Sunday, March 19, 2017

TAG #3 - The Sunshine Blogger Award

[Apologies for the delay, folks! Saturday got away from me.]

The sun is out (today at least--I've no idea if it will be on the day this is posted), and I'm back to thank Belle Anne @ Worlds of Ink and Paper for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I have a sneaking suspicion I've done one of these before, or else I've just seen it circulating the blogosphere countless times. But that's totally fine because it's always different!

The rules are simple: answer 11 questions from your nominator, then tag 11 other bloggers, and ask them 11 new questions.

[Enjoy random pictures that have nothing to do with the post and everything to do with the fact I simply like them.]

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1. Who was your fictional childhood hero?

I went through a big mystery phase during my elementary school years. I started out admiring Jigsaw Jones for his money-making, mystery-solving prowess--to the point I begged my mom for a mystery to solve and wanted to be paid a dollar just like Jigsaw. Then my attention moved to the Mandy Shaw series, which I positively devoured, and after that to Nancy Drew. Somewhere midway through the Nancy Drew books, my interest petered out.

2. Who is your favorite band?

Gah, what a hard question! I love Owl City for his whimsy and gorgeous music (though he's not really a band, just one person). But I also love For King and Country for their incredible voices and profound lyrics. And I've also been loving a number of worship songs by Young & Free, Hillsong United, and Bethel Music.

As you all know, I am a multiple choice kind of girl when it comes to these narrow "favorites" questions.

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3. What was the most deep book you've ever read?

Aside from the Bible, I'm assuming.

I'd have to say the entire Chronicles of Narnia, because I connected with them in a deep, powerful, simple way during my childhood. They encapsulate something precious about that time in my life, a piece of which I carry with me permanently. That's not to say I haven't read all kinds of wonderfully deep books since then--just that Narnia happens to have a depth of life history for me as well.

4. What was your least favorite book you've ever read? (and I mean if it's your least favorite due to opinion, and not morality of material)

Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, which I had to read for school, was a book I found mind-numbingly boring (sorry, Hemingway fans!) and not at all deep like my curriculum claimed it was supposed to be. It all seemed rather pointless to me, and either too generic or too stark to be the kind of allegory I enjoy.

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5. Who (disregarding the classic authors, like Tolkien, Stevenson, and Dickens) is your favorite author?

If you've been an adventurer 'round these parts for any length of time, it's pretty safe to say you know the answer to this.

And once again my answer is not singular.

Bryan Davis, Anne Elisabeth Stengl, and Ted Dekker--in no particular order--are three of my tippity top favorite authors. Together they represent some of my favorite qualities in fiction!

6. What is your favorite movie scene of all time?

TOO MANY. And actually I've never sat down to analyze favorite scenes as opposed to favorite movies. Even if I knew what my favorite movie was, you've now made my dilemma a hundred times more difficult by giving me a hundred options within an option!

Huh. Options within options . . . Dreams within dreams, anyone? Because that final dream sequence in Inception is one of my faves. (I also hate it with a vengeance. If you've seen it, you'll understand perfectly.)

And I love Aslan's death and resurrection scene in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; as well as the attack on Miraz's castle in Prince Caspian.

While we're discussing fantasy movies, can I just say the entire Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is my favorite? No? Okay. Anything taking place in the Shire = favorite. Anything containing Gandalf quips = favorite. The scene in The Return of the King where shots of the battle are intercut with Pippin singing = also favorite.

Lizzy and Mr. Darcy in the field at the end of Pride and Prejudice (2005) is another favorite.

Oh, I also love the boat scene in Tangled where Rapunzel and Eugene sing "At Last I See the Light." All the feels.

Aaaand I'd better stop, but before I do--the "ground rules" scene between Peter and Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is just . . . just . . . excuse me, I have to go have a good cry.

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7. If you had to pick one pen name/stage name to use forever instead of real one, what would it be?

