Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sisterhood Award

Deborah O'Carroll at The Road of a Writer recently did a week of tag catch-ups, and she nominated me for one of them: The Sisterhood Award! If you've never experienced Deb's wry humor or amazing writing, go check out her blog. Plus, she has ridiculously amazing dreams involving Marvel characters.
(By the way, to any male readers, I give you fair warning. This is a slightly girly post, if the title hadn't already alerted you.)


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  • Answer the ten questions sent to you.
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1. Introvert or extrovert?
Bahaha, did I fool you?
Didn't think so. I'm much more of an introvert.

2. Do you like coffee?
Yes! I'll have two creams, no sugar, please. Or a mocha. Or an Iced Cappuccino from Tim Hortons, mixed with chocolate milk.

3. What are you reading right now?
Deb, you almost caught me at one of those rare times when I'm in between books and not reading anything. But this morning I started Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, so we're okay. (I don't know why, but I'm always surprised to find humor in those old classics.)

4. Favorite fairytale?
When I was little, it was always Cinderella. Later, Beauty and the Beast edged up beside it. Those are still two of my top favorites, but Sleeping Beauty is currently proving to be quite interesting too. *cough*

5. Favorite color?
Blue--anything in a turquoise/aqua shade makes me happy. And also green, especially a fresh spring green or olive green.

6. Favorite animal?
Do I have to settle on just one? Horses, big cats (as in lions, tigers, leopards, lynxes, cougars, etc.), hawks, DRAGONS (oh wait, did you mean real animals?), ferrets (just to look at, not to pet . . . they reek something awful), and basically any large, furry creature that looks either majestic or adorable.

7. Favorite food?
Deb. Honestly. You know how difficult such an open question is? Couldn't you have been more specific? Like favorite dessert or favorite meat or . . .  you know. Gah. Okay. I have always loved my mom's cashew chicken. It's basically a stir-fry dish made of veggies, cashews, and chicken with homemade hoisin sauce.

8. Favorite TV show?
Um, I don't really watch TV. Because we don't really have cable. And quite frankly, I don't feel I'm missing out on a whole lot. But I have seen parts of some shows. If I'd watched more than two episodes, I'd shout "Once Upon a Time!" But I haven't fully formed my opinion on that yet. Let's go with Gilligan's Island, because I've seen both seasons, and despite the cheese and leaps in logic (WHO in the world brings suitcases full of stuff on a three-hour tour?!), it's quite funny.

9. Favorite historical time period?
Ooh, I love this question. I'd say the Renaissance, because it's somewhat cleaner than the Middle Ages, yet still has that lovely medieval quality. But I also like the 1800's. And I enjoyed learning about the two World Wars and the Civil War in American history. (Happy Independence Day to all my American friends, by the way!) Goodness, I can't even answer these questions properly. I don't have a single answer for any of them.

10. Favorite book character you met recently?
Hmm. Maybe the Outlaw, from Ted Dekker's Outlaw and Eyes Wide Open. Everything he said kind of shook up truths I'd taken for granted or gotten used to, and presented a whole new facet. Pieces of his dialogue have lodged themselves in my brain and started to work their way into my thinking. So the Outlaw is definitely a thought-provoking, heart-piercing character.

New Questions

I'm throwing a couple of Deborah's in here because they were so fun.
  1. What book world would you like to live in?
  2. Favorite flower?
  3. Name a friend who's like a sister to you, and if you like, share a memory.
  4. Dream ride? (Could have wheels, wings, or legs.)
  5. Favorite book character you've met recently?
  6. What song is playing in your head right now?
  7. Favorite historical time period?
  8. Would you prefer to live in a hobbit hole or Rivendell?
  9. Describe your everyday makeup, if you wear any.
  10. Favorite ice cream flavor?

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  1. You answers were so fun to read!

    You're an introvert? Really? I would have pegged you as an extrovert honestly. It's so hard to tell on the internet though since we can all be chatty without worrying about verbal communication. XD

    And oh my goodness, when I was little Cinderella was my favorite fairytale as well, and then B&B moved up to first as I got older! :O We're so alike! And I feel like we've probably talked about this before with all our fairytale chats but my brain seemed to have forgotten it has a memory somewhere lodged in there and never uses it... >.>

    DRAGONS!!! :D That's always my answer when I'm asked what's my favorite animal. GIVE US ALL THE DRAGONS.

    Gilligan's Island, oh my word! XD That's like our favorite show to make fun of. I love it, but it's soooo ridiculous! Why did they make it a 3 hour tour? Why not an overnight thing? That would have at least made it make a liiittle more sense. But it all amuses me highly. Lol.

    Thank you for tagging me. <3333 I love the questions you came up with!

    1. I'm glad!

      Haha, yep! I find that so amusing, because in reality--especially in public--I'm introverted. It's when you get to know me that my extrovert side shows up. (You should see me at home. LOUD. @.@) The internet does make it easier to sound chatty, yes, lol.

