Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Tribute

I hope you all don't mind that my blogging schedule, as I'm sure you've noticed, is a flexible thing. I still aim to post every Saturday, but I'm occasionally adding a "bonus" post during the week. Such as today, because . . .

It's Mother's Day! I am blessed with an amazing mom. The best in the whole wide world, in fact. Last year I wrote her a poem for her birthday, and it suits this special day as well. I thought I'd share it here in honor of all the moms out there. You're heroes.

A Tribute            (April 23, 2014)

You should know I have a hero
Who is no caped crusader
She’s someone else entirely
But of this I must persuade her

Instead of jumping towers
And flying through the air
She embarks on covert missions
Of which most would never dare

You never know she’s coming
Until she winds up right beside you
Her work is classified, top secret
But these things I know to be quite true:

She’s a very gifted healer
In more than just one way
Her words and hands work magic
And send all illnesses away

She’s a strong and skillful warrior
With an arsenal at the ready
Her favorite weapon’s prayer
And her Director keeps her steady

She’s a family woman too
Don’t think that’s just a cover
She cares for each one in her clan
And every day they say they love her

What exactly does she do?
You might be wondering by now
Well, the answer’s pretty lengthy
But I’ll explain the what and how

She gives hope to the despairing
And reminds them of the light
She empowers the discouraged
And says that God has won the fight

She brings joy to every day
With a joke, a smile, a laugh
Can’t stay down when she’s around
Your load she cuts in half

She’s an ambassador of truth
A representative of Christ
Her life’s a glowing illustration
She knows lip service won’t suffice

She inspires, builds, and grows
She spreads the sparrow’s wings
Her life’s a tapestry of grace
And you can tell that her heart sings

In the middle of the storm
She’s a cornerstone of calm
She is the wondrous blessing
Whom I’m honored to call “Mom”


  1. That was really beautiful, I'm sure your mom loved it. :)
    I especially liked the, 'Her life is a tapestry of grace'
    I love how you weave words together.

  2. THIS IS SO PRECIOUS!!! And so beautifully done! What a treat to get a glimpse at some of your poetry. You're so good! I'm always in awe at people who write poems because poetry and me, we don't seem to mix. It's sad. But YOU. You're so talented! I loved this, and I know your mom must have been thrilled. ^_^

    1. Aw, thank you, Christine! LOL, if I was forced to be a professional poet (as in, make it a career) I don't think I could do it. I can force myself to slog through a novel and eventually rediscover the inspiration, but it's not the same with poetry. It's either there or it's not. XD But thank you for the kind words! ^___^

  3. Aw! This is so sweet. ^ ^ I think this is my favorite part:
    She’s a strong and skillful warrior
    With an arsenal at the ready
    Her favorite weapon’s prayer
    And her Director keeps her steady

    1. Thank you, Victoria! ^_^ (I like that stanza too.)

  4. Great poem, Tracey! You are so amazing!!!!!! ;D