Oh dear. I have difficulty coming up with pen names, because . . .

a) Where do I start?
b) It's so final--you don't want to write one book under a pen name and then decide, "Oops, I like this other name better. Can I change mid-series?"
c) There's pressure to make it a good name that represents you and your books and your main genre and it's supposed to memorable.
d) I would be paranoid about avoiding ridiculous pen names like Daisy Meadows (who writes juvenile fairy books) and Michael Steel/Gunn (not a real person, but I've seen something similar for an author of thrillers).

My real name just seems easier. But if I absolutely had to pick a pseudonym, I would call myself Violet Dragonsbane.


Okay, to be serious, the name Samantha Quinn just came to mind. My parents considered naming me Samantha, and the letter Q is fun. Except now I'm squinting and wondering if Quinn sounds as ridiculous as Meadows, Steel, and Dragonsbane. It's also worth considering the fact that a Q name would put me near the bottom of the shelf in a library or bookstore. Maybe Samantha Blake or Samantha Foster. I really don't know!

8. What do you think is the best hobby a person could have? What about your own personal favorite hobby?

Journaling. It's an ebbing and flowing hobby for me, but I find it so helpful for venting feelings, clarifying thoughts, and writing down prayers and musings. Obviously not everyone in the world processes their thoughts in written form as I do, but for those who share that tendency, I think journaling does wonders.

My personal favorite hobby is--wait, I want you to guess! It's a laughably easy thing to notice, so tell me in the comments what you think it is.

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9. What is your favorite kind of scenery to be in (forests, riverside, etc.)?

Any place with trees, so yes, forests are a favorite of mine. I also find mountains cropping up all over my books, so those too. Lakesides and meandering streams are also lovely.

10. Do you enjoy poetry? If so, who, in your opinion, is the greatest poet ever?

I do! Unfortunately, I have not studiously sought out many poets' works yet. But from what I have read, I really enjoy Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. (I know, I know. Typical high school assignment kind of poetry, but I'm serious. I love most of the (very little) Frost and Dickinson I've read.)

11. Where, if you could choose anywhere in all Europe, in any time period, would you go?

Italy! Renaissance! Yes!

But I would make it a point to travel Britain and France and probably the entirety of Europe as well.

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A new set of questions:

1. What's the most addicting app on your phone?
2. What's a song that speaks to your life right now?
3. Do you have a book or movie that's your "happy place"--a fictional world into which you retreat when you need a breather? What is it?
4. What's a book you were (or are) looking forward to so much you're scared to read it, for fear it won't live up to your expectations?
5. If you had to have all of your past memories wiped except for one day, which day would you choose to remember?
6. What question would you like to ask one of your favorite authors?
7. If you had to describe yourself as one of the four seasons, which would it be?
8. What's your personality type? (Myers Briggs, DISC, whichever test you prefer.)
9. An envelope containing $500 shows up on your doorstep. On what do you spend it?
10. Would you rather be trapped in a lamp, a tower, or an enchanted sleep?
11. Which Disney villain(ess) do you find the most scary?

Whew, now to tag 11 bloggers. Here we go:

Florid Sword @ The Writer's Song (Congrats on your new blog!)
And Chloe @ Faeries and Folklore (Welcome to the blogosphere, sis!)

What would your pen name be? Do you have any poets to recommend? What do you think my personal favorite hobby is?


  1. These were really fun questions, and it was a delight to read your answers!

    OWL CITYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (Okay, just had to get that out of my system. Ahem.)

    I love, love, LOVE how deep and powerful Narnia is, while still being a simple children's story. It's just...magical. I don't know how else to describe it. C.S. Lewis was a genius!

    I knew Bryan Davis would be your answer to #5 the second I read it. XD (It'd totally be my answer, too. *grins*) Anne Elisabeth Stengl definitely deserves to be up there, too. (And I STILL haven't read Ted Dekker. GAH.)

    I was just nodding along to ALL the movie scenes you named. (Except I've never seen Inception...) Literally ALLLLL the LotR scenes. ALL OF THEM. Actually, my top, top favorite movie scene is probably in RotK when they're all standing outside the gates of Mordor and Aragorn turns around to face the army with tears in his eyes and says "For Frodo." Just...I CAN'T HANDLE IT. ALL THE TEARS.