      Brain twins! Cinderella's the classic, sweet fairytale princess to me. And B&B kind of has more mature themes (plus the cuddly, albeit angry Beast) that drew me as I grew older.


      Haha! It's completely ridiculous, which is why it's so funny. XD My sibs and I should re-watch it sometime.

      Yay! Can't wait to see your answers! <3

  2. I can't believe I've been so bad about reading your blog. :( It's one of my favorites. I need to scrape my life back together. XD

    Ohhh, Austen is hilarious! That being said, I haven't actually finished one of her books. I love Pride and Prejudice, and I think you're gonna love it. Miss Jane has a wit sharper than any rapier and her understanding of humans is uncanny.

    All the classic Disney stuff. Cinderella was my favorite as a kid, too. ;)

    Blue! Yes, blue!

    Dear, in these circles, we cannot believe that 'fantasy' creatures are in any way imaginary. *nods* Therefore, they count.

    Seriously. Your mom's food. You're makin' my mouth water.

    YOU WATCH GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. I KNEW I LOVED YOU. XD It was my dad's favorite as a kid ... and we girls got addicted. Let's have a binge-watching party.

    ^^ Thanks, and happy Independence Day to you, too, my lovely Canadian!

    Can you tell me more about Ted Dekker?? He sounds amazing and I haven't read anything by him yet.

    You're the best, Tracey. ;D


    1. Don't even apologize! I've been slack on commenting on your blog too. :(
      And wow, a favorite? o.o I'm thrilled and honored and surprised! Thank you! *hug*

      That is a fabulous description of Austen. I'm not even 50 pages in yet, and I'm already chuckling to myself over conversations people have (I <3 Darcy and Bingley!). I keep wanting to read the funny bits out loud to my family, but out of context they just sorta fall flat... XD

      Yay for Cinderella! :) And blue, too.

      Right! Dragons and other fantastical beasts totally count. So, with that established, I want a griffin. ;)

      LOL, that's the whole point. (She's an amazing cook.)

      THAT'S HILARIOUS. Yes, let's! XD

      Why thank you!

      Uh-oh. You sure you want to ask me that question? I've been devouring Dekker books for about four years now. Okay, in short: he's a Christian author of a ton of books. Thrillers, some fantasy, suspense, etc. A lot of his series are wildly different from each other, but the things they all have in common are his characteristic intensity, weirdness (these books are not for the faint of heart), good vs. evil conflicts, and plot twists. I could email you with book recommendations, if you like. Maybe I should even do a whole blog post about him... *lightbulb*

      LOL, thank you! So are you! ;D

  3. alksdjflksdjf I loved reading this post! :D All of your answers are awesome!

    (Daaaarcy. Yesh. You must, simply must, love the book Darcy best! *waits nervously gnawing fingernails*)


    *stalks comments* Yes, please do a post about Ted Dekker!! I always hear about him and his books and all I've been able to put together is that they're mostly creepy and he's Christian and everyone loves them and I want to know more please so that I know if they're for me or not. XD That would be an interesting blog post to read! :) Y'know, if you want... ;)

    Anyways I adored this post! *huggles it* And d'aww, you are da sweetest thiiing. ^_^ Also that's hilarious about me and the Marvel dreams. XD *giggles hysterically* Methinks I'm beginning to develop a bit of a reputation... :P

    1. ksdfj;alsj Thank you! :D

      (Heehee. I'm quite partial to the movie Darcy, but the book Darcy has even more lines, so he might just end up taking first place. *wink*)


      Okay, it's a done deal, then. Even before I started blogging, I envisioned doing author spotlight posts, where I basically introduce everyone to a favorite author of mine and command they go read their books. (Okay, okay, I'll just...highly recommend them.) Maybe even some book spotlights or series spotlights, if I find something that lends itself to such a focus. Anyway, I seem to be getting a number of Dekker questions recently, so...I'd be happy to comply! :D

      You totally are! Soon you'll be known as "The Girl Who Messes With the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Her Sleep." *nods seriously*

  4. Thanks for the tag! :)
    Loved your answer for the first question.
    Your mom's cashew chicken sounds good.

    1. You're welcome! Looking forward to your answers. :)
      LOL. Fellow introvert?
      It's ah-may-zing. Seriously.

  5. INTROVERTS UNITE. Quietly. And probably not all at once. Proably online. Probably we won't unite at all BUT IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. XDXD
    Ahhh, I'm for the Renaissance too! I LOVE that period. I'm going to write a Renaissance fantasy book soon because reeeeasons. (Omg I love the art and the inventions.)
    Also Mochas are a great invention of the universe and I'm craving one right now THANKS A LOT. XDXD

    1. LOL, yes, online we can all sound bubbly. XD (Can we also add an "Introverts Assemble!" call in there? Because that'd be awesome.)
      Oooh, THAT sounds delicious. You must post about that project on your blog! :D
      You're most welcome. *cackles evilly*