. What part of Canada are you in? I'd absolutely adore to go, the views you can get in places like Alberta and Ontario and Toronto are stunning, you know? I think I'd probably love to go when I'm older and go hiking for a while around some of the best spots. Lucky you, living so close to such beauty (whilst I'm here suffocating in the fumes of London lmao).

    Looking forward to that "what if?" post. I think it could share some light on some interesting ideas c:

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. I'm in one of the Prairie provinces, so basically smack-dab in the middle. (And coincidentally right between the places you mentioned.) Canada is most definitely a beautiful country--you should come!

      Funny you should mention London. I'd love to travel to England one day! Maybe we'll bump into each other crossing the pond. XD

      Yes, Annie wrote a really good one there. It sure hit home. :)

  5. I'm planning on updating my blog too, I always seem to find other things to do.
    All that snow looks like my house :D
    Nothing like a Canadian winter.
    I love Studio C so funny.

    1. It's easy to get busy with other things, that's for sure. Can't wait to see what you do with your blog, though! :)

      Yep, as much as I complain about the cold sometimes, I do love winters here.

      They are downright hilarious. XD

  6. I've been thinking about a blog update as well. I just never seem to find the time... I look forward to seeing what you've got in store!

    Aaaahhhh, THE SNOW!!! *drools over pics* IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. I love snow so much! What's funny is I was out of town this week and Friday it snowed where I was. It was the highlight of my week. I had no idea I'd get to see snow. It's such a rarity around here. It was great. But it was NOTHING like what you have. Look at all that snoooow. *droools* Thank you for sharing!

    Studio C! Yes! I think we talked about that recently?? Because I only just discovered it myself and it's just so hilarious. I need to watch more!

    Oh my goodness, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium!!! It was only a few months ago I watched it for the first time and FELL. IN. LOVE. It was so whimsical and fun and just lskdjfljs;dlkjf. I LOVED THAT MOVIE.

    That is so funny about Hamlet. XD Yeeeah, Shakespeare is usually not something I choose to read much. Heh.

    AWWWW!!! You linked to my post! "A hug personified". I just love the way you put things. Thank you so much! <3333

    I look forward to reading the linkup you'll be doing! :D

    1. Thanks--I'm looking forward to what YOU have in store too!

      Your enthusiasm makes me laugh, girl. You got to have snow for a day! Woohoo! It wouldn't be winter (or Christmas) to me without some white stuff on the ground.

      Yes, I think it was Melody who sent "Teddy's Story Joint" to some of us a few months ago, right?

      REALLY? YOU JUST WATCHED IT? I very badly need to see it again. I feel like my appreciation for it would grow even more the second time around.

      I know, right? It's heavy stuff, and not usually my first reading choice. But I picked up a couple of his works at a book faire, so I think I owe them at least one read-through. :P

      It was! I felt like I was receiving a giant, warm hug when I read it. <3

      Should be up in the next day or two! ^_^

  7. ALL THE SNOW. I love snow so so so much, hence I'm very happy that I live in a place where we typically get snowy winters :).

    My sister is reading a Shakespeare play for school, and part of her assignment is to read the scenes aloud. And (since I'm the one who can typically read the lines without stumbling over all of them too much) I normally get recruited to read them with her. It's fun :D.

    Can't wait to read your 'about me' page once it's up (for some reason I really love reading people's about me pages. Maybe I'm just nosy :D)!

    1. I too love snowy winters! There's so many fun activities you can do in the snow.

      Oh, that sounds fun! Once you get to know the text, it just rolls off the tongue in a sophisticated way. XD Which play is your sister reading?

      Haha, you and me both! (But they're so hard to write sometimes...)

  8. I don't know if you're still on the hunt for a photographer, but if you are... I'd be more than willing to do it for you when I come to Canada ;)

    1. Can't wait to see you again, Wynonah!!! I'm hoping to maybe have it done by then, but if it isn't--or if I think of another photography project--I'll definitely let you know. Thanks for the offer! :D

  9. Oooooo Canadian winter! I'm about to experience that in about two weeks in Alberta with Cassia actually. ^ ^ Thanks so much for the shout out! That made me smile. Stay warm!

    1. No way! Hope you have fun! :D Alberta is a beautiful place.

      Well, it was a great post. Lots of unpublished writers draft like the dickens and never do the hard work of editing, so it was neat to see that part of the process highlighted. :)

  10. "Miscellany" is terribly fun to say and to write. :) And now for my own miscellany...

    -Mm, a proper photo. I need one too...
    -SNOW. I used to live where the snow was up to my waist (granted, I was littler then...) several months of the year. Now I live in a place where we are ecstatic to see three snowflakes. So I am jealous and must content myself with living it vicariously through you. (Seriously, though, if you get sick of it, feel free to send some this way...)
    -Studio C is horrendously addictive. I do not regret this addiction.

    1. Isn't it? I love the word.

      -Proper photos are hard to come by. Selfies are easy, but don't look particularly professional...
      -Aww, no more snow for you? That's sad. I would gladly ship some to you, but I fear all that would arrive on your doorstep would be a soggy cardboard box. XD
      -They arrrre! That's the problem with getting sucked into a Youtube channel with lots of videos--the next one is just a click away...

    2. -It doesn't help that it's hard not to feel a tad vain when asking to have your photo taken...
      -Hmm, that would pose a problem. Last summer I visited old friends in my former home state, and they had saved a little bit of snow for me in their freezer. So we made a six-inch snowman adorned with a grass scarf and then demolished him for a snowball fight. It was great fun.
      -It's especially problematic that I don't stay caught up, so then when I do go on YouTube again there are three hours of new videos! *spazz*

    3. -I know, right? "Hey, hi, would you like to snap my picture?"
      -Aww! That's so great! Sounds adorable. ^_^
      -Mmhmmm, hours upon hours of videos...

  11. Heyeyyyy there it is, there is the snow! I feel terrible I've taken so long to read this considering you gave me a shout-out. Thank you!

    It's so pretty O.o It looked like that in Scotland briefly in January but never for long. Ha, I'm currently in Chile (!) so cold feels like a distant memory ;)

    By the by, I nominated you for my new and improved version of the Dragon Loyalty award. It involves lying to your followers, I recommend.

    1. LOL, no problem at all! I myself haven't been the greatest at getting to all the blog posts I want to read and comment on. :) Glad you like the pics!

      Scotland--oh, how I would love to visit. And you're in Chile right now? No way! That's so neat. Send some of that sunshiney warmth up here, will ya? I'm about ready for spring. XD

      How fun! I saw the post today but didn't get a chance to comment yet. :P Thanks, Emily!