    Oh my goodness, I feel the exact same way about pen names. Like hoooow could I EVER choose??? But...TRACEY. When I was younger I had considered using a pen name and I honest to goodness deeply considered Violet. XDDD I loved that name when I was little. Lolzy! And Samantha is another name I totally loved! Samantha Quinn is honestly a really cool name. o.o

    FORESTS, YES. My favorite scenery. Mountains and lakes are also fantastic though.

    I'm guessing your personal favorite hobby is reading. XD Or...writing? Both? I think I'm overthinking this. Lol!

    1. Thanks, dear! ^_^

      *joins the Owl City shrieking* XD

      ME. TOO. You worded it so beautifully! Narnia just feels so magical, and yet so cozy and home-ish too.

      Ah yes, you know me well. You could probably masquerade as me and answer a number of those questions, come to think of it. XD (GET THEE A TED DEKKER BOOK ASAP, GIRL. Although I'm actually not 100% sure you'll like all of his stuff? It's definitely worth trying, though. *nods* I'd maybe start with the Circle series, if I were you.)

      *melts into a puddle of movie feels* Lord of the Riiiings... <3 Oh goodness, how could I forget the "For Frodo" scene? So powerful!!! (I MUST SPEAK IN PARENTHETICAL CAPS AGAIN BECAUSE INCEPTION IS SO MIND-BENDY AND AWESOME AND YOU MUST WATCH IT ONE DAY.)

      LOL, that's so funny! I don't have anything against the name Violet, I just thought that paired with Dragonsbane, it sounded cheesy. XDDD Christine. You just sparked a thought. Samantha Quinn might make a great character name for some contemporary novel one day. o.o

      Forests AND mountains AND lakes combined are the best. I actually just noticed the other day how often mountains seem to crop up in almost ALL of my stories. XD

      You guessed it! The one I had in mind was writing, but reading is equally loved. Give the lass some cake!

  2. *cannot remember the last time I commented here* *takes that as a bad sign*

    WELL HELLO THERE. It's been a while hasn't it? But darling, this tag is so much fun! I can totally relate to your "mystery phase" as a tike. For some reason, I went through that when I was younger as well. (Ironically, Nancy Drew mysteries gave me nightmares...don't ask. XD)

    HELLO YES OWL CITY. I freaking loooove his music. <3 And I actually recently started listening to more of it because #stressreliever. But For King & Country, Hillsong, and Young and Free are all WONDERFUL.

    FOR NARNIAAA!! Ahem. Yes, I also adore the Narnia books. ;)

    How does one choose a favorite movie scene?! Goshhh, that's really hard! But yes, I LOVED the castle raid scene in Prince Caspian! So good. (And I loved this: "can I just say the entire Lord of the Rings movie trilogy is my favorite?" BECAUSE YES, THAT IS A LEGITIMATE ANSWER. XD Those movies = all the heart eyes.)

    Lol, I love your pen name discussion. Storytime: I actually wrote lots of terrible "mysteries" between the ages of 10 and 11 under the pen name of Krysti Marks. Now I've decided that choosing a decent pen name is really not worth the effort. My real name will have to be good enough for the world. ;)


    Thanks so much for the tag! Your new questions look really fun! (I especially love the seasons question. ^_^) Love ya, girl! <3

    1. Mary! Missed you, darling! But pssh, who's counting? I've been rather awful at keeping up with almost everyone's blogs lately.

      Nancy Drew gave you nightmares? Oh no! That's actually pretty funny. XD If it's any comfort, VEGGIETALES gave me nightmares. (Okay, it was mainly the "Where's God When I'm S-s-scared?" one that had me creeped out. Frankincelery, y'know.)

      Me toooo! It IS relaxing. I love to play it when I just need a sunny pick-me-upper. Yes, those other ones are amazing! :D

      AND FOR ASLAN! *charges into battle*

      I know, how is anyone supposed to choose that?! (Thank you for qualifying that answer. I feel validated now. XD)

      Oh goodness, I wrote a bunch of awful mysteries as a kiddo too. Krysti Marks isn't all that bad, actually! I'm pretty sure I had some sort of pen name at some point...I think it involved the name Gabby? *shrugs* Anyway, your real name is sweet and memorable without being over the top! I think it's a perfect author name!


      Hope you have fun with it! Love ya too! *hugs*

    2. Hello, dear! Just popping over here to tell you that I did the tag a few days ago (in combination with...other things *coughs*). It was so much fun! ^_^ Here are my answers, should you feel inclined to read them.

      Thanks again, Tracey! Hope you're having a lovely evening. <3

    3. Hey, darling! Sorry for my late reply! I'm just about to pop on over to read your sunshiney scribblings. <3

  3. Great answers! I also love Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings so much. And whoop whoop for Owl City! I adore him. :)

    1. Thanks! Lol, anyone who loves even just one of those three things already has lots in common with me. XD Aren't they all great?

  4. I looove Owl City!! I especially like his song Unbelievable. It just makes me so happy inside. :)

    All the Lord of the Rings movies are AMAZING!! :D I couldn't choose just one scene from them either. ;)

    Funny thing, Madeline J. Rose is actually a pen name I use. XD My real name is still Madeline, but Rose is actually my middle name. I chose it mostly because my last name doesn't flow very well with my first name. If you ever did change to a pen name, Samantha Quinn is a really cool name! :D

    Thanks so much for the tag! I can't wait to answer these questions! <3

    1. Unbelievable is so peppy and fun! One of my favorites on his Mobile Orchestra album is probably Bird with a Broken Wing. (And also, surprisingly, Back Home. I'm NOT a country fan, but somehow Owl City makes it perfect.)

      *spontaneously wants to marathon them all*

      Really? That's neat! It's a very pretty pen name, and I never once thought it wasn't 100% your real name. :D

      You're welcome! Looking forward to it! <3

  5. The "ground rules" scene in TASM 2! I love that scene! They're so adorable.

    And for King & Country are one of the best! They're really good in concert too. Have you ever seen them?

    Quinn doesn't seem strange to me. It sounds good. :)

    1. I knoooow. Gwen is probably one of my favorite characters in the "girlfriend of a superhero" category. XD

      No, but I'd LOVE to see them live someday! I did watch most of a concert they posted on YouTube around Christmastime last year, and that was really good. Have you been to one of their concerts?

      Good to hear! If I ever do need a pen name, I know which one to consider first. ;)

  6. I remember reading Jigsaw Jones!

    Owl City may not be a band, but Adam Young is still one of the first names to come to mind when people ask me about my 'favourite bands'.

    Hmm, Renaissance Italy! To see Constantinople while it is still Constantinople, to maybe see Leonardo and Michelangelo in action...
    Then you can nip over to Germany and see Gutenberg print a Bible!

    1. You too! (Both for Jigsaw Jones and Owl City.) :D Do you have any favorite songs of his?

      I honestly didn't put all that much thought into the actual history of Italy, but when you put it that way, it sounds even better! My thought process was more like, "Hmm, Italy. Gorgeous place. Want to visit. Read about it in books. Love the Renaissance time period. Smush them together--presto!" XD Oh yes, seeing the Bible being printed would be incredible!

  7. Awesome post, sis! I love all the pretty pictures and what not. Your answers to the questions were delightful to read! (I love your writing voice. It sounds so natural. :3 )

    Thanks for the tag! I'll have to do it soon!

    1. Thanks so much, Chloe! Pinterest is helpful when it comes to finding those pics, but not so helpful when it comes to, ahem, actually doing something productive with my time. XD

      Aww, that's a big compliment. *hugs* Looking forward to your answers! <3

  8. Oh my word, The Old Man and the Sea is my least favorite book, too! I had to read it for literature class and, though we had a good discussion, I hated it. I just hate it. I'm sorry, Hemingway. It's a no from me. Ugh. As for your other answers, they are stellar! I liked reading about your favorite movie scenes. There are so many good ones to pick from... I think my favorite has to be the lighting of the beacons scene in The Lord of the Rings.
    Thanks for the tag! I'll get to it ASAP :)

    1. Haha, really?? I just found it to be un-engaging, and the ending seemed pointless to me. My homeschool curriculum was all like, "Oh, the sea is LIFE and all its TROUBLES, and the man is EVERYONE and the fish represents DREAMS," and I was just thinking, "How about no?" XD

      The lighting of the beacons! Yes! Ugh, now I have to go watch the movies all over again. (Not that that's a bad thing. ;))

      Looking forward to your answers, Abby!

  9. "At Last I See The Light" is a great song. I actually rather like Violet Dragonsbane. Frost is the boss. I also enjoy Sassoon and William Carlos Williams. I've read some newer poetry too, but I think it's hard to rate poets when you've actually read a whole book of their poetry, a mix of brilliant poems and some that just fall flat for you.

    1. Haha, who knows, Violet Dragonsbane might end up as a character or something one day. I've never heard of Sassoon or William Carlos Williams, actually. Saying that probably just revealed my ignorance when it comes to poets, but oh well!

    2. Sassoon isn't a huge name, but William Carlos Williams is a big one. I've also developed a love for Sylvia Plath in the past two weeks.

  10. I've wanted to comment on this but was always too lazy...

    Here we go!

    1. Awww! That is so cute! You would've settled for just one dollar? Sounds Ind of like my fascination with Robin Hood and Zorro...


    4. Ugh. Hemingway disgusts me utterly.

    5. Huzzah for Ted Dekker!!!

    6. Awwww!!! What as complex question! I love the night attack in Prince Caspian and the Striding Across The Field scene in Pride and Prejudice and Pippin's song in Return of the King and Tangled is just a big gooey mess of feels! :D

    7. I like Samantha Quinn! And I'm surprised you could come up with something that good off the top of your head. It'd take me forever. ;) Samantha Blake is also cute. (Random fact: I had an OBSESSION with the name Samantha when I was little.)

    8. Yassss!!! Everyone should journal!!!

    This was a lovely post, Tracey! I loved thee pictures, too!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Kayla! I was out of town.

      1. I wasn't too demanding with my fees, but I definitely had high expectations for the quality of mystery given to me to solve. My mom's "Case of the Missing Sock" just didn't cut it. XD Ahhh, Robin Hood... The Disney animated movie was always my favorite.

      2. I AGREE. :D

      4. LOL. I miiiight give him another try one of these days, but it would take a pretty stellar book to change my mind. XD

      5. *cheers*

      6. Ohhhh yes, the attack on Miraz's castle was fantastic. Terribly tragic, but intense and awesome nonetheless. I love all the scenes you mentioned, actually!

      7. Do you? ^_^ LOL, I had an obsession with the Gabby for a short spell of my childhood. I invented a whole character that I drew over and over...AND dressed up as her.

      Thank you, Kayla! :D

    2. Totally okay! Heaven knows I take about a year to respond to things as well. :)

      Bahahahah that is just too cute!! SAME HERE. It never struck me as the least bit odd that he was a fox. In fact, I think that was my first exposure to Robin Hood at all so I had no clue that the real Robin Hood WASN'T a fox??? I was probably a little disappointed when I watched my first HUMAN Robin Hood. ;)

      Yeaaaahhhh. I read "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and it was just ugh. Disgusting.

      I know!! I just watched Prince Caspian again and that parts frustrates and devastates me in equal parts EVERY. STINKIN. TIME. Gah!

      That's so cute!!

    3. All good! Life gets busy and online replies aren't always first priority, nor should they be. :)

      LOL, that was me too! Robin Hood just IS a fox, no question about it.

      You have my sympathies. XD

      *clutches heart* Why Peter, whyyyyy?

    4. Definitely! He's just so... foxxy! :)

      I know, right?? And whyyyy, Caspian, whyyyyyyy????

  11. I love your answers! Getting to know blogger friends is so fun! ^_^

    And aw, thank you for the tag!! I had such fun answering your questions! :D

    1. Thank you, Liv! I agree, I love reading people's answers to random questions--which means I loved your post too, and I'll be popping back over there to leave a comment soon! :)